Glossary of Terms

Columbarium – Arrangement of niches located on the interior and exterior of a mausoleum.

Cremains – The ashes of a person who has been cremated.

Double Depth/Companion Crypt – is an interment space in the cemetery that contains a pre-constructed, pre-buried vault capable of holding two or more caskets.

Foundation – Is the base (granite or concrete) on which a memorial is installed.

Garden – Is a section of the cemetery containing interment spaces that may be identified by a particular name or number and/or by the type of memorial authorized.

Grave – An excavation in the earth for the purpose of burying the deceased.

Grave liner – A receptacle made of concrete, metal or wood into which the casket is placed as an extra precaution in protecting the remains from the elements.

Interment – Is a burial or entombment.

Inurnment – The placing of the ashes of one cremated in an urn.

Memorial Marker – A method of identifying the occupant of a particular grave. Permanent memorial markers are bronze at Memory Gardens and list the names and dates of individuals.

Niche – A recessed compartment may be an open glass front or closed front with bronze, marble, or granite.

Obituary – A notice of the death of a person, particularly a newspaper notice, containing a biographical sketch

Plot – A designated area of ground in a cemetery owned by an individual or family. It may contain two or more graves.

Prearranged Funeral – Funeral Arrangements completed by an individual prior to his/her death.

Urn – A permanent receptacle for the ashes or cremains of a loved one.