Memorialization is love, celebrates the life and is the final testimony to the dignity of a person. It records a love so strong, so happy, so enduring that it can never die. It is the recognition of the immortality of the human spirit, the rightful reverence earned by the good life.

Memory Gardens is proud to offer the finest bronze memorials for your selection of this important remembrance. Our diverse selection of handcrafted cast bronze memorials are available in various sizes, colors, styles, designs and borders and may be complemented with the addition of cameos, epitaphs, personal signatures and emblems that symbolize civic and fraternal affiliations, hobbies, military service, professions, religious devotion, and sports. These options will provide an unparalleled level of personalization and a legacy of information for future generations. The memorial you select will be a lasting symbol of the special life you want to remember and commemorate.

To preserve the natural beauty and a park-like setting, Memory Gardens allows only flat bronze memorials that lay level with the lawn. 

For more information please contact our Memorial adviser at (518) 869-9506 or via E-mail at