Our Veterans

The Genealogy section of our web site can indicate the military status of the lot owner ONLY.  Due to the limitation of our current software, we can only indicate the veteran status of the actual “lot owner” and not the military status of anyone interred in the lot owners spaces.

Lot Owner Customer Name of Deceased Veteran
AGRESTA, ANTHONY & G Agresta, Anthony & Gloria M. Yes
AHDERS, LEONARD P. & Ahders, Leonard P. & Ruth I. Yes
AHL, GORDON P JR & J Ahl, Gordon P, Jr & Judith G. Yes
ALBEE, ROBERT S. & L Albee, Robert & Linda Yes
ALEKSEJCZYK, FRANK T Aleksejczyk, Frank T. & Evelyn R. Yes
ALEXANDER, HENRY D. Alexander, Henry D & Addie F Yes
Alfano, Francesco SA Alfano, Francesco S Yes
ALLEN, EARL F. & SYL Allen, Earl F. & Sylvia Yes
ANDERSON, FRANK JR. Anderson, Jr., Frank E. & Linda M. Yes
ANDERSON, GARY D. Anderson, Gary D. & Marsha A. Yes
ANDRECHECK, THOMAS A Andrecheck, Thomas & Marion Yes
ANDRES, WILLIAM E. & Andres, Jr., William E. & Jozyann Yes
ANTENUCCI, ROBERT JR Antenucci, Jr., Robert C. & Suzanne M. Yes
ANTHONY, GEORGE R. Anthony, George R. & Mary E. Yes
ANTONGIORIGI, SARAH Antongiorigi, Sarah Yes
ANTRIM, WILLIAM W. Antrim, William W. & Una Yes
ARCHAMBAULT Archambault, Arthur M. & Betty J. Yes
ARCHIBALD,ANDREW/LEE Archibald,Andrew/Lee Ann Yes
ARMSTRONG,WILLIAM P. Armstrong, William & Susan Yes
ARNOLD, FRANK J SR & Arnold, Sr., Frank J. & Mona L. Yes
ARSENAULT, NEIL J SR Arsenault, Neil J., Sr. & Teresa E. Yes
ATKIN, ELIZABETH J Atkin, Elizabeth J. Yes
AUPPERLE, JULIUS & D Aupperle, Doris Yes
BABBITT, ROLAND J & Babbitt, Roland J. & Flora H. Yes
BAK, JOHN A., JR. & Bak, John A., Jr. & Veronica K. Yes
BAKER Baker, Kenneth & Viola Yes
BALL, FRANK & FLORIT Ball, Frank & Florita Yes
BALL, ROBERT S. & JO Ball, Robert & Joyce Yes
BARNHART Barnhart, Cristy A. & Patricia L. Yes
BARRETT, ANN M. Barrett, Ann M. Yes
BARRETT,JAMES/PHYLLI Barrett,James/Phyllis Yes
BATEASE, RAYMOND W. Batease, Raymond W., Sr. & Marlene Yes
BATES, ALBERT F. & B Bates, Albert F. & Bonnie L. Yes
BATES, ARTHUR L. & M Bates, Arthur L. & Mary L. Yes
BATTISTO, MICHAEL C. Battisto, Michael & Patricia Yes
BAUERFEIND, ROBERT J Bauerfeind, Robert & Alice Yes
BEAR, H JAMES & LEQU Bear, H. James & LeQue, Ann G. Yes
BEAUDOIN,EUGENE/LOIS Beaudoin,Eugene/Lois Yes
BEAUPARLANT, J. RONA Beauparlant, J. Ronald Yes
BECHAND, PATRICIA A. Bechand, Patricia A. Yes
BECHARD,LEANDRE/VERA Bechard,Leandre/Vera Yes
BECKER, ALOIS M & DO Becker, Alois M. & Donna M. Yes
BECKMANN, ROBERT J Beckmann, Robert & Margaret Yes
BEERS, EDWARD R. Beers, Edward & Joann Yes
BELLIZZI, KATHLEEN V Bellizzi, Kathleen V. Yes
BENNER, LARRY L & JU Benner, Larry L. & Judith A. Yes
BENNETT, OWEN A. Bennett, Owen A. & Pamela G. Yes
BERNARD, RONALD L & Bernard, Ronald L. & Jeanne M. Yes
BERNARDI, PETER J & Bernardi, Peter J. & Carol J. Yes
BERNARDO, BETTY JANE Bernardo, Betty Jane Yes
BERNARDO, WILLIAM A. Bernardo, William A. Yes
BIEBER,HAROLD/PATRIC Bieber,Harold/Patricia Yes
BIELAWA, THEODORE C. Bielawa, Theodore C. & Eileen M. Yes
BIENDUGA, EDWARD JR. Bienduga, Edward Jr. Yes
BILLETDOUX,JOSEPH/JU Billetdoux,Joseph/Juanita Yes
BILODEAU, EDWARD H. Mahay, Rhonda L. Yes
BING Bing, Constance M. Yes
BISKI, ROBERT T & AN Biski, Robert T. & Anne M. Yes
BITTLE,MAURICE/IRENE Bittle,Maurice/Irene Yes
BIVINS, SUSAN J & RI Bivins, Susan J. & Richard P. Yes
BLAIR1 Blair, Stanley J. & Julia M. Yes
BLAKE, CHARLES Blake, Margaret M. Yes
BLEAU, ERIC J. & DAR Bleau, Darlene Yes
BLOWERS, FREDERICK J Blowers, Beverly M. Yes
BODE, JOSEPH L. & EL Bode, Joseph & Eleanor Yes
BOGEDAIN, FRANK O. Bogedain, Frank O. Yes
BOHEN, FRED R & MARI Bohen, Fred R. & Marion E. Yes
BOILARD, NOE F JR & Boilard, Noe F. Jr. & Tracy L. Yes
BOLTON, CLIFFORD R & Bolton, Clifford R. & Verna M. Yes
BORGER, WALTER J P & Chase, Sandy (POA) Yes
BOUCHER, EDWARD D. Boucher, Edward D. & Pamela A. Yes
BOUHARD, EDWARD J. Bouchard, Edward J. Yes
BOUSA Croote, Ethel M. (Wife/Remarried) Yes
BOWES, GEORGE W. Bowes, George W. & Marjorie J. Yes
BOWIE, JAMES & ANNE Bowie, James P. & Anne M. Yes
BOYER, DONALD R. & P Boyer, Donald R. & Patricia M. Yes
BRADLEY, NORMAN G. Bradley, Norman & Phyllis (LO) Yes
BRADLEY, SCOTT & DEB Bradley, Scott & Deborah Yes
BRADLEY,DONALD/BEVER Bradley,Donald/Beverly Yes
BRIGGS, WALDEN & DOR Briggs, Walden & Dorothy Yes
BRIMHALL, MICHAEL F. Brimhall, Michael F. & Diane J. (LO) Yes
BRIZZELL, DAVID E. Brizzell, David E. & Bridget Yes
BRODEUR, MEDRO J. Brodeur, Medro J. & Rose Marie Yes
BRODIE,JACK/PATRICIA Brodie,Jack/Patricia Yes
BROOKS, JAMES A & FL Brooks, James A. & Florence J. Yes
BROOKS, KENNETH K SR Brooks, Kenneth K. Sr. Yes
BROOMHALL, WILLIAM Broomhall, William A. & Rose C. Yes
BROWN, CHARLES L. & Brown, Charles L. & Barbara A. (LO) Yes
BROWN, GEORGE E. & J Brown, George E. & Joan A. (LO) Yes
BRYANT, HENRY W. Bryant, Henry W. Yes
BUHRMASTER, GEORGE F Buhrmaster, George F. Yes
BUNCH, JAMES E. Bunch, James E. Yes
BUNK,HENRY/SYLVIA Bunk,Henry/Sylvia Yes
BUNKOFF, HENRY Bunkoff, Henry & Doris E. Yes
BURDICK, DOUGLAS L. Burdick, Douglas L. & Linda R. Yes
BURLEIGH, FREDERICK Burleigh, Frederick Jr. & Lidia Yes
BURNHAM, DAVID A. Burnham, David A. Yes
BURRI, WILLIAM A & J Burri, William A. & JoAnn M. Yes
BUSHNELL Bushnell, Richard T. & Gail M. Yes
BUSKEY, RICHARD M. Buskey, Richard M. & Marilyn A. Yes
CAMPBELL, GERALD L. Campbell, Gerald L. & Ann M. Yes
CAMPIGNO, ANTHONY J. Campigno, Anthony & Helen Yes
CARMAN,BURTON/MARY Carman,Burton/Mary Yes
CARMELLO, THOMAS C & Carmello, Thomas C. & Victoria M. Yes
CARNRIGHT, RICHARD T Carnright, Richard T. & Janet L. Yes
CARRLE, GUNTHER O & Carrle, Gunther O. & Sherry L. Yes
CARROLL, ANDREW Carroll, Andrew Yes
CARROLL, JAMES T. Carroll, James T. Yes
CASE, RUSSELL C & GE Case, Russell C. III (son) Yes
CERNIGLIA, CARL S & Cerniglia, Carl S. & Linda J. Yes
CHASTNEY, JAMES F & Chastney, James F. & Kathleen H. Yes
CHAUFTY,RICHARD/ELAI Chaufty, Richard J. Yes
CHIFFOLO,NICHOLAS/MA Chiffolo, Nicholas T. Yes
CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM J Tedsen, Cindy (dtr) Yes
CHRISTIE, MICHAEL D. Christie, Michael D. Yes
CHURCH, JAMES Church, James G. Yes
CIOPPA, GAETANO Cioppa, Gaetano & Laurel E. Yes
CLARK, IRVING G & BE Clark, Irving G. & Betty J. Yes
CLARK, MICHAEL W & V Clark, Michael W. & Veronica A. Yes
CLARK, WAYNE L & MAR Clark, Wayne L. & Mary Jane Yes
CLARK, WILLIAM B & S Clark, William B. & Shirley H. Yes
COLE, WARREN & NAOMI Cole, Naomi R. Yes
COLLINS, EDWIN/RITA Collins, Edwin & Rita A. Yes
COLLINS, JOHN R. Collins, John R. Yes
CONGDON,JOHN/IRENE Congdon,John/Irene Yes
CONNELLY, BRUCE Connelly, Bruce Yes
CONNERY Connery, Robert W. & Patricia A. Yes
CONNOR,JOHN/PHYLLIS Connor, John/Phyllis Yes
CONTOIS, GERARD M JR Contois, Gerard M. Jr. & Janet A. Yes
COOGAN, JAMES E. Coogan, James E. & Barbara A. Yes
COOKE, RONALD & JOAN Cooke, Ronald J. & Joan A. Yes
COOLEY, EDMUND/MARIE Cooley, Edmund A. & Marie M. Yes
COONAN, GERALD F. Coonan, Gerald F. & Vivian L. Yes
CORRIGAN, DANIEL J. Corrigan, Daniel J. & Deborah M. Yes
CORRIGAN, MICHAEL J. Corrigan, Michael J. Yes
COSTA, NICHOLAS J. Costa, Nicholas J. & Georgia A. Yes
COVAIS, CARMINE & ED Covais, Carmine J. Yes
CRAVEN,BERTRUM/GLADY Craven,Bertrum/Gladys Yes
CRAWMER, Arthur, W. Crawmer Arthur W. Yes
CROPSEY, Howard, Jr. Cropsey Howard, Jr. & Sandra J. Yes
CROWLEY Crowley, John M. Yes
Cydylo,Joseph Cydylo, Joseph Yes
D'ANGELO, GINO MARIO D'Angelo, Gino Mario & Doris S. Yes
DAMINO, DONALD A. Damino, Donald A. Yes
DAMON, DELWIN & LEE Damon, Delwin H. & Lee F. Yes
DANDENEAU, PHILIP A. Dandeneau, Philip A. & Nancy C. Yes
DANNHARDT, ALAN J Place, Ingersoll Yes
DARBYSHIRE, ROBERT J Darbyshire, Robert J. & Shirley Yes
DARLING, MARK E. Darling, Mark E. & Margaret E. Yes
DE MATTEO,JOHN/BERNA De Matteo Jr., John P. Yes
DEBELLIS, DANIEL & Y DeBellis, Daniel & Yvonne Yes
DeBRUIN, ERIK A & DA DeBruin, Erik A. & Darla Jean Yes
DEFREES, JOHN G. DeFrees, John G. & Susan F. Yes
DELEONARDIS, Ronald Deleonardis, Ronald A. Kathryn A. Yes
DEMARCO, JOSEPH F. DeMarco, Joseph F. & Cindy A. Yes
DES ROCHES, NANETTE Des Roches, Nanette Yes
DEWEESE, RICHARD S. DeWeese, Richard S. & Paula A. Yes
DEWEY, FREDERICK C. Dewey, Frederick C. & Patricia M. Yes
DEWITT, ANDREW P. Engett, Sandra (Daughter) Yes
DIETZEL, GILBERT H. Dietzel, Gilbert H. & Nancy Yes
DOWD,Alan D. Dowd, Alan D. Nancy E. Yes
DOWNING, NORMAN G SR Downing, Norman G. Sr. & Joyce A. Yes
DUBUC, MICHAEL P & E Dubuc, Eleanor C. Yes
DURANTE, ROBERT M. Durante, Robert M. Yes
EDEN, JOHN E & DORIS Eden, John E. & Doris O. Yes
EDWARDS, DONALD J & Edwards, Joan M. Yes
EMERSON, NEDWIN Emerson, Nedwin & Marjorie Yes
EMHOF, ROBERT E. Emhof, Robert E. & Barbara B. Yes
ERRICO, EUGENE R. Errico, Eugene R. & Theresa Yes
ETTORE, JOHN J. Ettore, John J. & Loretta Y. Yes
EVERTSEN, JAMES W. Evertsen, James W. Yes
FAHEY, STEPHEN R. Fahey, Stephen R. & Carol F. Yes
FAIRLEE, DONNA M. Fairlee, Donna M. Yes
FARRIGAN Farrigan, Robert R. & Joan L. Yes
FEENEY,Gary W. Ellen Feeney, Gary W. Ellen T. Yes
FERGUSON, JACK ALAN Ferguson, Jack Alan & Rita Marie Yes
FERNANDEZ, JULIO G & Fernandez, Betty R. Yes
FIELDS, RICKIE D & D Fields, Rickie D. & Donelda S. Yes
FINCH, KENNETH D JR. Finch, Kenneth D. Jr. Yes
FISHER, WALTER J & V Fisher, Walter J. & Virginia Yes
FITZGERALD, CHRISTOP Fitzgerald, Christopher Yes
FLEUREN, HENRY J & R Fleuren, Henry J. & R. Geraldine Yes
FRAZIER, JAMES F. Frazier, James F. & Patricia A. Yes
FREEMAN, CLINTON L. Freeman, Clinton L. & Nannie M. Yes
FRENCH, DONALD R. French, Donald R. & Sandra A. Yes
FRIEDMAN Friedman, Albert L. & Linda L. Yes
Friedrich, Herbert K Johnson, Alice Friedrich (Wife/Remar) Yes
FRISBEE,STANTON/SAND Frisbee,Stanton/Sandra Yes
FRYER, CARL & HILDA Fryer, Carl F. & Hilda G. Yes
FULLER, JAMES F. Fuller, James F. & Karen L. Yes
FURBECK, WILLIAM L. Furbeck, William L. & Terrie L. Yes
GABRIEL, RAYMOND L. Gabriel, Raymond L. Jr. & Isabelle B. Yes
GANANCE,Michael C. S Ganance,Michael C. Sr. Deborah A. Yes
GANNON, Walter, V. P Gannon, Walter & V. Pamela Yes
GARRY,JOHN/ARDYCE Garry,John/Ardyce Yes
GASS,John R. Gass, John R. & Elizabeth A. Yes
GATES,Norman J. Curt Gates, Gina (daughter) Yes
GENNETT, SHERRY J. Gennett, Sherry J. Yes
GENTILE, JOSEPH S & Gentile, Joseph S. & Gail M. Yes
GILL, CHARLES H. Gill, Charles H. Yes
GIOENI, VINCENT J & Gioeni, Vincent J & Daisy M. Yes
GLOGOWSKI,EDWARD/CLA Glogowski,Edward/Clara Yes
GOLDEN,Charles Maril Golden, Charles Yes
GONYEA, ADRIAN C. Gonyea, Adrian C. Yes
GORMAN, JAMES R. Gorman, James. R. Yes
GOURLAY, JAMES/BETTY Gourlay,James/Betty Yes
GRANITO, JOSEPH & RH Granito, Joseph & Rhonda Yes
GRAULTY, JAMES J. & Graulty, James J. & Deborah C. (lo) Yes
GREEN, MICHAEL C. & Green, Michael C. & Patricia A. (lo) Yes
GREER, NORMAN S. Greer, Norman S. & Marlene Yes
GRUGAN, OWEN P JR & Grugan, Owen P. Jr. & Rosa Yes
GUESS, RICHARD W & W Guess, Richard P. (son) Yes
GUETTLER, HAROLD W. Guettler, Harold W. Yes
GUILES, WALTER R & J Guiles, Walter R. & Jacqueline C. Yes
GUILLAUME, EUGENE G Guillaume, Eugene G. & Norma Yes
GULLINESE, FRED V & Gullinese, Fred V. & Frances M. Yes
GUSSWILLER, RONALD A Gusswiller, Ronald A. & Tina M. (LO) Yes
Hachigian, Sonia/Sar Hachigian, Sonia (LO) Yes
HACKETT, JOHN H. Hackett, John H. & Lorraine Yes
HAFF,GARDNER/JANE Haff,Gardner/Jane Yes
HAGAN Hagan, John J. (LO) Yes
HAGEN, ROBERT D. Hagen, Robert D. & Patricia A. Yes
HAGER, JOHN P. JR. Hager, John Paul Jr. Yes
HAISCHER Haischer, Victor M. & Laurie J. (lo's) Yes
HALLETT, RICHARD C. Hallett, Richard C. & Barbara I. (lo) Yes
HALTERMAN Halterman, Herbert P. & Irene S. (lo's) Yes
HAMM, CLARENCE C. Morgan, Angelia (grand-dtr) Yes
HARRINGTON, STEVEN F Harrington, Steven & Beverly (lo's) Yes
HAUF, LOUIS F.B. JR. Hauf, Louis F.B. Jr. & Shirley H. Yes
HAYES, WALTER S. & J Hayes, Walter S. & Jean B. (lo) Yes
HEADLEY, CYNTHIA N. Headley, Cynthia N. Yes
HOGAN, RONALD J. & A Hogan, Ronald J. & Arlene M. Yes
HOHENSHILD,LOUIS/CLA Hohenshild,Louis/Clara Yes
HOLLENBECK, MARY E. Hollenbeck, Mary E. Yes
HOLOHAN Holohan, Eileen A. & Timothy (lo's) Yes
HOLT, ROBERT C & BEV Holt, Robert C. & Beverly J. (lo's) Yes
HOMAN, JAMES E. Homan, James E. Yes
HOMICZ, JOHN J. & BA Homicz, John J. & Barbara A. (lo) Yes
HOOGKAMP,RICHARD/ELA Hoogkamp,Richard/Elaine Yes
HORN Horn, Harold W. & Mary Ann (lo's) Yes
HOTALING, CHARLES S. Hotaling, Charles S. & Mary Jane (LO) Yes
HOUSE, JOHN L. House, John L. & Jacqueline M. Yes
HOWARD, ROGER V. & R Howard, Rose M. Yes
HOWLAND, AMSDEN Howland, Amsden & Tullie Yes
HOYKA Hoyka, Rainer (LO) Yes
HUBERTY, JOSEPH P. Huberty, Joseph P. Yes
KALINCHAK, HAROLD M. Kalinchak, Harold M. & Carolyn E. Yes
KALINOWSKI JOSEPH S. Kalinowski, Joseph S. & Patricia L. Yes
KANE, WILLIAM J. SR. Kane, Virginia M. (LO/Wife) Yes
KARL, EDWARD G. Karl, Edward G. & Linda A. Yes
KAWCZAK, STEPHEN N. Kawczak, Stephen N. & Margie A. Yes
KEEFE, JAMES C. & NA Keefe, James C. & Nancy L. Yes
KEHOE, EDWARD M. Kehoe, Edward M. Yes
KEILEN Keilen, James E. & Elizabeth (lo's) Yes
KILLEEN, MICHAEL E & Killeen, Michael E. & Claire A. Yes
KING,LOUIS/BARBARA King,Louis/Barbara Yes
KIRCH, FREDERICK J. Kirch, Frederick J. & Annette (lo) Yes
KIRKLAND, DANE E. Kirkland, Dane E. & Ann Maire (lo) Yes
KLEFBECK, DAVID W. Klefbeck, David W. & Lynn M. (lo) Yes
KOCHAN, JOHN A., JR. Kochan, John A, Jr. & Dorothy H. (lo) Yes
KOCSIS, STANLEY & AN Kocsis, Stanley & Anna A. (lo) Yes
LACOSSE, GEORGE/JANE Lacosse, George H. & Jane L. Yes
LAGACE, RAYMOND Lagace, Raymond & Marion Yes
LANZ Lanz, Frederick W Sr. & Patricia E (LO) Yes
LAVALLEE, RAOUL V. LaVallee, Raoul V. & Joanne E. (lo) Yes
LAWYER, WALLACE L. Lawyer, Wallace L. & Arlene (lo) Yes
LAYAOU, JOHN K. & SA Layaou, John K. & Sandra B. Yes
LEACH, ALFRED J. Leach, Alfred J. Yes
LEAFER, MELVIN D. & Leafer, Melvin D. & Barbara A. (lo) Yes
LEARY, JOSEPH J. & G Leary, Joseph J. & Gayle H. (lo) Yes
LEE, JAMES E., JR. Lee, James E., Jr. Yes
LIFITE, RAYMOND W & Lifite, Raymond W. & Donna E. Yes
LIMBACHER, HOWARD E Limbacher, Howard E. & Virginia D. Yes
LYONS,RANDALL/VALERI Lyons,Randall/Valerie Yes
MAHAR, JOHN T & ARLI Mahar, John T. & Arline Yes
MALONE, DENNIS M & B Malone, Dennis M. & Beverly A. Yes
MANNING, PAUL J & BA Manning, Paul J. Yes
MARCUCCI, RAYMOND W. Marcucci, Raymond W. & Paula M. Yes
MARINUCCI, POMPI R. Marinucci, Helen (LO/Wife) Yes
MARLEY, MICHAEL J. Marley, Michael J. & Elinore M. Yes
MARRA, JOSEPH L. JR. Marra, Jopseh L. Jr. Yes
MARSH, JOHN J. Marsh, John J. & Concetta M. Yes
MARTIN, CATHERINE L. Martin, Catherine L. Yes
MARTIN, EDWARD T. JR Martin, Edward T. Jr. & Phyllis Yes
MARTIN, EUGENE L. Martin, Eugene L. & Kimberly J. Yes
MARTIN, NEB B. Martin, Neb B. Yes
MARTIN, RONALD & DON Martin, Ronald & Donna Yes
MATOTT, ALVIN D. & M Matott, Alvin D. Yes
MATRAZZO, ANTHONY S. Matrazzo, Louis G. (son) Yes
MATRESE1 Matrese, Richard D. (lo) Yes
MATSON, HENRY N. & B Matson-Campbell, Henrietta (str) Yes
MATTHEWS, CHARLIE H. Matthews, Charlie H. & Janet H. (lo) Yes
MATTHEWS, DONALD C. Matthews, Donald C. & Annette P. (lo) Yes
MATTHEWS, ROBERT J. Matthews, Robert J. & Barbara A. (lo) Yes
MC CRUM, WALTER E. McCrum, K. Jean Yes
MCALLISTER, HERBERT McCallister, Herbert T. Jr. & Emily S. Yes
MCCARTHY, THOMAS & E McCarthy, Thomas & Elizabeth Yes
McDermott, J & L McDermott, Joseph E. & Laura J. Yes
MCPHAIL, ROBERT J. McPhail, Robert J. & Patricia D. (LO's) Yes
Mendel, Herman V. Mendel, Herman V. & Stratton, Patricia Yes
MENZ,GERALD/FRANCES Menz,Gerald/Frances Yes
MERANER, DAVID J. Meraner, David J. & Sally A. Yes
MEUNIER, GERALD R. Meunier, Gerald R. & Derina M. (lo) Yes
MICHALOVICH, KAROL Michalovich, Helen (lo) Yes
MICHAUD, RICHARD P. Michaud, Richard P. & Juliane (lo) Yes
MIELEWSKI, FRANK L. Mielewski, Frank L. & Amelia E. (lo) Yes
MILANO, ANTHONY J. Milano, Anthony J. & Delores H. (lo) Yes
MILLER, Bernard & Ad Miller, Bernard J. & Adora A. (LO's) Yes
MILLER, DAVID T/THER Miller, David T. & Theresa M. (LO's) Yes
MILLER, EDITH Miller, Edith (LO) Yes
MILLER, HERBERT A. Miller, Herbert A. & Nicoline (lo) Yes
MILLER, JOHN A. & JA Miller, John A. Yes
MILLER,HENRY/ANNA Miller,Henry/Anna Yes
MORRISY, ERNEST C. Conti, Carol (dtr) Yes
MYERS, RUSSELL G & S Myers, Russell G. & Susan L. Yes
NEAR, KENNETH & GLOR Near, Kenneth H. & Gloria F. Yes
NEILMEYER, KENNETH & Neilmeyer, Kenneth L. & Beverly E. Yes
NEILSON, DONALD & KA Neilson, Donald H. & Katherine M. Yes
NERI,KENNETH/PHELPS, Neri,Kenneth/Phelps,James Yes
NOWAK Nowak, Edward F. & Wanda M. Yes
OCONNOR, THOMAS & AN O'Connor, Thomas & Ann Marie Yes
PANUNZIO,ERNEST/RUTH Panunzio,Ernest/Ruth Yes
PAPPAS, JAMES Pappas, James (LO) Yes
PARKS, PHILIP C. Parks, Philip C. & Evelyn K. (LO's) Yes
PASTORE, JOSEPH J. Pastore, Joseph J. & Mary A. (LO's) Yes
PAUL, WILLIAM L. & D Paul, Willima D. & Diane S. Yes
PAULDING, PIETER J. Paulding, Pieter J. & Alvina B. (lo) Yes
PAWLAK, HENRY & MARI Pawlak, Henry & Maria E. Yes
PEACOCK,RICHARD/JUDI Peacock, Richard J. Yes
PEASLEY, DANIEL E,JR Peasley, Jr., Daniel E. & Sharon L.(lo) Yes
PELLETIER,FRANK/SALL Pelletier,Frank & Sally Yes
PELTIER, ROBERT F. Peltier, Robert F. & Mary (lo) Yes
PETRASKE Petraske, James C. & Madeline Yes
PODBIELSKI,CHESTER Podbielski, Chester Yes
POLITO, ANTHONY W. Polito, Anthony W. Yes
POLLOCK, DOUGLAS R Pollock, Douglas R. & Patricia Yes
POTYRALA Potyrala, Bernard G. & Edna M. (lo's) Yes
PRESSEISEN, FRED Presseisen, Fred & Kathleen R. Yes
PRESTON, EDWARD J Preston, Edward J. & Marion G. Yes
PRICE, EDWARD W JR Price, Edward W. Jr. & Susan E. Yes
PRICE, ERIC G Price, Eric G. & Caroline R. Yes
QUAGLIERI Quaglieri, Dominick Yes
QUICKENTON, GEORGE D Quickenton, George D. & Elizabeth A(lo) Yes
QUINN,FRANK/RUTH Quinn,Frank/Ruth Yes
RACQUET, J. CARL & J Racquet, J. Carl & Julia M. (lo) Yes
RADTKE, THOMAS F. Radtke, Thomas F. Yes
RAFFERTY,ARTHUR JR/R Rafferty,Arthur Jr/Rosemarie Yes
RAMNES, BERNARD R. Ramnes, Bernard R. Yes
RAMUNDO, PAUL D. & L Ramundo, Paul D. & Linda A. (lo) Yes
REAGAN, ROBERT W. Reagan, Robert W. & Laurette C. (LO's) Yes
RECTOR, DONALD H. Rector, Donald H. & Nancy J. (LO's) Yes
REDDEN, DONALD B. Redden, Donald B. & Anita J. (LO's) Yes
REED, HARRISON P III Reed, Harrison P. III (LO) Yes
REESE1 Reese, George C. & Dorothy I. (LO's) Yes
RENAUD, ELWYN & ROSE Renaud, Elwyn & Rosemary Yes
RIEK Riek, John J. & Janet C. Yes
RIEMENSCHNEIDER, RUS Riemenschneider, Russell J. & Judith(lo Yes
RITROVATO, PAUL G. Ritrovato, Paul G. & Rita (lo) Yes
RIVERS, DONALD A. Rivers, Donald A. & Rita Lewandowski(lo Yes
ROBERT, JOSEPH G. Robert, Joseph G. & Linda S. (lo) Yes
ROBERTS, JAMES L. Roberts, Betty H. (lo) Yes
Roberts, Patricia Roberts, Charles L,Sr./ Patricia (lo's) Yes
ROBILOTTI, FRANCIS R Robilotti, Francis R. & Joanna R. (LOs) Yes
ROBINSON, MATTHEW P. Robinson, Matthew P. & Patricia A. (LO) Yes
ROBINSON,EARLE/DORIS Robinson, Eric (Son) Yes
ROCHELEAU, RAY E. JR Rocheleau, Raymond E. Jr. & Judith H. Yes
RODRIGUES, RONALD F. Rodrigues, Ronald F. & Sheila M. (LO's) Yes
ROE, KENNETH Roe, Kenneth & Marletta L. (LO's) Yes
ROEMER, JAMES W. Roemer, James W. (LO) Yes
ROHRWASSER, EUGENE F Rohrwasser, Eugene F. & Beverly J. Yes
ROLAND Roland, Donald J. & Mina E. (Lo's) Yes
ROPELEWSKI, JOSEPH S Ropelewski, Gail R. Yes
ROSEKRANS, FRANKLYN Rosekrans, Franklyn D. & Dawn M. Yes
ROSS, DOROTHY P Ross, Dorothy Patricia Yes
ROSS, JOHN R Ross, John R. & Dorothy C. Yes
ROTI ROTI, JAMES J Roti Roti, James J. & Suzanne E. Yes
ROZ, ALBERT P. Roz, Albert P. & Lorraine M. (LO's) Yes
RUCH,LLOYD/REGINA Ruch, Lloyd/Regina Yes
RYBITSKI Rybitski, Joseph Yes
SCHUMACHER1 Schumacher, Kenneth R. Yes
SEALEY,LEON/VIRGINIA Sealey,Leon/Virginia Yes
SEMP, ROBERT H. & PA Semp, Robert H. & Patti J. Yes
SENDRAKOWSKI, STANLE Sendrakwoski, Stanley L. & Helen C.(lo) Yes
SEYMOUR Seymour, Don I. & Gloria M. (lo's) Yes
SEYMOUR, DIANE C. Seymour, Diane C. Yes
SHAFARZEK,BERNARD/BA Shafarzek,Bernard/Barbara Yes
SHEEHAN, THOMAS J. Sheehan, Thomas J. (LO) Yes
SHELLARD, NORMAN JR. Shellard, Norman R. Jr. (LO) Yes
SHEPARD, LAWRENCE M. Shepard, Lawrence M. (LO) Yes
SHIELDS, ROBERT C. Shields, Robert C. & Joan M. (LO's) Yes
SHUFELT, WILLIAM G. Shufelt, William G. & Marion K Yes
SIMPSON1 Simpson, Isabelle B. (LO) Yes
SIRTORI, GEORGE A. Sirtori, George A. Yes
SITER, RICHARD E. Siter, Sabrina (wife/LO) Yes
SMITH, ALBERT E. Smith, Albert E. (LO) Yes
SMITH, JOHN C. Smith, Joseph (son) Yes
SMITH, PERCY & RUBY Smith, Percy & Ruby Yes
SMITH, RICHARD/LINDA Smith, Richard B. & Linda I. Yes
SMITH, RICHARD/MARY Smith, Richard R. & Mary E. Yes
SNAY, JOHN T/DONNA M Snay, John T. & Donna M. Yes
SNEDEKER JR,JAMES/GL Snedeker Jr,James/Gladys Yes
SNYDER, FREDERICK/YV Snyder, Frederick P. & Yvonne L. (lo) Yes
SNYDER, RONALD/REATH Snyder, Ronald & Reatha Yes
STAPF, FRANK J. Stapf, Robert (son) Yes
STEBBINS Stebbins, Janet (sis) Yes
SURPRENANT Surprenant, Richard P. & Gail M. (lo's) Yes
SUSSMAN, ORIN/ALICE Sussman, Orin M. & Alice J. Yes
SUTHERLAND Sutherland, Jeal, Sr. & Jenise (lo) Yes
SUTTIE, WILLIAM, JR. Suttie, William, Jr. Yes
SWANKER Swanker, William, Jr. & M. Rae (lo's) Yes
SYKELA, WILLIAM Sykela, William & Dorothy M. Yes
SYLVESTER, PETER A Sylvester, Peter A. & JoAnne Yes
SYLVIA,JOSEPH/NADINE Sylvia,Joseph/Nadine.... Yes
TABNER, JOHN W & LEE Tabner, John W. & Lee Yes
TALERICO,JAMES/LINDA Talerico,James/Linda Yes
TAYLOR, LAWRENCE E S Taylor, Lawrence E. Sr. & Florence S. Yes
TAYLOR, LINDLEY R JR Taylor, Lindley R. Jr & Wanda L. Yes
TEAL, RONALD & JOAN Teal, Ronald L. & Joan M. (LO's) Yes
TEMPLETON, JAMES H. Templeton, James H. & Honey B. (LO's) Yes
TENEYCK, LAWRENCE G. Teneyck, Lawrence G. & Patricia (LOs) Yes
TERRILLE, ALFRED SR. Terrille, Alfred L. Sr. & Cheryl C. Yes
TERRY, RONALD W. Terry, Ronald W. & Diane M. (LOs) Yes
TERWILLIGER Terwilliger, Barbara J. Yes
TETLACK, LEONARD/KAT Tetlack,Leonard/Kathy Yes
THOMAS, ARTHUR M. Thomas, Arthur M. & Kathryn (LOs) Yes
THOMAS, WILLIAM D. Thomas, William D. & Alice L. (LOs) Yes
TORNESELLO, THEODORE Tornesello, Theodore Yes
TROWBRIDGE, DAVID M. Trowbridge, David M. (LO) Yes
TSAFFARAS, MARTIN & Tsaffaras, Jean Yes
VAN DYK, BRANSON/RUT Van Dyk, Branson & Ruth Yes
VAN PATTEN,RICHARD/D Van Patten,Richard/Dolores Yes
VAN WIE, ROBERT T. Van Wie, Robert T. & Linda M. (LO's) Yes
VAN ZANDT, ROBERT F. Van Zandt, Robert F. & Frances A. (LOs) Yes
VANAPELDOORN Van Apeldoorn, Gary & Joan Yes
VERENINI, FRANK F. Verenini, Frank F. & Donna L. (LO's) Yes
VERTEFEUILLE, EDWARD LaCoppola, Denise (Daughter) Yes
VERTERAMO, GENE J. Verteramo, Gene J. (LO) Yes
VICKERS, STEVE Vickers, Steve Yes
VIGARSAMYOT Vigars- Amyot, Linda Yes
VISCANTI, VINCENZO Viscanti, Vincenzo & Lillian Yes
VITETTA, ANTHONY Vitetta, Cynthia (dtr) Yes
VOGEL, FREDRICK Vogel, Fredrick & Maddalena Yes
VONA, PAUL J. & JILL Vona, Paul J. & Jill Peck Yes
WACKSMAN, HENRY W. Wacksman, Henry W. & Karen M. (LO's) Yes
WAGNER, EDWARD/BARBA Wagner, Edward & Barbara Yes
WAGONER,CARL/PATRICI Wagoner,Carl/Patricia Yes
WAGONER,FREDERICK/AN Wagoner,Frederick/Anna Yes
WAHL, THOMAS H. Wahl, Thomas H. & Janet M. (LO's) Yes
WAHRLICH Wahrlich, Donald L. & Elizabeth (LO's) Yes
WAITT, RICHARD & MAR Waitt, Richard Yes
WALBROEHL Walbroehl, Edward Yes
WALCESKY JR, JOHN J Walcesky, John J. Yes
WALDRON Waldron, Warren Yes
WARNER,RICH/RAPHAEL Warner, Richard J. & Raphael A. Yes
WEINGARTNER, DONALD Weingartner, Donald E. Yes
WEISENFORTH, WM H Weisenforth, William Yes
WELSH, RAYMOND/GLADY Welsh, Raymond & Gladys Yes
WENDOVER, STEVEN E. Wendover, Steven E. Yes
WEST, DONALD/MARYLIN West, Donald & Marylin Yes
WESTERVELT, GARY/LOR Westervelt, Gary & Lorraine (lo) Yes
WETTERLIN, PETER/DON Wetterlin, Peter & Donna Yes
WEYHE, THEODORE/SERA Weyhe, Theodore & Serafina Yes
WHITE, CARL & JOYCE White, Carl F. & Joyce O. (LO's) Yes
WHITE, CHARLES J./CA White, Charles J. & Carole L. (LO's) Yes
WHITE, RICHARD T. White, Richard T. (LO) Yes
WHITE2 White, Harry O. & Beverley I. (LO's) Yes
WHITMAN, GERALD W. Whitman, Gerald W. & Vera T. (LO's) Yes
WICKS, ROBERT/CAROL Wicks, Robert J. & Carol A. (LO's) Yes
WIGLEY, DAVID/ANNE Wigley, David A. & Ann Yes
WILCOX, ROBERT R. Wilcox, Robert R. & Shirley E. (LO's) Yes
WINCH, DENNIS/CHRIST Winch, Dennis H. & Christine Yes
WOJESKI, JOSEPH J. Wojeski, Joseph J. & Marilyn (LO's) Yes
WOOD, DENNIS G. Wood, Dennis G. & Barbara L. (LO's) Yes
WORCESTER, RICHARD L Worcester, Kenneth (son) Yes
WRZOCHALSKI, JOHN J. Wrzochalski, John J. & Cheryl A. Yes
WYSOMSKI JR. Wysomski, Hilliard J. Jr. & Carolyn A. Yes
YAKEL, JOHN R Yakel, John R. & Grace K. Yes
YOUMANS, IVEY N. Youmans, Ivey N. & Rebecca A. (LO's) Yes
YOUNG, ARTHUR & JUDY Young, Judith A. (LO) Yes
YOUNG, THOMAS R. JR. Young, Thomas R. Jr. & Lucy E. Yes
ZANELLA, JOHN M & BA Zanella, John Yes
MARTIN Martin, Michael C. & Kathryn M. (lo's) Yes
DICARLO,ALBERT/MARJO DiCarlo, Marjorie J. /(3) (4)Marjorie Yes
VAN NESS,GARY/DEBORA Van Ness, Deborah A. (3)Clayton (4)Gary Yes
PARKER, DEREK A. Parker, Derek A. (4)Cindi Yes
FROEHLICH, WILLIAM A Lillie, Charles Jr. (Son) *See Event/Log Yes
KIMBALL,RUSSELL/MARJ Kimball, Russell/Marjorie *See Event/Log Yes
CHRISTIE, GEORGE F Christie, George F. / (1)Carolyn Yes
HEANEY,JAMES/NIHLA Heaney,James/Nihla / (4)James P(5)Nihla(6)James P.Jr Yes
PARSLOW, HELEN A. Parslow, Helen A. / (4)R.Dytman Yes
FELDKAMP,JOHN/SUSAN Herrmann, Gloria 4. William F. Fraley (3)S.Fraley Yes
VAN ZANDT,WALTER/JAN Van Zandt,Walter/Jane ; (2)Jane Yes
MARK, MARJORIE Mark, Marjorie (!)Robert Mark 2 3 4 Yes
LINDSEY,FRED/FLORENC Lindsey,Fred/Florence ((1)Fred(2)Florence(3)FredJr(4)Regina Yes
MARTIN,EDWARD/MARGAR Martin, Richard J. (son) ((D)) Edward Sr. & Margaret Yes
DOULL,HUGH/GLADYS Blackmore, Betty (1 2)Hugh (3)Gladys 4)Robert Yes
SPAULDING, AVERY (1 2)Avery 2)Joseph (2 3)Maude 3)Helen Yes
WATKINS, WILLIAM E. (1 2)William (2 3)Carolyn Yes
EMPIE, JANET M. Empie, Janet M. (1) 2 Yes
LAWTON, THOMAS H. Hardwood, Basheba (aunt of Henry) (1) 2 3 4 Yes
JOHNSON, ADOLPH Schay, Peter J. (grdson) (1) Adolph (2) Matilda (3) Albert Yes
VAN ALSTYNE, ALLEN D Hamm, Beatrice (sister) (1) Alan Yes
LAHM, ALBERT G. & ED Hazelum, Mayatta (1) Albert (2) Edna (3) William (4) Will Yes
PAHL, ALBERT R. Pahl, Richard (son) (1) Albert (2) Florence Yes
JOHNSON, ALFRED J. Taylor, Nancy (1) Alfred (2) Irene (4) Mary Yes
MOORE ALLEN R. Moore, Lillian (dtr) (1) Allen (2) Katherine Yes
BURROUGHS,ALTON E. Healey, Linda (1) Alton (2) Mary Jane Yes
SHOUDY, ANDREW J. JR McConnelee, Andrea S. (1) Andrew (2) Eleanor Yes
LOUCKS, ARTHUR J. Gourlay, James (friend) (1) Arthur Yes
MOORE, REV. ARTHUR T Moore, Esther C. (1) Arthur Yes
SHUTTER, ARTHUR JR Smi, Christine (dtr) (1) Arthur (2) Anna Yes
HIBBARD, ARTHUR H. Hibbard, Phyllis A. (1) Arthur (2) Janice Yes
JEWETT, BENJAMIN R. Jewett, Benjamin C. (1) Benjamin (2) Marion Yes
JEROME, BEVEAR J. Bender, Albert (1) Bevear (2) Dolores Yes
BORNT, CARL E. SR Bornt, Joan D. (1) Carl Yes
SCHMIDT, CARL H. Schmidt, Thomas (son) (1) Carl Yes
LUNOW, CARL & MAE I. Lunow, LInda (1) Carl (2)Mae Yes
BROWN,CARLYLE/FLOREN Brown,Carlyle/Florence (1) Carlyle(2)Florence Yes
STEVENSON, CHARLES H Stevenson, Carolyn A. (wife) (1) Charles Yes
SCHELLHAAS, CHARLES Schellhaas (Bishop), Laurel (1) Charles (3) Sara Yes
CARD,CHESTER/WILMA Card,Chester/Wilma (1) Chester(2-Wilma Yes
SHUMWAY, CLARENCE C. Jackson, Carolyn (dtr) (1) Clarence (2) Jean Yes
KRETSER, CLIFFORD W. Parson, Robert (son) (1) Clifford (2) Dorothy Yes
BRAND, DANNY L. & RI Brand, Rita (wife) (1) Danny Yes
ALLEN,DONALD R. & ES Allen, Esther A. (1) Donald Yes
LAING, EDMUND H. & M Laing, Richard (son) (1) Donald (2) Madeline (3) Edmund Yes
HILDENBRANDT,DONALD/ Mastrianni, Lynn (1) Donald (2)Marilyn Yes
MOONEY, EDGAR LEE SR Russo, Esther (dtr) (1) Edgar 1) John (2) Esther Yes
ALBERT, EDWARD R. & Albert,Sandra (1) Edward Yes
MORRIS,EDWARD/DOROTH Kopach, Mary Rose (1) Edward (2)Dorothy Yes
MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD M VanWormer, Maureen (1) Edward (2) Margaret Yes
ADAMS, EDWARD A. & M Adams, Lawrence J. (son) (1) Edward (2) Mary Yes
SCHENMEYER, EDWARD A Schenmeyer, Lawrence (son) (1) Edward (2) Zora Yes
STERN,EDWARD/LORRAIN Stern,Edward/Lorraine (1) Edward(2)Lorraine Yes
KUCSKAR, FRANK A. & Stephens, Beth (dtr) (1) Frank (2) Elizabeth Yes
POTTER, FRANK & ANTO Potter, Frank Jr (son) (1) Frank (2) Florence (1&2) Dante Yes
JOHNSON, FRANK F. Johnson, F. Hogan (1) Frank (2) Lela Yes
BACHTELER,FRANK/LOUI Bull, Emma L. (1) Frank (2) Louisa (4)Earl Yes
ALGER, FRANK & LILLA Alger, Lillian (1) Frank ) Bethany Yes
HUHN, ESTHER Fay, Linda (grddtr) (1) Frederic (2) Esther Yes
BACKER,G. LAURENCE Krehbi, Deneen (1) G. Laurence (2)Ruthea (3)Sherrill Yes
JOHNSEN, GEORGE W. Johnsen, Stanley (son) (1) George Yes
STEVENS, GEORGE N. Stevens, robert (son) (1) George (2) Dorothy Yes
SHRIVER, GEORGE H. & VerSnyder, Michael F. (stepson) (1) George (2) Margaret Yes
BRANDOW, GEORGE & MA Jeffress, Frances (1) George (2) Mary Yes
JIGA, GEOGE JR. (1) George Sr (2) Virginia (3) George Jr Yes
BRIGHT,GEORGE/NORMA Bright, Norma M. (1) George, Jr. Yes
LOUGHMAN, GERALD/MAE Thorton, Bonnie (1) Gerald (2) Mae (3) Petrona 3) David Yes
ANDERSEN, HAROLD H. Wagoner, William A. (Son) (1) Harold (2) Lorine Yes
KRUEGER,HAROLD/MARY Krueger, Jr., Harold T. (1) Harold Sr.(2) Evelyn Yes
ACKENBRACK, HENRY SR Ackenbrack, John T. (1) Henry (2)Gertrude (3)Ruth Yes
STEINKE, HERBERT A. Steinke, Herbert A. Jr (son) (1) Herbert (2 3) Irene (6) Estelle Yes
MOREHOUSE, HOWARD E. Britain, Mary (1) Howard (2) Charlotte Yes
ACKERMAN, IRVING H, Schroeder, Nancy (dtr) (1) Irving (2) Ruth Yes
LOUCKS, IRWIN W. Coon, Dorothy (dtr) (1) Irwin (2) Gertrude Yes
ANDREWS, JAMES M. Andrews, Charles Mrs. (mother) (1) James Yes
HILL, JAMES B. Hill, Margaret (1) James Yes
MORGAN, JAMES A. & A Morgan, Clifford (son) (1) James (2) Ada Yes
LOVEDAY, THERESA VanAlystne, Mary (dtr) (1) James (2) Theresa Yes
TOURTELLOT, LOIS A Tourtellot, Lois A (1) James Jr Yes
KREPA, JAN K. & HELE Miller, Janina (1) Jan (2) Helena Yes
BACHINSKY, JOHN T. Bachinsky, Gisela (1) John Yes
SCHEMPP, JOHN A. Schempp, Isabel P. (wife) (1) John Yes
MONTGOMERY, JOHN A. Minor, Elizabeth (1) John (2) Margaret Yes
HIGGINS, BEATRICE H. Higgins, Beatrice H. (1) John (2)Beatrice Yes
ADAMS, JOSEPH G. & D Adams, Dorothy L. (1) Joseph Yes
BANK, JOSEPH & CATHE Carosone, Nancy (dtr) (1) Joseph (2) Catherine Yes
LA GALLES, JOSEPH J. McCullough, Betty (dtr) (1) Joseph 1) Beatrice (4) Patricia Yes
ADAMEK, PAUL JR. & C Adamek, Paul (son) (1) Jr (2) Caroline (3) Sr (4)Katherine Yes
STERNBERG, LEONARD E Sternberg, Yvonne B. (wife) (1) Leonard Yes
MCKAY, LESTER SR. McKay, Jr., Lester (1) Lester (2) Catherine Yes
STEVENS, LESTER C. Vandewal, James (son) (1) Lester (2) Mary Yes
SCHENCK, LOUIS R. SR Schenck, Louis (son) (1) Louis (2) Helen Yes
LUNDBERG, MAGNEY P. Bindewald, Jr., Gilbert (1) Magney (2) Claudia Yes
OWENS, MARK A. Owens, Thomas M. (1) Mark Yes
KURTZ, HAROLD & MARY Bracker, Denise (dtr) (1) Mary 1)Harold Yes
HICKEY, MARCEL Thomson, Jean (1) Mary 2) Marcel 2)) Blanche Yes
MCGRAW, MICHAEL E. McGraw, Linda B. (1) Michael Yes
POTENTE, MICHAEL & Nahan, Paula (dtr) (1) Michael (2) Anna Yes
LOUPRETTE, MILLER S. Louprette, William (1) Miller (2) Anna Yes
SCHELDE, PETER N. (1) N. Peter (2) Alberta Yes
MCGRATH,PATRICK/MAY Crogan, Karen (1) Patrick (2)May Yes
MCGRATH, PATRICK D. Grogan, Karen (dtr) (1) Patrick, (2) May Yes
STEVENS, PAUL L & MA Stevens, Mary C.(wife) (1) Paul Yes
KAHLER, PAUL EDWARD Kahler Jr., Paul E. (1) Paul (2) Mary 2) Donald Yes
Kahler, Paul E. Kahler, Barbara (1) Paul (3) Agnes Yes
SABATINO, PHILIP M. Lynch, Janet (stpdtr) (1) Philip (2) Ann Yes
WATT Watt, Irene D. (wife) (1) Ralph Yes
WATT, RALPH A & IREN Watt, Irene D. (wife) (1) Ralph Yes
PORTER, RAYMOND H. & Porter, Pauline F. (1) Raymond Yes
PAIGE, RAYMOND F. SR Paige, Jr., Raymond (1) Raymond (2) Laura Yes
TUKEY, RICHARD L. Tukey, Nathaleen J. (1) Richard Yes
MCHARGUE, ROBERT H. McHargue, Julia A. (1) Robert Yes
PAIGE, ROBERT J. Benny, Ann (1) Robert (2) Edna (3) Armando Yes
JUTTON,ROBERT/ANNETT Jutton,Robert/Annette (1) Robert(2)Annette Yes
ACQUINO, ROCCO J. Acquino, Rocco J. & Ruth J. (1) Rocco (2) Ruth Yes
BONITATIBUS,ROCCO/MA Bonitatibus, Randy (1) Rocco (2)Marjorie Yes
PABST, ROWLAND J. Pabst, Jane F. (1) Rowland Yes
SCHONEKER, RUDOLPH Schoneker, Robert (son) (1) Rudolph (2) Leona Yes
LOYA, RUSSELL E. Loya, Theresa A. (1) Russell Yes
JERAM, LAWRENCE W. Jeram, James (son) (1) Ruth (2) Lawrence Yes
LUSE,STEPHEN/MARIAN Luse, Bradley (1) Stephen (2)Marian Yes
HICKMAN, THOMAS Hickman, Timothy (son) (1) Thomas (2) Adalaide (3) Hazel Yes
BALLO, SYLVIA A. Ballo, Sylvai A. (1) Vincent Yes
SADOWSKI, VINCENT N. Sadowski, Vincent J. (son) (1) Vincent (2) Helen Yes
LOUDERMILK, WALTER H (1) Walter (2) Marion Yes
BAKER, WARREN A. & A Baker, Ada M. (1) Warren Yes
ALHEIM,WILLIAM/RUTH Alheim, Ruth M. (1) William Yes
PAJU, WILLIAM R. Paju, Marilyn L. (1) William Yes
STEWART, CHARLES Stewart, Charles & Catherine D. (1) William Yes
TRAEGER,ANNE G. Zoller, Christine (dtr) (1) William (2) Anne Yes
STEINFELD, GLADYS M. Steinfeld, Lawrence (son) (1) William (2) Gladys 2) Dean Yes
JOHN, WILLIAM O. John II., Evan David (1) William (2) Helen Yes
STELLE, WILLIAM L. Kaiser, Martina (dtr) (1) William (2) Martina E. Yes
ELDRED,WILLIS/IRIS Eldred,Willis/Iris (1) Willis (2)Iris (3)George 4 Yes
PRAGA, CARMELLO Praga, Carmello & Gladys (1))Carmello )Gladys Yes
LINCOURT, GEORGE Robitaille, Dorothy (dtr) (1))George, Juliette (3)Marie Yes
DUNCAN, JAMES & HELE Duncan, Mrs. (daughter in law) (1))James &James(left of marker)(2)Helen Yes
BRIDGE, A. THOMAS & Abbott, Jean (dtr) (1)A. Thomas (2)Florence Yes
SPIAK, ADAM Spiak, Sharon (dtr) (1)Adam (2)Doris Yes
BOGHOSIAN, ADAM & BO Boghosian, Beatrice (Vorton's wife) (1)Adam (2)Noone 2)David (3)Vorton Yes
GEIHS, ADAM Esposito, Barbara (dtr) (1)Adam(2)Elizabeth(3)William(4)Theodore Yes
SCHOTTENHAM,ADAM/FLO Evans, Florence (dtr) (1)Adam(2)Florence(3)Robert Sr(4)F.Evans Yes
SICKO,ADAM/ANNA Sicko,Adam/Anna (1)Adam(2)Mary Yes
RAMNES, ADOLF & HENR Ramnes, Henry, Sr. (lo-dec'd) (1)Adolf Yes
SWEENEY, ALAN/BRIAN Sweeney, Brian (1)Alan Yes
MOWER,ALAN/ISABEL Mower,Alan/Isabel (1)Alan(2)Isabel/(2)Mar(3)Grace(4)Arthur Yes
ANDERSON, ALBERT G. Anderson, Mary (Wife) (1)Albert Yes
TRAVELL, HAZEL Travell, Hazel (1)Albert Yes
VROOMAN, ALBERT W. Vrooman, Albert W. (1)Albert (2)Carole Yes
BEARUP, ALBERT J & C Bearup, Paul A. (son) (1)Albert (2)Catherine Yes
RIEL Riel, Michael (son) (1)Albert (2)Doris Yes
D'ALLAIRD, DOROTHY M Barkisian, Linda (Daughter) (1)Albert (2)Dorothy Yes
MURPHY, ALBERT D & F Fiscarelli, Susan D. (dtr) (1)Albert (2)Frances Yes
HENRY, ALBERT L. Pelletier, Naomi (dtr) (1)Albert (2)Helen Yes
HUNT, HELEN D. Hunt, Lee F. (son) (1)Albert (2)Helen Yes
Campbell, Janet L. Campbell, Thomas (Son) (1)Albert (2)Janet (3)Robert 4 Yes
LOHNER, ALBERT C. Lohner, Stephen (1)Albert (2)Jessie Yes
HOFFMAN, ALBERT L Smith, Anne J. (sister) (1)Albert (2)Kathleen Yes
MILLER,ALBERT/MARGUE Miller,Albert/Marguerite (1)Albert (2)Marguerite Yes
DEROCHER, ALBERT J. DeRocher, John (Son) (1)Albert (2)Mary Louise Yes
BRADLEY, ALBERT E. Bradley, Paul (son) (1)Albert (2)Mildred Yes
MARSH, ALBERT T. Ruth, Nora (Daughter) (1)Albert (2)Muriel Yes
HENION, ALBERT J. Kuhn, Barbara (dtr) (1)Albert (2)Pearl (3)Helen (4)Earl Yes
BARTON, ALBERT G. Barton, Arlene (1)Albert (3)Elizabeth Yes
MARINO, MARION R. Marino, Marion R. (1)Albert 2 3 4 Yes
NORTHRUP, ALBERT E. Kelly, Rosetta (1)Albert 3)Nunzio (4)Ruth Yes
VINES, JANE MRS. Vines, Mrs. Jane (1)Albert T. 2 Yes
VASHROW,ALBERT/JANET Vashrow,Albert/Janet (1)Albert(2)Janet(3)D.Costel Yes
BOURDEAU, ALCIDE A. Bourdeau, Jack (Son) (1)Alcide (2)Lena Yes
ROBERTS, ALCIME & IR Roberts, Irene R. (lo) (1)Alcime 2 Yes
DUFF, ALEX G & AGNES Verhagen, Delores (POA) (1)Alex (2)Agnes Yes
XILAS, ELEANORE F Martz, Harry (bro) (1)Alex (2)Eleanore F. 3 Yes
VAN HOESEN, ALEXANDE Dunbar, Linda (niece) (1)Alexander (2)Norma Yes
ALEVRAS, SUE Alevras, Sue (1)Alexander (2)Sue Yes
POWER, ALEXANDER Y. MacNeal, Ellen (1)Alexander(2)Isabelle(3)Frederick Yes
URE, ALEXANDER Albert, Isobel(dtr) (1)Alexander(2)Mary (3-4)Baby Yes
GUIDETTI, ALFRED A & Guidetti, Daisy F. (1)Alfred Yes
TURNER, ALFRED E. Ordon, Lynn (dtr) (1)Alfred (2)Elizabeth Yes
ALMSTEAD, ALFRED B J Almstead, Susan (dtr) (1)Alfred (2)Elizabeth (3)John Yes
BARBOUR, ETHEL E. LaPorte, Earl (Son) (1)Alfred (2)Ethel Yes
ALMSTEAD, ALFRED B. Almstead, Alfred B. (1)Alfred (2)Mabel (3)Alberta Yes
COLLINS, FREDERICK N Reinemann, Bonita L. (Divorced/Remar) (1)Alfred (2)Ronald 3 Yes
GRUBE, NELLIE O. Grube, Nellie O. (1)Alfred 2 Yes
JONES, ALFRED C. JR Jones, Alfred C. (son) (1)Alfred Jr Yes
BOHL, ALFRED J & MAR Carr, Pam (1)Alfred, (2)Marjorie Yes
COLE, ALLEN & ADA M Secor, Carol (grnd-nce) (1)Allen (2)Ada 3 Yes
DEYO, ALLEN J. Deyo, Margaret R. (Wife) (1)Allen 2 Yes
PITTS, EDWIN L. Pitts, Allen (son) (1)Allen(2)Florence(3)Selma(4)Edwin /1) Yes
HANLEY, ALLEN J. Hanley, Christopher J. (1)Allen/ (4)Emma Yes
TRAEGLER,ALOIS/CENTR Traegler,Alois/Centra (1)Alois(2)Centa(3)L.Prouty(4)Theodore Yes
EASTER, ALTON D & MA Easter, Dorothy (2nd wife) (1)Alton (2)Marion Yes
CAMERON, ALVAH Diefendorf, Marjorie (dtr) (1)Alvah (2)Dorothy 3 (4)Irving 5,6 Yes
MEINEKER, CAROL A. Jankowski, Susan (dtr) (1)Alverse(2)Marion(3)Clarence(4)Evelyn Yes
BARNARD, ALVIN W Barnard, Paul(son) (1)Alvin (2)Marcia (3)Alan Yes
Green, Alvin F. Green, Jeane (lo) (1)Alvin 2 Yes
DECESARE,AMERICO/LOR DeCesare,Americo/Lorraine (1)Americo(2)Lorraine Yes
DINKO, AMIEL/JANET Dinko, Janet (1)Amiel 2 3 4 Yes
HUNTINGTON, AMOS E. Salzer, Daniel (grdson) (1)Amos 1)David (2)Sylvia Yes
HEBERT,ANDREW/CAROL Hebert,Andrew/Carol (1)Andrew Yes
FARSTAD, ANDREAS Farstad, Robert W. Jr. (Son) (1)Andrew (2)Evelyn (3)Robert Sr. (4)Ida Yes
VETOICH, ANDREW J LaRose, Jeannine (dtr) (1)Andrew J. (2)Claire W. Yes
BRITT,ANDREW/BARBARA Britt,Andrew/Barbara (1)Andrew Jr Yes
VINCENT Vincent, Jr., Andrew L. (son) (1)Andrew L. Sr. (2)Myrtle A. 3,4 Yes
BRICKNER, WILLIAM W. Highter, Deborah (dtr) (1)Andrew(2)Mary)(3)William Yes
GRAZIANI, BEATRICE L Hallenbeck, David (nephew) (1)Angelo(2)Beatrice(3)Isabelle(4)David Yes
EASTMAN, ANN M. Murray, Ann Marie (dtr) (1)Ann (2)Artell Yes
GERACI, ANTHONY F. Geraci, Sandra M. (1)Anthony Yes
CUTULLE Gilchrist, Marba (dtr) (1)Anthony (2)Alforetta Yes
HASPELA, ANTHONY Haspela, Neil A. (son) (1)Anthony (2)Anna Yes
GREELEY,ANTHONY/SHIR Greeley,Anthony/Shirley (1)Anthony (2)Darren Yes
FAZZONE, ANTHONY & E Fazzone, Arthur (son) (1)Anthony (2)Emma Yes
MACIOROWSKI, ANTHONY Wozniak, Matthew E. (1)Anthony (2)Helena Yes
Mastan, Louise B. Anderson, Theresa (dtr) (1)Anthony (2)Louise Yes
FRAGOMENI, ANTHONY Fragoment, Mary (dec'd) (1)Anthony (2)Sarah Yes
COTAZINO,ANTHONY/MAR Cotazino,Anthony/Margaret (1)Anthony/Margaret Yes
BATTAGLIA, HENRY & M Battaglia, Ronald (son) (1)Antonio (2)Rose (3)Henry Yes
PITTARD, AQUILA Devel, Diane (1)Aquila (2)Helen 3)Richard (4)Grace Yes
ARMEN, ROBERT N. Armen, Robert N. (1)Araxie Poladian Yes
GOODBEE, ARCHIE L SR Goodbee, Charles (Son) (1)Archie Sr. 2 3 4 Yes
MCALONEN, ARCHIE J. (1)Archie(2)Dorothy(3)Marian Yes
TERWILLIGER, FREDERI Martell, Melissa (grd dtr) (1)Arlene 2)Frederick (3)Jill Coyne 4 Yes
SHERIDAN, ARLETTA B. Van Patten, Judith (Daughter) (1)Arletta Yes
FOLSOM, HELEN Folson, Helen (1)Arlington Yes
DEMARTINO, ARMANDO Zielincki, Carol Ann (Leonard's Sister) (1)Armando (2)Nancy (3)Leonard Yes
Wickham, Lenita I. Wickham, Robert (Son) (1)Arnold (2)Lenita 3 4 Yes
HAMMER, ARNOLD K. Hammer, Keith (unknown) (1)Arnold (2)Doris Yes
BRADT, ARTHUR B. & N Beal, Cynthia (dtr) (1)Arthur Yes
MACKAY, ARTHUR MacKay, Margaret (1)Arthur Yes
RUECKERT, ARTHUR J. Rueckert, Dean A. (Son) (1)Arthur (2)Pearl Yes
DUBOIS, ARTHUR F & G Flood, Gail (1)Arthur (2)Gloria Yes
CHRISEY,ARTHUR/JEANN Chrisey,Arthur/Jeanne (1)Arthur (2)Jeanne Yes
BROWN, ARTHUR B JR & Praga, Carole A. (dtr) (1)Arthur (2)Kathryn Yes
BROD1 Brod, Arthur F. Jr. (1)Arthur (2)Louise Yes
TANSKY,ARTHUR/LYDIA Tansky,Arthur/Lydia (1)Arthur (2)Lydia,3,4 Yes
KENDRICK, M. Miano, Joan (dtr) (1)Arthur (2)M. Margaret/3 4 Yes
FAWCETT, ARTHUR & LO Fawcett, Craig (grandson) (1)Arthur 1)Lottie 2 (3)Paul Yes
NEWELL, ARTHUR A. Newell, Stephen J. (1)Arthur 1)Shirley Yes
TATTON, ARTHUR O Bristol, Linda (dtr) (1)Arthur O. (2)Eleanor G. 3,4; 1,2 Yes
ABBALE, ARTHUR Abbale, Gail (dtr) (1)Arthur P. (2) Flora I. Yes
DUROCHER, ARTHUR G & Grignon, Elizabeth (dtr) (1)Arthur R. 2 Yes
DESKEWICZ, SR, ARTHU Deskewicz, Mary F. (LO) (1)Arthur Sr. 2 3 4 Yes
KOCH,ARTHUR/ARLETTA Koch,Arthur/Arletta (1)Arthur(2)Arletta 3 (4)F.Fiore Yes
HALL,ARTHUR/ETHEL Hall,Arthur/Ethel (1)Arthur(2)Ethel(3)Donald (4)Grace Yes
PHELAN, ARTHUR H. Phelan, Arthur Jr.(son) (1)Arthur(2)Loretta Yes
SAUNDERS,ARTHUR/LOUI Saunders,Arthur/Louisa (1)Arthur, 2)Louisa Yes
ENGETT, ARTHUR W. Engett, Brit R. (lo) (1)Arthur; 2 Yes
KITCHEN, ARTIS A. Kitchen, Ada (lo) (1)Artis 2 Yes
BOOKER, ASBURY Booker, Velma (1)Asbury Yes
SAYLES, AUDRE L. Wedeking, Deidre (dtr) (1)Audre(2)Jane(3)James(4)Franklin Yes
FRANK,WILLIAM/JOANNE Frank,William/Joanne (1)B.Messier Yes
BARRY, FRANCIS W. & Briglia, Regina (niece) (1)Barry (2)Rose Yes
COLE, MAYER Cole, Maver (1)Beaman 2 3 4 Yes
DEVLIN, BEATRICE M. Devlin, Richard S. (lo & son) (1)Beatrice 2 Yes
GIMLICK, BELMONT Borst, Dorothy (dtr) (1)Belmont (2)Marion Yes
OSTRANDER Ostrander, Joseph (son) (1)Benjamin Yes
VANDUZER,BENJAMIN/LO VanDuzer,Benjamin/Lorraine (1)Benjamin (2)Lorraine Yes
MORRISON, BERNARD Morrison, Ester (1)Bernard Yes
DRAPER, ELIZABETH B August, Kathleen (dtr) (1)Bernard (2)Elizabeth Yes
LYMAN, ELIZABETH A. Marble, Judith A. (dtr) (1)Bernard (2)Elizabeth Yes
KENNEDY, BERNARD D. Poulin, Patricia (dtr) (1)Bernard (2)Irene Yes
STATILE, BENARD A. Statile, Bernard F. (son) (1)Bernard (2)Millie Yes
BARNES,BERNARD/THELM Barnes,Bernard/Thelma (1)Bernard (2)Thelma Yes
LaRose, Bernard E. LaRose, Bernard E. (1)Bernard 2 Yes
MORRISON2 Morrison, Esther (lo) (1)Bernard 2 3 6 Yes
MINCHER,ALBERT/OLIVE Mincher, Berniece M. (1)Bernice (2)Olive Yes
THERIEN, JOSEPH L. Therien, Joseph L. (LO) (1)Betty Therien (2)Lee Alvord Yes
CHURCH, DEBRA Church, Debra (1)Bill (3)Nadine Yes
CHAPLIN,WILLIAM/VIRG Chaplin,William/Virginia (1)Bill Jr(4)William(5)James(6)Virginia Yes
GRAHAM, WILLIAM S. Graham, Doug (son) (1)Bonnie (2)Ada (3)William Yes
HATCH, BRAINARD G. Hatch, James B. (son) (1)Brainard (2)Katherine Yes
FRASER, JAMES H. Fraser, James H. & Maureen D. (1)Brett Yes
WILSEY, BRIAN/BAKER, Baker, Viola P. (lo & mtr) (1)Brian Yes
HUSSEY, BRUCE R. Hussey, Lonnie Yvonne (1)Bruce Yes
PRIMETT, BURTON T Klementowski, Linda (dtr) (1)Burton (2)Esther Yes
SMITH, BYRON N/CLARA Lauritsen, Virginia (Daughter) (1)Byron (2)Hazel; (2)Clara Yes
DRESCHER,FRED/IRENE Drescher, Lee (1)C.Fred Yes
MACDANIEL, DORIS C. Mac Daniel, Nancy (dtr) (1)Calvin (2)Doris Yes
REUTZEL,CALVIN/ELEAN Reutzel, Calvin/Eleanor (1)Calvin(2)Eleanor(4)Calvin Jr Yes
MULLER, CAMILLE Miner, Ruth (Esq.) (1)Camille Yes
BRICKLEY, CARL A. & Mancini, Julia (dtr) (1)Carl (2)Eunice Yes
BISHOP, CARL F & GLA McIntyre, Colleen (dtr-in-law) (1)Carl (2)Gladys (3)George (4)James Yes
POLLAY, CARL E Pollay, Daniel (son) (1)Carl (2)Jane Yes
SZYMANSKI, MARGARET Greenwood, Louise (dtr) (1)Carl (2)Margaret A. Yes
KOEPPEL, CARL Koeppel, Paul (son) (1)Carl (2)Marjorie Yes
FRITSCH, CARL F. Hrbek, Muriel (Daughter) (1)Carl (2)Muriel Yes
FOX, CARL W. & ZELMA Fox, Elena (dtr-in-law) (1)Carl (2)Zelma (3)Richard 4 Yes
SCHLOMBERG, CARL R. Schlomberg, Florence L. (wife) (1)Carl (3) Melody 3)Jennifer Yes
ALESIO, GARY P & BAR Alesio, Gary P. (1)Carl (4) Barbara Yes
OLSEN, RUTH M. Olsen, Carl (son) (1)Carl (4)Ruth (1)William Yes
CHRISTIANSEN, CARL A Conroy, Carleen (1)Carl A (2)Ethel (3)Carl (4)Betty Yes
BROOKS, CARL F JR & Brooks, Clint (son) (1)Carl Jr. 2)Shirley Yes
LEWIS, HOWARD G Eidelbus, Carla (dtr) (1)Carl(2)Mary(3)Orletta(4)Howard Yes
RUDEBUSH Rudebush, Patricia A. (1)Carlton W. 2 Yes
KNIGHT, DAPHNE I. Knight, Daphne I. (1)Carol Yes
SWEENEY, ARTHUR/DORI Sweeney, Nancy (dtr) (1)Carol Gepfert (2)Arthur (3)Doris 4 Yes
ENDRES, EDWARD J. Endres, Edward J. (1)Carol; 3 Yes
MERRITT, WILLIAM F. Van Slyke, Joan (exec) (1)Caryl(3)William Yes
WOJTKIEWICZ, CASMIR Wojtkiewicz, Casmir & Jean (LO's) (1)Casmir (2)Jean Yes
BONJUKIAN, CHARLES Robertson, Lenore (dtr) (1)Catherine (2)Albert 3)Charles 4)Char Yes
KILCOYNE, JOSEPH P Bacon, Robbin (grdchild) (1)Catherine(2)Robert/(3)Joseph Yes
STOWELL, CECIL B. Harden, Carolyn (dtr) (1)Cecil (2)Helen Yes
BAKER, CHARLES R. & Baker, Eileen J. (1)Charles Yes
NADLER, CHARLES R. Nadler, James R. (bro) (1)Charles Yes
MILLER, CHARLES/ADEL Miller,Charles/Adeline (1)Charles (2)Adeline Yes
SHIRLEY, ELSIE Shirley, Elsie (LO) (1)Charles (2)Elsie Yes
ROEHR, CHARLES F. Roehr, Richard C. (LO/Son) (1)Charles (2)Ruth 3 4 Yes
VENNARD,CHARLES/ARLE Vennard, Arlene D. (LO) (1)Charles 2 Yes
STEALEY, CHARLES RAY Stealey, Bob (1)Charles (2)Alice Yes
EVERINGHAM, CHARLES Brown, George (nephew) (1)Charles (2)Alma Yes
GIBBS, CHARLES P. Walko, Ruth (dtr) (1)Charles (2)Cora Yes
COLE, CHARLES/DORIS Cole, Charles/Doris (1)Charles (2)Doris Yes
KOPSHAC, DORIS A. Hoogkamp, Karen (dtr) (1)Charles (2)Doris Yes
EVERSON,CHARLES/DORO Everson,Charles/Dorothy (1)Charles (2)Dorothy Yes
SLOAN,CHARLES/DOROTH Clough, Betty L. (sis) (1)Charles (2)Dorothy Yes
MACRI, CHARLES N. Halter, Cheryl B. (niece) (1)Charles (2)Elaine Yes
BINK, CHARLES & ETHE Bink, William (son) (1)Charles (2)Ethel Yes
BUTLER,CHARLES/EVELY Cimino, Denise (1)Charles (2)Evelyn Yes
MORTON,CHARLES/FLORE Mahaney, Barbara (1)Charles (2)Florence Yes
BURKART, CHARLES W & Burkart, Robert G. (son) (1)Charles (2)Florence 3, 4 Yes
STORR,CHARLES/FRANCE Storr,Charles/Frances (1)Charles (2)Frances Yes
VAN ZANDT, CHARLES R Conklin, Karen (Daughter) (1)Charles (2)Frances 3 4 Yes
RAPP,CHARLES/GERTRUD Rapp,Charles/Gertrude (1)Charles (2)Gertrude (3)Hilbert 4 Yes
HARTIGAN, CHARLES F. Hartigan, Rosemary (1)Charles (2)Gloria 2)Michael Yes
ENNIS, CHARLES E. Lovely, Caran (dtr) (1)Charles (2)Helen Yes
MITCHELL, CHARLES B. Gilbert, Priscilla (1)Charles (2)Helen Yes
HURLING, CHARLES B. Hasselbart, Charlotte (1)Charles (2)Henrietta Yes
SETZER, CHARLES E. Lustenader, Diane (dtr) (1)Charles (2)Janet Yes
LAMORE, CHARLES J. Sweeney, Sandra (dtr) (1)Charles (2)June Yes
KIERNAN, CHARLES L Warren, Claude R. (1)Charles (2)Lydia Yes
COOGAN, CHARLES Roman, Rose (Daughter) (1)Charles (2)Marion (3)Joseph (4)Helen Yes
RUSSUM, CHARLES F. Russum, Charles F. & Gudz, Michael (1)Charles (2)Michael Yes
SWART, CHARLES/VIOLA Swart,Laurie (grd dtr) (1)Charles (2)Viola Yes
SCHULTZ Schultz, John J. & Denise M. (1)Charles (2)Violet/3 (4)Joyce Yes
CARRIER, CHARLES & Y Barnes, Alice (dtr) (1)Charles (2)Yvonne Yes
MARSHALL, CHARLES F. Marshall, Mary E. (lo) (1)Charles 2 Yes
FRANKLIN, CHARLES R. Franklin, Norma H. (lo) (1)Charles 2 (3)Keith Yes
PENMAN, CHARLES D. Miller, Earline (lo-remarried/divorced) (1)Charles 2 3 4 Yes
BATCHER Mascelli, Kathy (dtr) (1)Charles 2)Rosemary Yes
CHUBB, VESTA E. Carline, James T. (brother) (1)Charles 2)Vesta 2))Thomas Yes
MCCABE,CHARLES/ELAIN McCabe,Charles/Elaine (1)Charles 2; 3 Yes
ROSS1 Hillard, Kathie R. (dtr) (1)Charles Jr (2)Mildred 3,4; (1)William Yes
WHITMAN, MARY Whitman, Mary (1)Charles Jr. 2 Yes
WATERS, ESTELLE M. Waters, Jr., Charles (1)Charles Sr (2)Estelle Yes
SHADICK , CHARLES Shadick, Marvin (son) (1)Charles Sr (2)Florence 3)Charles Jr 4 Yes
FULLER,CHARLES/ALICE Fuller,Charles/Alice (1)Charles(2)Alice(3)CharlesJr(4)Elena Yes
MEYER,CHARLES/ETHEL Allen, Carol (dtr) (1)Charles(2)Ethel Yes
GRAY, GEORGE T. & JE Rennie, George T. & Jessie (1)Charles(2)George,Sr.(3)Jessie4)Philip Yes
RHEUBECK, CHARLES R. Rheubeck, Maria(dtr) (1)Charles(2)Mary Yes
BENNETT,CHARLES/PATR Bennett,Charles/Patricia (1)Charles(2)Patricia Yes
BROWN,CHARLES/RUTH Brown,Charles/Ruth (1)Charles(2)Ruth 3 4 Yes
HUNT, JAMES G./GLORI Hunt, Gloria J. (1)Charles/(4)James Yes
DOHERTY, ARTHUR Caisse, Lawrence (Son) (1)Charles; (2)Arthur (3)Helen (4)Joseph Yes
HOYLE, CHESTER J. Paul, Jane (Daughter) (1)Chester (2)Jeanette Yes
BASS, CHESTER A. & M Bass, Chester See Klavins, Marta (1)Chester (2)Marta Yes
DOWNING, CHESTER T & Downing, Norman G. Sr. (son) (1)Chester T (2)Marie (3)Chester W 4 Yes
LEBRECHT,CHRISTIAN/M Lebrecht,Christian/Mildred (1)Christian 2 3 4 Yes
SANGMASTER,CHRISTOPH Sangmaster,Christopher/Susan (1)Christopher(2)Susan(3)Edith(4)Jame Yes
HART, CLARENCE C. Hart, Clarence C. (1)Clarence Yes
PICARD, CLARENCE H. Picard, Jean M. (1)Clarence Yes
RAY, CLARENCE/HAZEL Ray, Mark E. (Son) (1)Clarence (2)Hazel (3)Richard Yes
WOLFE, CLARENCE N. Wolfe, Clarence N. & Olive H. (LO's) (1)Clarence (2)Olive 3 4 Yes
PEEK, CLARENCE & DOR Peek, Ronald (son) (1)Clarence (2)Dorothy 3 4 Yes
HOWARD, CLARENCE O. Howard, Wayne (Son) (1)Clarence (2)Ebba Eleanor 3 4 Yes
BONESTEEL, CLARENCE Ferguson, Harry (1)Clarence (2)Emma Yes
PERRAULT, CLARENCE P Eggelston, Martha A. (sis-in-law) (1)Clarence (2)Faye Yes
RUSSELL, CLARENCE L. Rockwell, Janet (dtr) (1)Clarence (2)Margaret Yes
ECKERT, CLARENCE H. Hubicki, Deborah (dtr) (1)Clarence (2)Rose 3)Clarence Jr Yes
BURNS,CLARENCE/RUTH Burns,Clarence/Ruth (1)Clarence (2)Ruth 3,4 Yes
OLLEY, CLARENCE C. Olley, Joan (1)Clarence (2)Victoria Yes
LATVIS, BARBARA L Latvis, Barbara L. (lo) (1)Clarence 2 Yes
GOYETTE, CLARENCE Goyette, Clarence & Rita (1)Clarence 2)Rita Yes
PLACE,CLARENCE/DORIS Place,Clarence/Doris (1)Clarence(2-Doris Yes
PRITCHARD, FLORENCE Pritchard, Florence May (1)Claret 2 (3)Robert (4)Florence A. Yes
WILSON, CLEMENT/CECE Galarneau, George (nephew) (1)Clement (2)Cecelia Yes
WOOD,CLIFFORD/LOUISE Wood,Clifford/Louise (1)Clifford (2) Louise Yes
BYRD, CLIFTON D. Scott, Ruth (Niece & POA) (1)Clifton (2)Marion Yes
ENNIS, CLIFTON B. Peil, Jane (dtr) (1)Clifton (2)Marion 3 4 Yes
RICE, CLIFTON I. Rice, Ronald J. (brother) (1)Clifton(2)Rose 3)Chester Yes
HAYS,CLINTON/JANET Hays, Douglas (son) (1)Clinton (2)Janet 3 Yes
OSBORNE,CLINTON/PAUL Osborne,Clinton/Pauline (1)Clinton (2)Pauline Yes
KNAPP, CLINTON E. Knapp, Douglas A. Sr. (Son) (1)Clinton 2)Beatrice 3 4 Yes
BASCUE, CLYDE H. Bascue, Kenneth C. (1)Clyde (2)Georgia Yes
DAVIS, ALFRED E. & S Howes, Linda (dtr) (1)Coline (2)Alfred 3 4 Yes
SULLIVAN, GRACE/CORN Smith, Mrs. Joseph (dtr) (1)Cornelius (2)Grace Yes
OLIVER, CURTIS S. (1)Curtis (2)Violet (3)Elizabeth Yes
KELLER,WILLIAM/CHARL Keller, Steven M. (1)D(2)Mary(3)Lada(4)William(5)Charlotte Yes
GILES,HARRY/E.MILDRE Giles,Harry/E.Mildred (1)Dale (2)S.Burnett 3 Yes
GREELEY Greeley, Brenda (wife of lo) (1)Dan Yes
DEERE, DANIEL H. & D Deere, Daniel R. (1)Daniel Yes
GREGG,DANIEL/MARGARE Gregg Sr.,Gerald J. (1)Daniel (2)Margaret Yes
HECKER Hecker, Jean (dtr) (1)Daniel (2)Anne Yes
MAIN, DANIEL G & CAT Main, Daniel G. II (son) (1)Daniel (2)Catherine 3 (4)Richard Yes
WEIDMAN, DANIEL J. Weidman, Edgar(nephew) (1)Daniel (2)Dorothy Yes
WHINNERY,DANIEL/FLOR Whinnery, Warren (1)Daniel (2)Florence/(2)Constance Yes
FITZPATRICK, DANIEL (1)Daniel (2)Leona Yes
LETHBRIDGE, DANIEL C Lethbridge, Lucille I. (wife/LO) (1)Daniel 2 Yes
PRESCOTT, ARTHUR C. Prescott, Herbert L.(son) (1)Daniel(2)Arthur(3)Ethel / (3)Raymond Yes
DAVEY,DANIEL/JOAN Davey,Daniel/Joan (1)Daniel(2)Joan Yes
BRUCE, DR. DARWIN A. Johnston, Nancy (dtr) (1)Darwin (2)Virginia 3 4 Yes
LASHER, DARWIN C & H Hill, Barbara (dtr) (1)Darwin1-2)Melody (2)Harriet Yes
AYERS, DAVID A & ROS Ayers, Rosemary T. (1)David Yes
BENWAY, GAIL Benway, Gail (1)David Yes
PITTS, DAVID M. Pitts, Linda L. (1)David Yes
Van Wie, Willard/Mar Van Wie, Gary (1)David (2)Margaret (3)Willard 4 Yes
DELORY, DAVID H. SR. Radz, Carolyn (Daughter) (1)David (2)Cora Yes
MILLER, DAVID T. Miller, David T. & Esther F. (LO's) (1)David (2)Esther Yes
FARRELL, DAVID & EVA McDonald, Karen (Daughter) (1)David (2)Eva Yes
WILLYOUNG, DAVID/F. Czerkies, Karen (dtr) (1)David (2)F. Ernestine 3)Eleanor Yes
WANMER, DAVID E. May, Nancy (niece) (1)David (2)Irene (3)William Moehle Yes
BERGEN, PATRICIA N. De Luke, Kathleen (dtr) (1)David (2)Patricia (3)Richard Yes
DOCKEY, DEAN D. & GL Dockey, Gladys (1)Dean Yes
GENTER,DUARD/BETTY Genter,Duard/Betty (1)Deborah(2Marker)Betty 2Lower)Duard Yes
CHESNUT, ROBERT JR. Chesnut, Daniel (son) (1)Dennis (2)Robert (3)Margaret Yes
SILKWORTH, CHARLES H (1)Derald (2)Albert (5) Emma Yes
OLTON, DIRCK J. Olton, Jean S. (1)Dirck (2)Alicia Yes
CATALANO,DOMINIC/MAR Catalano,Dominic/Mary Lou (1)Dominic Yes
LEMORTA LeMorta, Dolores M. (wife/LO) (1)Dominick Yes
MASONE,DOMINICK N. Alberry, Donna (dtr) (1)Dominick (2)Josephine Yes
BUTLER, DON L. Butler, Maureen (1)Don Yes
BAILEY, DONALD F. Bailey, Constance M. (1)Donald Yes
BRADY,DONALD/MARILYN Brady, Marilyn (1)Donald Yes
COLLINS,DONALD/VIRGI Collins,Donald/Virginia (1)Donald Yes
GROEBER, JEAN E. Groeber, Jean E. (1)Donald Yes
STAHL, DONALD A. Stahl, Donna (dtr) (1)Donald Yes
WHALEN, DONALD/EDITH Whalen, Michael (son) (1)Donald (2)Edith Yes
HALLENBECK, DONALD C Hallenbeck, Peter (son) (1)Donald (2)Elinor 2)Donald C. Yes
DeGROFF, HELEN A. Stern, Veronica (dtr) (1)Donald (2)Helen Yes
HASTINGS, DONALD W. Hastings, Prentiss (1)Donald (2)Isabel Yes
HANSEN, LESTER W. Hansen, Karen (1)Donald (2)Julia Yes
COMTOIS, MARION L. Comtois, Donald, Jr. (son) (1)Donald (2)Marion Yes
RUSSELL, JOSEPH L. Russell, Donald H. (brother) (1)Donald (2)Mary Yes
FRANCIS, DONALD E. & Francis, James F. (son) (1)Donald (2)Virgina Yes
BOYD, VIOLA S. Rawson, Viola S. (Remarried) (1)Donald 2 Yes
CONNOLLY,DONALD/RUTH Connolly,Donald/Ruth (1)Donald 2 Yes
GILDEA, DONALD J & E Gildea, Ethel (1)Donald 2 (3)Susan 4 Yes
VANDERPOOL, DONALD Vanderpool, Donald B. (son) (1)Donald C. (2)Edith 3 4 Yes
DILL,DONALD/AUDREY Dill,Donald/Audrey (1)Donald(2)Audrey 3 4 Yes
PROSCH, ELBER C. Comstock, Donna (dtr) (1)Donald(2)Elber(3)Annie(4)Andrew Yes
LEWIS, HENRIETTA E Deeb, Nancy (grddtr) (1)Donald(2)Elizabeth(3)Henrietta Yes
ROSS,DONALD/ANNA Ross, Anna T. (1)Donald,Jr.,2 3)William (4)Charles Yes
BILLADEAU, CHARLES A Charles A./Donald/Lorraine A. Billadeau (1)Donald; (3)Charles (4)Lorraine Yes
HALLENBECK,KENNETH/D Hallenbeck, David (1)Doris (2)Kenneth 3 4 Yes
NOLAN, JOSEPH H. Schilling, Betty (niece) (1)Dorothy Yes
MILLARD, RUTH O. Oakes, Joan L. (dtr) (1)Dorothy Jones (2)James Jones, Jr. Yes
CIPKOWSKI, JOHN Cipkowski, John & Anne (1)Dorothy; (2)John (3)Ann Yes
BLAKELOCK Blakelock, Douglas P. Jr. (Son) (1)Douglas (2)Harriet 3)Claire (4)Cora Yes
GREEN, DOUGLAS W. Mehrotra, Patrice (dtr) (1)Douglas (2)Olga Yes
SEYBOTH,DOUGLAS/MARY Seyboth, Jerred (1)Douglas (3)Cindy Lee Yes
RACE,ROBERTA L. Race, Roberta (lo) (1)Douglas 2 3 (4)Walter Yes
MEAD, VIRGINIA Mead, Susan (dtr) (1)Douglas(2)Virginia Yes
VINCI, JACQUELYN Vinci, Jacquelyn (1)Dr. Anthony J. 2 Yes
MILLER, DR. JOHN WIL Miller, Dr. Lloyd (son) (1)Dr. John Wilson (2)Irene 3 4 Yes
CHACE,DURWARD/MARJOR Chace, Roger (son) (1)Durward, (2) Marjorie Yes
WICKES1 Wickes, Ann C. (LO/Wife) (1)E. Robert 2 Yes
MANVILLE,FOSTER/EDNA Manville,Foster/Edna (1)E.Foster(2)Edna(3)Wayne(4)Arnold Yes
LENHARDT, EARL/ALICE Lenhardt, Earl (son) (1)Earl (2)Alice Yes
MARTIN, ANELIA N. Malaczynski, Richard (Wayne's Counsin) (1)Earl (2)Anelia 2)Dennis Yes
STEENBURG, EARL H. Steenburg, David (son) (1)earl (2)Doris Yes
KLOCK, EARL G. Klock, Earl G. & Elizabeth (1)Earl (2)Elizabeth (3)Gilbert 4 Yes
CAMPBELL, EARL G. Luksa, Margaret (Daughter) (1)Earl (2)Martha Yes
HOHN, EARL N. & MART Hohn, John (son) (1)Earl (2)Martha Yes
BELL, EARL L. & RUTH Barnes, E. Laura (dtr) (1)Earl (2)Ruth Yes
BOWDY,EARL/SHIRLEY Tromblee, Cheryl (1)Earl (2)Shirley (3)Brian 4 Yes
BOBAR, EARL & DOLLY Bobar, Dolly Lou (1)Earl 1)Baby Gina 2 3 4 Yes
WILLIS, EARL/META Willis, Meta E. (1)Earl 2 Yes
SITZER, EARL T. Howard, Stanley (bro) (1)Earl 2)Irene (3)Mina Yes
SYLVESTER,EARL/CHARL Gomke, Deborah (grand-dtr) (1)Earl J (2)Charlotte V (3)Paul 4 Yes
FOSTER, EARL J. & PE Remscheid, Richard (son-in-law) (1)Earl J. (2)Pearl (3)Barbara 4 Yes
HOTALING,EARL/GERMAI Hotaling,Earl/Germaine (1)Earl(2)Germaine (3)Karen 4 Yes
BENDER,EARL/MARY Bender, Earl (1)Earl/Mary 2 Yes
Friedel, Earle A. Friedel, Paula R. (LO/Wife) (1)Earle 2 3 4 Yes
COLEMAN, EARLIE McClow, Virginia (Sister) (1)Earlie (2)Marie Yes
KIPP, EDDISON JR & A Lunt, Joan K. (dtr) (1)Eddison, Jr. (2)Adelaide 3 4 Yes
TULLOCH,EDGAR/MARTHA Tulloch,Edgar/Martha (1)Edgar(2)Martha(3) Yes
FISH, EDGAR P. & PAU Fish, Paula (1)Edgar(2)Pauline3)Paula Yes
PICHE, KATHERINE M. (1)Edmond 2)Katherine Yes
Kenneally, Claire M. Kenneally, Christopher (son (1)Edmund (2)Claire Yes
JANOSZEWSKI, EDMUND1 Janoszewski, Edmund (son) (1)Edmund (2)Winifred Yes
BROOKS, PATRICK D & Brooks, Marie E. (1)Edna (2)Joseph/(4)Patrick Yes
BRYKE, IRENE R. Bryke, James M. (son) (1)Edward Yes
GALUSHA,EDWARD/MARY Galusha,Edward/Mary (1)Edward Yes
HUTTON, EDWARD N. Hutton, Mary E. (1)Edward Yes
MORRISON, EDWARD W. Morrison, II, Edward (1)Edward Yes
ROBINSON, EDWARD J. Robinson, Elizabeth P. (Daughter) (1)Edward Yes
WICKHAM, EDWARD E. Dacheux, Babette (Daughter) (1)Edward Yes
WILDER, EDWARD A. Palmo, Ann (Daughter) (1)Edward 2 Yes
FRAZIER, SALLY J. Frazier, Sally J. (1)Edward (1)Ada Yes
ALLEN, BEVERLY J. Harrington, William E. (1)Edward (2) Beverly Yes
DALPE, EDWARD Dalpe, Edward Jr. (Son) (1)Edward (2)Agnes Yes
BRADFORD, EDWARD W. Bradford, Dorothy (2nd wife of LO) (1)Edward (2)Ann Yes
MORRIS, EDWARD F. Kromp, Louis (1)Edward (2)Anna (3)Edith (5)Marjorie ( Yes
MYLES, EDWARD M & DO Fitzpatrick, John J. (nphw) (1)Edward (2)Dorothy Yes
BEVERLY,EDWARD C. Young, Jean (1)Edward (2)Dorothy (4)John Yes
FRITZEN,EDWARD/EDITH Brinsom, Laura (1)Edward (2)Edith 3 4; (1)Alfred 2 3 4 Yes
SIM, EDWARD F. Sim, Edward Jr (son) (1)Edward (2)Elizabeth Yes
SWEET,EDWARD/ELIZABE Sweet,Edward/Elizabeth (1)Edward (2)Elizabeth (3)Paul 4 Yes
GRAVES, EDWARD RAYMO Ditoro, Leona (dtr) (1)Edward (2)Elizabeth 3 4 Yes
GERBER, EDWARD C. McVay, Eleanor (dtr) (1)Edward (2)Gladys Yes
WAGONER, EDWARD/HELE Simon, Ginny (dtr) (1)Edward (2)Helen Yes
WEATHERWAX, EDWARD F Weatherwax, Edward T. (son) (1)Edward (2)Helen Yes
COOPER, EDWARD J. & Serson, Bruce (nephew) (1)Edward (2)Helen 2)Gary Yes
LAW2 Law, Geraldine (lo) (1)Edward (2)Ida (3)Edward D. 4 Yes
BUTSCH, LILLIAN W. Matthews, Betty (Daughter) (1)Edward (2)Lillian Yes
DANDROW, MARGARET L. Greene, Patricia (1)Edward (2)Maragret (3)Thomas 4 Yes
COLAVITA,EDWARD/MARY Fust, Edward/Mary (1)Edward (2)Mary Yes
MCCABE, EDWARD J. McCabe, Robert (Son) (1)Edward (2)Mary Yes
FRONK, EDWARD C. Keyworth, Eunice (Sister) (1)Edward (2)Mildred (3)Emma Yes
PINK, EDW. A. Pink, Shirley L. (1)Edward (3)Harold Yes
HORICK, EDWARD, SR. Horick, Elizabeth (lo) (1)Edward 2 Yes
PENMAN, EDWARD D. Penman, John F. (lo) (1)Edward 2 Yes
LEESON, EDWARD R. Leeson, Ruth H. (wife/LO) (1)Edward 2 3 4 Yes
ZYKO, EDWARD S. Zyko, Ronald (son) (1)Edward 2)Alices Yes
MATTHEWS, EDWARD E. Matthews, Edward C. & Betty (son) (1)Edward E. 2)Marion 3 4 Yes
MORGAN, EDWARD J. & Morgan, Anne M. (1)Edward J. (2)Helen (3)Edward C. Yes
HAACK Haack, Donna (Daughter) (1)Edward Jr. (2)Marjorie 3 Yes
YAGER, IDA K. Yager, Ida K. (1)Edward W. Yes
TOWERS,EDWARD/JEAN Towers,Edward/Jean (1)Edward(2) Jean Yes
HANSEN, EDWARD Hansen, William (brother) (1)Edward(2)Bertha(3)Norman Yes
GETTINGS,EDWARD/JOSE Gettings,Edward/Joseph (1)Edward(2)Constance(3)Dorothy4; 1,2 Yes
CHIORE, JOSEPH R. Carhart, Joseph (son) (1)Edward(2)Mary(3)Caroline/(1)Joseph(2) Yes
BRADT, EDWARD T. & O Bradt, Wilma (dtr-in-law) (1)Edward, Sr. 2)Ottilia 3)Edward, Jr. Yes
HAMIL,EDWARD/KATHRYN Hamil,Edward/Kathryn (1)Edward,Sr(2)Kathryn(3)Edward 4 Yes
FRANK,EDWARD/MARY Frank Jr., Edward (1)Edward/Steven 2)Mary Yes
LEMBO, GIOVANI F. Parisi, Margaret (sister) (1)Edwardo (2)Giovani Yes
TRACY, EDWIN F. Moquin, Norma (dtr) (1)Edwin (2) Florence Yes
JONES, EDWIN Munafo, Anna Mae (dtr) (1)edwin (2)Anna Yes
DRAPER, EDWIN C & BA Moore, Jean (niece) (1)Edwin (2)Barbara Yes
WILSEY, EDWIN E. Warren, Sharon (dtr) (1)Edwin (2)Elizabeth Yes
TYMANN, EDWIN R. Tymann, Edwin H. (son) (1)Edwin (2)Frances Yes
ROUNDS, PHYLLIS Rounds, Phyllis (1)Edwin (2)Lila 3 (4)Maurice Jr. Yes
AVERY, EDWIN R & LUC Dadko, Dorothy (granddtr) (1)Edwin (2)Lucille Yes
FRIEBERG, EDWIN C. Frieberg, Edwin C. (1)Edwin (2)Mary Yes
MARKS,EDWIN/CLARA Marks,Edwin/Clara (1)Edwin(2)Clara 3 4 Yes
HUNTER, THOMAS G. Malkiewicz, Nancy (dtr) (1)Effie (2)Thomas (3)Catherine Yes
O'NEIL,FRANCIS/MARIE O'Neil,Francis/Marie (1)Elizabeth (2)Francis Yes
MacROBERTS, HAZEL G. MacRoberts, Allen (son) (1)Elliott (2)Hazel Yes
ROEMER, ELLSWORTH M. Danz, Ferdinand (Son) (1)Ellsworth (2)Rose Mary Yes
JONES, ELMER T. Jones, Daniel E. (son) (1)Elmer Yes
CAMPBELL,ELMER/GRACE Campbell,Elmer/Grace (1)Elmer (2)Adam/Grace Yes
ANDERSON, ELMER C. Anderson, Damia (Wife of Richard) (1)Elmer (2)Ida 4)Richard Yes
FRICK1 Frick, Robert (Donald's Son) (1)Elmer (2)Marie (3)Donald (4)Audrey Yes
CRANDALL, ANNA M. Crandall, Robert T. (son) (1)Elmer 2)Anna Yes
DEYOE,ELMER/LEOLA Devoe,Elmer/Leola (1)Elmer(2)Leola3)James/Henry4)Ruth Yes
NIEHAUS, ELMORE R. Niehuas Lahe, Barbara (1)Elmore (2)Ruth Yes
DAVIES, ELWOOD E. Davies, Mary R. (LO-dec'd) (1)Elwood 2 Yes
BEVERIDGE, ELWYN J. Beveridge, Margaret (1)Elwyn Yes
WILBERDING, RUTH M. Wilberding, Richard (son) (1)Emil (2)Ruth Yes
BRADT, EMMETT D. & M Bradt, Doug R. (son) (1)Emmett (2)Margaret Yes
McGINN, DAVID E. McGinn, Robert (1)Enma (2)Olga (3)David Yes
FISHER, GEORGE E. SR Coon, Sharon (dtr) (1)Ennerst(2)Elizabeth(3)George(4)George Yes
CLUTE, ERCELL J & EL Clute, Ercell J. & Elvira L. (1)Ercell (2)Elvira (3)Harriet (4)Harold Yes
ERICSON, DAVID R. Ericson, David R. & Bonnie J. (1)Eric 4; 3 4 Yes
MC INTYRE, CHARLES A Scarincio, Walter (brother) (1)Erminio(2)Louise(3)Rose(4)Charles Yes
HOBERG, ERNEST Hoberg, Thelma (1)Ernest Yes
KATSKY, ERNEST J. Singer, Frances (Heir of Ernest) (1)Ernest Yes
GOLDUP, ERNEST M. Nagengast, Alice (Agnes's Sister) (1)Ernest (2)Agnes Yes
GREEN, ERNEST C. & E Green, Alan (son) (1)Ernest (2)Evelyn 3 4 Yes
LA VERY, ERNEST J. Smith, Gloria (unknown) (1)Ernest (2)Jane Yes
MEYER, ERNEST H. Witkowski, Bev (dtr) (1)Ernest (2)Jane Yes
WESTFALL, ROBERT Gosse, Mrs. Nancy (dtr) (1)Ernest (2)Marion 3)Robert 4 Yes
SCHULTZ, CHARLES F. Schoeffler, Virginia (niece) (1)Ernest 2,3,(4-5)Charles (6)Charlotte Yes
ORMSBY, ERNEST H. Ormsby, Erna (dtr) (1)Ernest(2)Leah(3)Beth(4)E.Andrew Yes
RAUHAUSER,ERVIN/GLOR Rauhauser,Ervin/Gloria (1)Ervin(2)Gloria 3 4 Yes
DOLEZEL, ERWIN A. Ellinger, James (son-in-law) (1)Erwin (2)Helen Yes
PRICE, ESTELLA E. Price, Wayne (son) (1)Estella Yes
HEDGEMAN, EUGENE F. Hedgeman, Robert (Susan's Husband) (1)Eugene (2)Dorothy 3 4; 1 (2)Susan; Yes
HRYNEZUK, EUGENE Murdza, Cindilee (1)Eugene (2)Effie (3)Eugenia Yes
Doherty, Eugene A. Durham, Sharon (Daughter) (1)Eugene (2)Jean Yes
SHEALY, BENADINE Shealy, Benadine (1)Eugene 2 Yes
BENTLEY, DAVID L & M Bentley, David L. & Mary A. (1)Eugene, 2,3 Yes
CUNNINGHAM, EVELINE Curtis, Anna M. (2nd wife of LO-Ralph) (1)Eveline (2)Ralph T., Jr (3)Charlott Yes
FAIRFIELD, EVERETT B Smith, Barbara A. (Daughter) (1)Everett (2)Blanche 3 4 Yes
BARBER, EVERETT D. Barber, Claude (Son) (1)Everett (2)Josephine (3)Everett Yes
HAIGHT Haight, Lona C. (LO's Daughter) (1)Everett (2)Olive 3 4 Yes
BOWEN, EVERETT E. Riley, Sharon (John's Daughter) (1)Everett (2)Verna 3 4 (5)John (6)Ella Yes
MADDEX, JOSEPH S. Brazee, John (1)F S(2)John(3)Susie(4)Thomas/(1)Joseph Yes
DANZ,FERDINAND/RUTH Danz, Robert (son) (1)Ferdinand (2)Ruth Yes
FOWLER, FLOYD J. & E Fowler, John (son) (1)Floyd (2)Emma (3)John (4)Mary Yes
ENDICOTT Endicott, Douglas (nephew of Cynthia) (1)Floyd (2)Gazelle (3)Cynthia 4 Yes
RELYEA, FLOYD C. Govel, Kathy A. (niece) (1)Floyd(2)Dorothy Yes
BALLWEBER, A. PATRIC Ricci, June (dtr) (1)Ford (5)Wesley (6)A. Patricia Yes
SIMBOLI, FRANCIS R. Gordon, Frances (dtr) (1)Francis (2) Evelyn Yes
GILBERT, FRANCIS & A Gilbert, Francis & Anna Belle (1)Francis (2)Anna Belle Yes
VAN ALSTYNE,FRANCIS Van Alstyne, William F. (1)Francis (2)Elizabeth Yes
HOSKINS, FRANCIS E. Hoskins, Francis E. & Gertrude E. (1)Francis (2)Gertrude Yes
BORTER, FRANCIS J. Robertson, Debbie (dtr) (1)Francis (2)Jean Yes
LEGRAND, FRANCIS Gaunay, John T. Mrs. (dtr) (1)Francis (2)Lottie Yes
LEONARD, MARGARET Leonard, Doris Jill (dtr/LO) (1)Francis (2)Margaret 3 Yes
ZINK, FRANCIS H. Gauthier, Kelly (dtr) (1)Francis (2)Marion Yes
DOYLE, FRANCIS E & M Ryan, Lucianne (dtr) (1)Francis (2)Marjorie Yes
LA BARR, FRANCIS J. Salin, Linda (dtr) (1)Francis / 1)Cathy 1))John 1)))Eleanor Yes
MURPHY, FRANCIS J & Murphy, Genevieve E. (1)Francis J. 2 Yes
FREEMAN,ROBERT/ONETA Freeman,Robert/Oneta;Doney,Francis/Dori (1)Francis(2)Doris(3)Robert/Oneta Yes
BOSHEA, FRANK R. Boshea, Frank R. (1)Frank Yes
CERMAK, MARY C. Cermak, Mary C. (1)Frank Yes
CLEMENT, MARY PARKER Clement, Mary Parker (1)Frank Yes
CRAMER, FRANK C., JR Cramer, Dorothy (1)Frank Yes
LOCKWOOD, FRANK R JR Provost, Kathleen (dtr) (1)Frank Yes
Coy, Gloria V. Coy, Ronald P. (Son) (1)Frank (2)Gloria Yes
ETTORE, FRANK Ettore, John C. (Son) (1)Frank 2 3 (4)Sandra Yes
ESSER, FRANK R. SR. Esser, Frank R. Jr. (Son) (1)Frank (2) Grace 3 4 Yes
STEWART,FRANK/JEAN E Stewart, David (son) (1)Frank (2) Jean Yes
HALSTEAD, FRANK & AD Long, Elton F. (lo) (1)Frank (2)Ada (3)Marjorie 4 Yes
BARTLETT, FRANK E. Bartlett, William (Son) (1)Frank (2)Alice Yes
ASHLEY, FRANK S & AL Karlik, Geraldine (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Alma (3)Jennie 5)Robert Yes
RONAY, FRANK J. Gallo, Marilyn (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Anna (3)Ella (4)Joseph Yes
HORICK, FRANK & ANNE Ross, Joseph V., Jr. (nephew/executor) (1)Frank (2)Annette Yes
BUTLER, FRANK W. Mitchell, Robert (Nephew) (1)Frank (2)Bedella Yes
DYER, FRANK K & BERT Dyer, Robert (son) (1)Frank (2)Bertha Yes
COSTELLO, FRANK Duncan, Donna (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Dolores Yes
SENICK,FRANK/DOLORES Clark, Leda (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Dolores (3)Gary (4)Francis Yes
DISONELL, FRANK T. Disonell, Donald A. (son) (1)Frank (2)Edna Yes
RIGGS, FRANK & ELIZA Webb, Veronica R. (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Elizabeth 3 Yes
CURTISS, FRANK H. Young, June (Daughter) (1)Frank (2)Ethel Yes
BAKONYI, FRANK J. Stevens, Robert (Nephew) (1)Frank (2)Evelyn (3)Antigone Yes
KYSOR, FRANK L & FAI Kysor, Jr., Frank (son) (1)frank (2)Faith (3)Frank Yes
MALKA, FRANK & FLORE Woods, Leona (niece) (1)Frank (2)Florence Yes
SANSONE, GLADYS E. Russell, Rita L. (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Gladys Yes
LENDA, FRANK J. Pasquerella, Janice (dtr) (1)Frank (2)Jane 3 4 Yes
KOSAKOWSKI, FRANK X Kosakowski, Raymond W. (1)Frank (2)Katherine Yes
GUNSALUS, FRANK M JR Gunsalus, Edward (son) (1)Frank (2)Marilyn 3,4 Yes
BANKER,FRANK/MARJORI Banker,Frank/Marjorie (1)Frank (2)Marjorie (3)James(4)Sharon Yes
BOYCE, FRANK B. Boyce, Frank A. Jr. (1)Frank (2)Maurine 3 4 Yes
CLARK, FRANK J. Clark, Robert A. (Son) (1)Frank (2)Rose (3)Franklin 4 Yes
Mastranunzio, Tina L Lee, Andrew J. III (SON) (1)Frank (2)Tina Yes
QUINN,FRANK/MADELINE Quinn,Frank/Madeline (1)Frank (2)Virginia (3)Madeline Yes
BROWN, EDITH V. Brown, Edith V. (1)Frank 2 Yes
KLIMEK, FRANK & ELIZ Klimek, Elizabeth (lo) (1)Frank 2 Yes
MASSARI Massari, Carol (lo) (1)Frank 2 Yes
PRIOR, FRANK & AGNES Prior, Agnes L. (1)Frank 2 Yes
RENAK,FRANK/GERALDIN Renak,Frank/Geraldine (1)Frank 2 Yes
DODGE,RUTH/JUDITH Dodge,Ruth/Judith (1)Frank 2)Ruth 3)J. Russell Yes
TAYLOR, FRANK JR Johnson, William (grandson) (1)Frank Jr. 1-2)Jordan (2)Jane 2)James Yes
REISINGER, FRANK J. Reisinger, Frank J. (1)Frank(2)Dorothy Yes
KNIZEK,FRANK/EDYTHE Knizek,Frank/Edythe (1)Frank(2)Edythe(3)Charles (4)Elsie Yes
USZNER, ELVA J. Smith, Patricia (dtr) (1)Frank(2)Elva(3)Robert / (1)Dorothy Yes
JOHNSON,HOWARD S Herd, Florence (sister) (1)Frank(2)Emma(3)Howard(4)Naomi Yes
MAYO, FRANK J Mayo, Daniel (1)Frank(2)Jayne Yes
RIDINGS, FRANK, SR. Wooten, Lillian (dtr) (1)Frank, Sr. (2)Lillian Yes
THOMAS, FRANKLIN D. Thomas, James D. (Son) (1)Franklin (2)Jane Yes
ROSEKRANS SR, FRANKL Rosekrans, Franklyn D. Jr. (1)Franklyn Sr. (2)Mary Ann 3,4 Yes
COMSTOCK, FRED H. & Dorey, Ida Mae (dtr) (1)Fred (2)Anna 3 (4)William Yes
HANCOX, FRED J Hancox, David R. (son) (1)Fred (2)Elizabeth (3)Robert Yes
EMMETT, FRED J. & GR Oliver, Cathy (friend) (1)Fred (2)Greta Yes
ALLEN, FRED W. & LOU Allen, Dorothy (1)Fred (2)Louise Yes
BOEHNE, FRED & REGIN Boehne, Michael (son) (1)Fred (2)Regina Yes
BAKER, HARRY L. & MA Keefe, Kelly (dtr of Beverly) (1)Fred 1)Beverly Yes
MEYER, FRED A. Vine, Dora (1)Fred(2)Anita Yes
REYNOLDS, FRED A. Roche, Marion (sister) (1)Fred(2)Marion(3)Robert Yes
BURRIDGE,FREDERICK/C Burridge,Frederick/Christine (1)Frederick Yes
ROEHR, FREDERICK L. Roehr, Florence E. (LO/Wife) (1)Frederick 2 Yes
CHASE, FRED B. Emerick, Beverly J. (dtr) (1)Frederick (2)Agnes 3,4 Yes
TIERNEY, FREDERICK W O'Meara, Cecilia (dtr) (1)Frederick (2)Cecilia Yes
MULLIN, FREDERICK W. Ricci, Carole (dtr) (1)Frederick (2)Jane Yes
BAIRD, LILLIAN M. Quilliano, Fred (Executor) (1)Frederick (2)Lillian Yes
KLAPP,FREDERICK/LOIS Klapp,Frederick/Lois (1)Frederick (2)Lois (3)Matthew D. 4 Yes
GUY, FREDERICK W. Guy, Caroline L. (LO) (1)Frederick 2 (3)Leo (4)Marolyn Yes
HUNTER,FREDERICK/EMM Hunter,Frederick/Emma (1)Frederick(2)Emma(3)A.Mitchel (4)Frank Yes
BLOOD,FREDERICK/GENE Blood,Frederick/Genevieve (1)Frederick(2)Genevieve(3)Scott 4 Yes
TALFORD,FREDERICK/BU Talford,Frederick/Buell, Earl C. (1)Frederick(2)Grace/(1)George(2)A.Buell Yes
HANSEN, FREDERICK D. Hansen, Donald (1)Frederick(2)Julie(3)Hannah(4)Roger Yes
BANISTER,FURMAN/ANN Banister,Furman/Ann (1)Furman 1) Ann Yes
PECORARO, GAETANO F. Pecoraro, Margaret (lo) (1)Gaetano Yes
Gaige, Galen C Gaige, Carol L. (lo) (1)Galen 2 Yes
WALRON, GARRETT W. Haines, Charlie (brother) (1)Garrett (2)Beverly Yes
MISCHLER, GARRETT V. Cole, May (sister) (1)Garrett(2)Melvina(3)Porter Yes
COFFIN Coffin, Christine (LO) (1)Gary Yes
BRADLEY, ARNOLD L. Heimel, Marqita (dtr) (1)Geo (2)Ella Yes
ALMSTEAD, GEORGE Almstead, Phyllis S. (1)George Yes
BELL,GEORGE/LORRAINE Bell,George/Lorraine (1)George Yes
HILLER,GEORGE/PATRIC Hiller,George/Patrice (1)George Yes
MUMBLOW, GEORGE Mumblow, Mary A. (wife/LO) (1)George Yes
PIPPERT, GEORGE H. Pippert, Joan G. (1)George Yes
SOGOIAN, GEORGE E. Sogoian, Dorothy A. (1)George Yes
SOULIER, GEORGE E. Soulier, Gwendolyn A. (1)George Yes
STEWART, GEORGE W. Stewart, Norma E. (wife) (1)George Yes
COUGHTRY, GEORGE W.& Carroll, Mrs. Joseph E. (str of George) (1)George (2)Anna Yes
HARNDEN, GEORGE H. Dunlap, Maude H. (dtr) (1)George (2)Anna Yes
MCALLISTER, GEORGE V Lyman, Mark E. (Grandson) (1)George (2)Bernadette Yes
CLARK, GEORGE C. Clark, George C. (1)George (2)Catherine 3 4 Yes
SAUTTER, GEORGE H. Camp, KImberly (1)George (2)Constance Yes
BUSIER, GEORGE Busier, Linda (Daughter) (1)George (2)Doris Yes
HYSON, GEORGE S. (1)George (2)Dorothy Yes
BRADT, ELEANOR L. Bradt, Thomas (son) (1)George (2)Eleanor Yes
EMERICK, GEORGE C. Carnigan, Leo (Brother-In-Law) (1)George (2)Florence Yes
EVERTSEN Evertsen, Leonard (son) (1)George (2)Florence 3 Yes
WALTERS, GEORGE W. Smith, Anni Jean (dtr) (1)George (2)Gladys Yes
CABLE,GEORGE/GRACE Cable,George/Grace (1)George (2)Grace (3)Brian (4)Ron Yes
SHAFFER, GEORGE F. Shaffer, Donald (son) (1)George (2)Helen Yes
IRISH,GEORGE/HILDRED Seim, Kevin (1)George (2)Hildred(3)Sandra (4)Edward Yes
BEAUDOIN, GEORGE F & Mullins, William (son) (1)George (2)Irene Yes
FLEMING, GEORGE F. Robie, Clinton R. (son) (1)George (2)Josephine Yes
HATHAWAY, GEORGE E. Hathaway, George E. Jr. (LO's Son) (1)George (2)Josephine 3 4 Yes
SIDMAN, GEORGE A. Lyman, Georgia Ann (dtr) (1)George (2)Laura Yes
BRYSON, GEORGE C. Bryson, Douglas V. (1)George (2)Leonide Yes
POWLEY,GEORGE/LUCILL Powley,George/Lucille (1)George (2)Lucille Yes
GOULD, GEORGE/MABEL Gould, George & Mabel (1)George (2)Mabel (3)Clifford Yes
SARKISIAN, GEORGE Sarkisian, John P. (1)George (2)Martha (3)David Yes
OLIVER, GEORGE A. Oliver, George A. (1)George (2)Mildred 3 ( ))Courtney 4 Yes
BLETZ, GEORGE W. Pelletier, Sally (dtr) (1)George (2)Pearl Yes
COX, GEORGE & ROSE Hallenbeck, Alice (Daughter) (1)George (2)Rose (3)Ralph 4 Yes
WHITNEY, GEORGE/RUTH Whitney, George A. & Ruth A. (LO's) (1)George (2)Ruth (3)Harold (4)Frank Yes
ZUBAL,GEORGE/SADIE Zubal,George/Sadie (1)George (2)Sadie (3)Andrew(4)Mary Yes
COURINGTON Courington, Ronald (son) (1)George (2)Susie Yes
CASSIMERIS, GEORGE N Cassimeris, Kathryn (dtr-in-law) (1)George (2)Ursula (3)Nicholas 4 Yes
BLACKMAN, VIRGINIA E Corellis, Thomas (1)George (2)Virginia Yes
BORST, GEORGE W. O'Keefe, Diane (dtr) (1)George (3)Martha Yes
SAUTTER, GEORGE E. Sautter, George E. (1)George 1)Joan (2)Dorothy Yes
KELLY, GEORGE D & JU Kelly, Judith W. (1)George 2 Yes
LENT, GEORGE R. Lent, Barbara J. (wife/LO) (1)George 2 Yes
DEPOALO, GEORGE J. DePaolo, Pearl M. (Wife) (1)George 2 3 4 Yes
KLOPFER, DOREEN M. Klopfer, Doreen M. (1)George 2 3 4; 1 2 Yes
BERSAW, GEORGE F Cunningham, Kathleen (1)George 2)Catherine Yes
GERMAIN, GEORGE E. Germain, Lillian M. (1)George 3)Shantell (3)Renee Yes
BURT, GEORGE A. & NO Burt, Ann E. (dtr) (1)George A. (2)Nora 2)George C. Yes
MYERS, GEORGE D. Franchini, Donna (dtr) (1)George D. (2)Margaret Yes
BECKER, GEORGE F JR Becker, Robert (son) (1)George Jr (2)Dorothy,3,(4)Geraldine Yes
ROCKENSTYRE, GEORGE Rockenstyre, George J. Jr. & Mary V. (1)George Jr. (2)Mary 3 4 Yes
DEMAREST,GEORGE/LEON Demarest, George J. (1)George M. (2)Leona 3 4 Yes
KILMER, GEORGE W SR Kilmer, George W. Jr. (son) (1)George Sr. (2)Ethel 3 (4)Clara Arnow Yes
EVANS Evans, Carol (lo) (1)George Wm. (2)George E. 3 4 Yes
NEWKIRK, GEORGE J. Newkirk, Joyce (1)George(2)Alice (3)Franklin Yes
MELBER,GEORGE/ANN Melber, Jr., George (1)George(2)Ann Yes
IRISH, GEORGE L. Seim, Kevin (son) (1)George(2)Hildred(3)Sandra(4)Edward Yes
WATTS,GEORGE/JANE Watts,George/Jane (1)George(2)Jane(3)Sgt. Richard Yes
HAVERLY,GEORGE/JULIA Haverly,George/Julia (1)George(2)Julia 3 4 Yes
BEAUCHAINE, GEORGE J Hillman, Grace (1)George(2)Ophilia(3)James(4)Ida(5)Don6 Yes
QUICK, GEORGE D., JR Quick, George D., Jr. (1)George, Jr. 2 3 4 Yes
HOOPER, GEORGE C. Hooper, George C., Jr. (son) (1)George, Sr. (2)Lucinda Yes
WOOD,GEORGE/JEAN Wood,George/Jean (1)George/David (2)Jean 3 4 Yes
MCQUIDE,GEORGE/MARY McQuide,George/Mary Alice (1)George2)MaryAlice (3)Mary Bonesteel Yes
O'CONNOR,GERALD/MARY O'Connor,Gerald/Mary (1)Gerald Yes
SURPRENANT, GERALD B Vanderwerken, Karen (dtr) (1)Gerald (2)Elizabeth Yes
MOSS,GERALD/JUNE Moss,Gerald/June (1)Gerald (2)June Yes
FRANCE, GERLAD F. & Eaton, Mary Lee (dtr) (1)Gerald (2)Marjorie 3 4 Yes
DE SOTO, GERALD J. De Soto, Janet L. (lo) (1)Gerald 2 3 (4)Ronny Yes
PARIS,GERALD/SARAH Paris Jr., Gerald E. (1)Gerald Sr (2)Sarah(3)T.McMillion; 4 Yes
KNAPP, GERARD H. Knapp, Gerard H. & Eleanor B. (1)Gerard (2)Eleanor Yes
BLANCHARD,GERARD/MAR Blanchard,Gerard/Mary Ann (1)Gerard(2)Mary Ann Yes
BUECHNER,GERHARD/DOR Buechner,Gerhard/Dorothy (1)Gerhard (2)Dorothy Yes
STURTEVANT, GILBERT Nuttall, Sandra (dtr) (1)Gilbert (2)Harriet 3 4 Yes
STANTON, GILBERT L. Stanton, Mary Margaret (1)Gilbert (4)Charles Yes
ROBERTS, GLENN T. Martineau, Mrs. Gertrude (str) (1)Glenn (2)Blanche Yes
KLOCKE, GLENN T. Klocke, Glenn T. & Viola G. (1)Glenn (2)Viola (3)Henry 4 Yes
MCPHERSON, GORDON F. Van Slyke, Joan (Friend) (1)Gordon (2)Angeline Yes
WESTERVELT,GORDON/BO Westervelt, Gary (son) (1)Gordon (2)Bonita Yes
KING, GORDON H. Eichele, Carolyn (Daughter) (1)Gordon (2)Dorothy (3)Joan 4 Yes
BEEBE,GORDON/ANNA Beebe,Gordon/Anna (1)Gordon(2)Anna Yes
AUSTIN,GORDON/MARJOR Austin, Gordon/Marjorie (1)Gordon(2)Marjorie Yes
NUGENT, WILLIAM G. Nugent, W. Scott (1)Grace(2)William(4)Margaret(5)William Yes
BEECHE, RUTH A. Beeche, Michele C. (1)Gregory (2)Ruth Yes
BUECHNER,GUENTHER/HE Buechner,Guenther/Helen (1)Guenther(2)Helen(3)Helmut/Jimmie(4) Yes
CUMMINGS, GUILFORD D Anderson, Dee Dee (dtr) (1)Guilford (2)Elizabeth Yes
PLATT, GUSTAVE Weloth, Andrew A. (1)Gustave(2)Lorraine (3)Frank (4)Sophia Yes
CAMPBELL, GUY A. Campbell, Jerry (Son) (1)Guy (2)Audrey Yes
POLSINILLI, RUTH Polsonilli, Richard (son) (1)Guy (2)Ruth Yes
CHATTERTON, GLORIA R Chatterton, Gloria R. (1)Guy 2 Yes
KEEFER, GUY C. Keefer, Guy C., Jr. (son) (1)Guy, Sr. (2)Vivian Yes
BEST, GWYNNE W & MAR Best, Marilyn G. (1)Gwynne,2,3,4 Yes
BRUINS, H. JOHN & TA Bruins, Dorothy (str-in-law & POA) (1)H. John (2)Tannetje 3 Yes
MEEK, H. THOMPSON Meek, Scott (1)H. Thompson(2)Eldoris(3)David Yes
BAKERIAN, JOAN I. Staats, Barbara (Owner) (1)Haig (2)Joan (4)Vincent Yes
MARSDEN, HARDY/LONNE Marsden, Hardy & Lonnell M. (1)Hardy (2)Lonnell Yes
CARNRIGHT, HARLAN & Powell, Linda (dtr) (1)Harlan (2)Harriet 3,4 Yes
SPERBECK, HAROLD K. Eck, Lee E. (grson) (1)Harland (2)Shirley (3)Harold (4)Hazel Yes
CLEMENTS, HERALD O. Clements, Kenneth (son) (1)Harlod (2)Jean 3 4 Yes
SNYDER, HAROLD/ANN J Snyder, Russel (son) (1)Harold (2)Ann Yes
BACHER, HAROLD G & C Bacher, Frank J. (brother) (1)Harold (2)Catherine Yes
DEYO, HAROLD F. Nacca, Linda (Daughter) (1)Harold (2)Christine Yes
WASHBURN, HAROLD M. Palmer, Emma (dtr) (1)harold (2)Dorothy Yes
HAIGHT, HAROLD C. Taylor, William H. (Son) (1)Harold (2)Gladys Yes
VINCENT, HAROLD G. Nestler, Ruth (granddtr) (1)Harold (2)Grace 3)Harold 4)Madeline Yes
SORVARI, HAROLD E. Sorvari,Harold/Joan (1)Harold (2)Joan Yes
HALVORSEN, K. VIRGIN Russo, Lisa (unknown) (1)Harold (2)K. Virginia; 3 4 Yes
SCHREIBER, LEONARD E LaPier, Sharon (dtr of Louise) (1)Harold (2)Louise (3)Pearl (4)Leonard Yes
TAYLOR, MARGARET E Ryan, Sue (dtr) (1)Harold (2)Margaret Yes
HARGRAVES, JOHN E. Hargraves, Scott (son) (1)Harold (2)Margaret/(1)John (2)Letha Yes
FORD, HAROLD W. Cleary, Colleen (Niece) (1)Harold (2)Mary (3)Thomas (4)Eva 4)Eva Yes
BUDGE,HAROLD/PHYLLIS Budge,Harold/Phyllis (1)Harold (2)Phyllis Yes
BABCOCK, HAROLD W & White, Patricia (dtr) (1)Harold (3)Beverly Yes
YAGER, HAROLD C Yager, Wayne (son) (1)Harold C (2)Margaret L 3 (4)Lawrence Yes
GROVES,HAROLD/CARRIE Groves,Harold/Carrie (1)Harold Sr(2)Carrie(3)Harold Jr(4)Shir Yes
PREVILLE, HAROLD W Preville, Joan S. (1)Harold Sr/2 Yes
TILLTON, HAROLD C. De Giovanni, Jack(2nd hsbnd) (1)Harold(2)Ingrid(3)Robert(4)Marilyn Yes
BORDEN, HAROLD P & C Borden, Carol M. (1)Harold, 2 Yes
CARR, ROBERT L. Petlitz, Augusta H. (1)Harry Yes
STOCKWELL, HARRY B. Stockwell, Beverly J. (1)Harry Yes
DOREMUS, HARRY F. & Faragon, Nancy (dtr) (1)Harry (2)Alma (3)Thomas Yes
LITTLE, HARRY, ELIZA Harris, Elizabeth A. (1)Harry (2)Elizabeth/ (5)Jeremiah Yes
HART, HARRY H. SR. Hart, Larry (son) (1)Harry (2)Everil Yes
FAULKNER, HARRY & LA Duell, Mrs. Austin (dtr) (1)Harry (2)Laura (3)James 4 Yes
GAINSLEY,HARRY/LILLI Gainsley,Harry/Lillian (1)Harry (2)Lillian(4)R Boule Yes
BROOK, HARRY E & MAU Damon, Frederick E. (bro) (1)Harry (2)Maude Yes
CONE, HARRY L. & VER Riddick, Mabel (str of Vernell-LO) (1)Harry (2)Vernell Yes
HUSSEY, HARRY L. HUSSEY, NETA P. (1)Harry (3)Alan Yes
SWAN, HARRY J. Anderson, Mrs. Ardis (dtr) (1)Harry 2 Yes
GRAY, HARRY E. Z., Gray, Harry E. Z. & Bertha (lo) (1)Harry E. Z. (2)Bertha Yes
BROWN, HARRY J., JR Brown, Anne (LO) (1)Harry Jr(2)Harry Sr 3 4; 2 3 5 6 Yes
WHITTINGHAM Whittingham, Jeffrey A. (Son) (1)Harry Jr. (2)Gladys Yes
CHASE,HARRY/GERALDIN Chase,Harry/Geraldine (1)Harry/Mark(2)Geraldine(3)Kelly Yes
BACON, HARVEY Z. Potvin, Germine(sister) (1)Harvey Yes
SHAW, HARVEY Shaw, Harvey (LO) (1)Harvey (2)Lena Yes
FULLER, MILDRED D. Hart, Agnes (1)Harvey (2)Mildred (3)Edward 4 Yes
BELL,HARVIE/MARGERY Lberty, Shirley (Mr. Bell's Companion) (1)Harvie (2)Margery Yes
WESCOTT, HAYDEN/JENN Fraser, Beverly (dtr) (1)Hayden (2)Jennie Yes
DASENBBROCK, JOHN H. Dasenbrock, John P. (son) (1)Helen Yes
RUSSELL, CASHMERE Lawton, Albert (husband) (1)Helen(2)Cashmere(3)John(4)Yanas Yes
HILLJE, HENRY R. Grovenger, Carol (wife) (1)Helen(2)Henry(4)Fraces Yes
SCHROETER, H HENRY Schwarz, Paul A. (step-son Lilly) (1)Helmut Henry (2)Lilly Yes
NIX, HENRY L. Nix, Faith (1)Henry (2)Emma (4)Frances Yes
COHEN, HELEN E. Van Wie, Alvin J. (son) (1)Henry (2)Helen Yes
MILLER, HENRY D. & H Miller, George (son) (1)Henry (2)Helen 3 4 Yes
KENDALL, HENRY C. Kendall, Dorothea (2ndwife) (1)Henry (2)Lillian Yes
VAN WIE, HENRY E. Van Wie, William A. (Son) (1)Henry (2)Ruth 3 4 Yes
BARTLING, HENRY C. Seidel, Michael (Grandson) (1)Henry (2)Ruth (3)Leonard 4)Dorothy Yes
FUHRMAN, HENRY Hart, Donald (Nephew) (1)Henry (2)Winifred Yes
CUSANO,HENRY/LEAH Cusano,Henry/Leah (1)Henry 2 (3)Frederick(4)L.Miller Yes
MINER, HENRY A. VanAmburg, George (1)Henry(2)Donald(3)Anson(4)Marjorie Yes
KNAUF, HENRY F Kadtke, Marilyn (1)Henry(2)Ethel(3)Edward Yes
CANAM, HENRY H. & MI Canam, Mildred (1)Henry(4)Michael Yes
KINGSLAND,HENRY/JANE Kingsland,Henry/Janet (1)Henry;(D-1)Willima(2)Marion Yes
FIRKEL, HERBERT L. Firkel, Herbert L. (1)Herbert Yes
GEORGE, LAWRENCE LOU George, Lawrence W. (son) (1)Herbert (2)Alice (3)Lawrence (4)May Yes
SIMKO, JOHN P. Vooris, Sr., Ronald (nephew) (1)Herbert (2)Helen (3)John (4)Hazel Yes
FOX, HERBERT S., SR. Fox, Herbert S., Jr. (son) (1)Herbert (2)Margaret (3)Robert Yes
BURDO, HERBERT J. Burdo, Freda (1)Herbert 2 3 4 Yes
PLATH, HERBERT M SR. Plath, Marie A. (1)Herbert Sr (2)Herbert Jr Yes
AMMENHEUSER, HERBERT Hardick, Marcia (grddtr) (1)Herbert(2)Sophie(3)Dorothy(4)John Yes
GREEN, THELMA R. Green, Thelma R. (1)Herman Yes
MIASKI,HERMAN/BARBAR Miaski, Barbara J. (1)Herman Yes
MOCH, HERMAN N. JR. (1)Herman (2)Lois Yes
OLSEN, HERMAN Olsen, Neil (son) (1)Herman 1)Charles (2)Edna 2)Mary Yes
MOCH, HERMAN R. Briese, Robert W. (1)Herman(2)Grace(3)Evelyn4)Wm4)Freda Yes
COOPER, HERMANN & S. Haug, Chester (son) (1)Hermann 2)S. Abbie Yes
BONNEY,HILTON/SHIRLE Bonney, Eliza (1)Hilton Sr(2)Shirley(3)Jackie(4)Eliza Yes
MOHLER, HIRAM D. Mohler, Florence (1)Hiram (2)Mabel Yes
SAVAGE, FLORENCE A. Savage, Florence A. (1)Hobart Yes
TRACEY, HOMER F. Tracey, Edward (son) (1)Homer (2)Carrie (3)Marian (4)Emily Yes
Geary, William H. Geary, Dorothy I. (1)Homer (2)Jessie (3)William Yes
JAVERS, HOUSTON/MYRA Rowe, Cindy (dtr) (1)Houston (2)Myra 3 4 Yes
FUNK, HOWARD E. Funk, Howard E. (1)Howard Yes
MILLER, HOWARD D. Nelson, Shirley (str) (1)Howard Yes
REYNOLDS, HOWARD C. Reynolds, Howard C. (1)Howard Yes
SNYDER, CATHERINE F. Lanz, Pat (dtr & POA) (1)Howard Yes
SMITH, HOWARD A Partak, Judith (niece) (1)Howard (2) Laura Yes
SANDWICK, HOWARD K. Sandwick, Clifford(brother) (1)Howard (2)Catheryn Yes
WHEELER, HOWARD/FAUS Wheeler, Aurora (dtr-in-law) (1)Howard (2)Faustina 3 Yes
Williamson,Howard Williamson, Tillie (2nd wife) (1)Howard (2)Josephine 3 4; 1 2 Yes
BEEBE, HOWARD F. Hill, Jacqueline(dtr) (1)Howard (2)Kathryn Yes
MATEER, HOWARD P. Mateer, Walter J. (son) (1)Howard (2)Marie 3 4 Yes
CLARK, HOWARD T & RU Napples, Marlene (his sstr) (1)Howard (2)Ruth Yes
SCHMELTZ, ANNA N. Brugman, Helen (dtr) (1)Howard 1)Franci 2)Charles 2)Anna Yes
PHELPS, FLORENCE M. Burns, Barbara(dtr) (1)Howard(2)Florence Yes
SHAFER, HUBERT G. Shafer, Robert (son) (1)Hubert 2 Yes
MATTHEWS, HUGH F. Matthews, Hugh F. (1)Hugh (2)Edith 3)Baby 4 Yes
CAMPBELL, HUGH H. Campbell, Hugh H. Jr. (Son) (1)Hugh (2)Margaret 3 4 Yes
KELLY,HUGH/ANNA Kelly,Hugh/Anna (1)Hugh R.(2)Anna Yes
ALWAISE, FRANCIS G & English, Richard B. (son) (1)Ida Mae (2)Francis (3)Anita Yes
PARKER, IRA B/ELMIRA Letzelter, Shirley (Daughter) (1)Ira (2)Elmira 3 (4)Joseph Yes
WALLACE, IRVING C. Schmid, Susan (dtr) (1)Irving (2)Betty Yes
SCHWARTZ,IRVING/MINE Schwartz,Irving/Minerva (1)Irving (2)Minerva Yes
WOLFF,IRVING/WINIFRE Wolff, Clifford (Son) (1)Irving Earl (2)Winifred (3)Chester 4 Yes
STINGER, IRWIN F. Davidson, Judith (dtr) (1)Irwin 2)Phyllis Yes
TENACE2 Tenace, Mark (Relation Unknown) (1)Ivan (2)Donna Yes
GUSSWILLER, FLORENCE Sawyer, James R. Jr. (Grandson) (1)Ivon (2)Florence (3)James (4)Irene Yes
CRABLE, J. LEONARD Crable, Elizabeth T. (1)J. Leonard 2 Yes
DEMPSEY,J.MURRAY/MAR Dempsey,J.Murray/Mary/George M. (1)J. Murray(2)Mary(3)Carol 4 Yes
WIGGIN, JACK/GLORIA Wiggin, Jean M. (lo 2nd wife) (1)Jack (2)Gloria Yes
ALDAO, JACK A & MARG Aldao, Mark G. (1)Jack (2)Margaret Yes
COUTTS, JACK F. & BE Coutts, Betty J. (LO) (1)Jack 2 Yes
HUNT, PATRICIA D. Hunt, Patricia D. (LO) (1)Jacob Yes
FAUBEL, PATRICIA A. Faubel, Patricia A. (1)Jacob 2 Yes
BLACK, JAMES A. JR Black, Mary Jane (1)James Yes
HENZEL, JAMES G. Henzel, Lynn M. (1)James Yes
KISLOWSKI Kislowski, Mark E. (lo) (1)James Yes
KLEE,JAMES/RUTH Klee,James/Ruth (1)James Yes
REYNOLDS, JAMES C. Fisher, Izetta B.(LO/sister) (1)James Yes
WILSON, JAMES/ELEANO Wilson, Eleanor M. (1)James Yes
WHITE, JAMES & ALICE White, Clifford H. (Son) (1)James (2)Horace (3)Alice 4 5 6 Yes
YUILLE Yuille, Judith A. (LO) (1)James 2 Yes
Craig, Anne L. Craig, Douglas (Son) (1)James (2)Anne 3 4; (4)Christine Yes
HUGHES, JAMES C. Hughes, Steven G. (Son) (1)James (2)Beatrice Yes
MYERS, JAMES W & BEA Wilson, Janet M. (dtr) (1)James (2)Beatrice 3,4 Yes
BEATTIE, JAMES G & C Beattie, Guy S. (son) (1)James (2)Catherine Yes
DEVOS, JAMES F. Morse, Susan (Relationhip Unknown) (1)James (2)Charlotte 3 4 Yes
PECORARO, JAMES H. Stone, Evelyn (dtr) (1)James (2)Clara Yes
FLATER, JAMES W. Forner, Lynne (dtr) (1)James (2)Doris Yes
HURST, JAMES R. Hurst, Joseph (son) (1)James (2)Emma Yes
CHAKAS, EMMA Chakas, Cynthia (dtr) (1)James (2)Emma 3)John 3)Rita 4 Yes
GANEY, JAMES E. & FL France, Jack (son-in-law) (1)James (2)Florence Yes
LACY, JAMES & FRONIA Hoffonan, Mark (Son) (1)James (2)Fronia Yes
CARD, JAMES F. Card, James J. (son) (1)James (2)G. Elizabeth Yes
CLOUGH, JAMES H. & H Buell, Alice (dtr) (1)James (2)Harriet (3)Lillian (4)Larry Yes
LEITHEAD, JAMES M. Leithead, George L. (son) (1)James (2)Helen Yes
RAPP, JAMES E./HELEN Hoffman, Emily (Daughter) (1)James (2)Helen Yes
STEWART,JAMES/HELEN Scott, Gary (1)James (2)Helen(3)Mary (4)George Yes
GOURLAY, JAMES/IRENE Tenace, Sandra (Daughter) (1)James (2)Irene 3 4 Yes
ALBERT, JAMES C & M Lasher, Robert D. (son) (1)James (2)M. Eleanor Yes
SMITH, JAMES A Smith, Gail M. (dtr) (1)James (2)Margaret Yes
FLEITZ,JAMES/MARY GR Fleitz,James/Mary Grace (1)James (2)Mary Grace Yes
MINER, MILDRED M. Miner, Jay (son) (1)James (2)Mildred Yes
BRUCE, JAMES H. Davis, Brenda (Daughter) (1)James (2)Pauliine (3)Sheila 4 Yes
SLOVER, JAMES A. Lolek, Ann Marie (sis) (1)James (2)Rebecca 3 4 Yes
BOLTON, JAMES & RHOD Bolton, James III (grndson) (1)James (2)Rhoda (3)James Jr (4)Audrey Yes
KERR, JAMES REV. Curry, Donna (grddtr) (1)James (2)Sarah (3)Robert (4)Evelyn Yes
WALSH, JAMES A. Walsh, Mary Ellen (1)James (3)Arlene/ (1)Jimmy(2)Dorothy Yes
BURGESS, JAMES A & J Burgess, Jean C. (1)James 2 Yes
DANAHER, JAMES J. Danaher, Elizabeth D. (Wife) (1)James 2 Yes
DIXON, DELORES Dixon, Donna (dtr) (1)James 2 Yes
QUAY, JAMES H. & HEL Quay, Helen L. (lo) (1)James 2 3 (4)Henry Oliver Yes
WILSON, JAMES/WINIFR Wilson, Winifred (1)James 2 3 4 Yes
FRASER, JANET HORNE Tedford, James (Son) (1)James 2)Harold 2)Janet Yes
ROWE, JAMES C Brisnehan, Diane (dtr) (1)James C. Sr. (2)Lillian Yes
VAN OLPEN, JAMES/BES Van Olpen, James T. (son) (1)James J. (2)Bessie 3 4 Yes
FRANCE, JAMES W. & V France, James (son) (1)James W. (2)Anna V. Yes
HARTNAGLE, MARJORIE Hayner, Marjorie (dtr) (1)James(2)Laura(3)Marjorie(4)Francis Yes
PALMER, JAMES A. Palmer, Michael J. (1)James(2)Margaret Yes
VINCI,JAMES/NANCY Vinci,James/Nancy (1)James(2)Nancy Yes
GRAHAM,JAMES/NELLIE Graham,James/Nellie (1)James(2)Nellie(3)George(4)G.Konen Yes
PETRIE, JAMES Petrie, Barbara (dtr) (1)James(2)Wanda Yes
VERMILYEA Vermilyea,David/Jane (1)Jane Yes
JENKINS, JASPER L Jenkins, Theresa (1)Jasper Yes
DEDERICK, JAY Palmer, John (Brt in law) (1)Jay (2)Imogene Yes
MOMROW, ALBERT J. Griffin, Heidi (1)Jay(2)Carolyn/(1)William1)William J Yes
HERBST, JAMES J. Herbst, Robert (son) (1)Jean (2)James Yes
DERUBBO, FRANCES A. DeRubbo, Frances A. (1)Jeffrey(2)Frances(3)Daniel Jr. 4 Yes
LARVIA, HENRY G SR & Maston, Deborah (grnd-dtr) (1)Jennie 1-2)Clifford (2)Henry Sr. Yes
LONG, EDWARD Murray, Helen (1)Jennie(2)Edward Yes
LEONARD, JEREMIAH F. Erikson, Frances (dtr) (1)Jeremiah (2)Mildred Yes
STAPF, JOSEPH F. Starf, Frank J. (son) (1)Joesph (2)Edith Yes
DANDROW,JOHN/MILDRED Chamberlain, Terri (dtr) (1)John Yes
DARMETKO, SANDRA C. Darmetko, Sandra C. (1)John Yes
HANDY, JOHN P. SR Handy, Florence (1)John Yes
HARRIGAN, JOHN A. SR Harrigan, Edith B. (1)John Yes
JONES,JOHN/MARY Razzano, Sandra (1)John Yes
MULLIGAN, JOHN J. Mulligan, Margaret (1)John Yes
RAPP, JOHN/PATRICIA Rapp, John/Patricia (1)John Yes
SANTORA,JOHN/MARY Santora,John/Mary (1)John Yes
YOUNG, JOHN F. Young, Frank E.(Father) (1)John Yes
WIECH, JOHN J. Wiech, Stephen (Son) (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
SHARPE, JOHN & RHEA Sharpe, Donald (Nephew) (1)John (2)Rhea Yes
PAOLONE, JOHN N. Paolone, Gertrude (Wife/LO) (1)John 2 Yes
PRUE, CATHERINE S. Lehane, Lois (1)John (2) Catherine (3)Catherine S. Yes
GORZKI, JOHN & AGNES Shea, Sandra (Daughter) (1)John (2)Agnes Yes
LEMLEY, JOHN E. MacWhinnie, Kathy (dtr) (1)John (2)Agnes Yes
FITZGERALD, JOHN J & Lourinia, Anne (dtr) (1)John (2)Agnes 3,4 Yes
BRUNO, JOHN V. Beeker, Lorraine (sister) (1)John (2)Bessie Yes
NOLAN, JOHN J. Schilling, Betty (grddtr) (1)John (2)Bessie (3)Joseph Yes
FLEMING, JOHN Fleming, David (Grdson) (1)John (2)Charoltte (3)Melvin (4)Hilda Yes
LANSING, JOHN C./DOL Baker, Donna (dtr) (1)John (2)Dolores Yes
DWYER,JOHN/DOROTHY Marotta, Suzanne (1)John (2)Dorothy Yes
HOSEY, JOHN P. Maguire, Robert F. (Nephew) (1)John (2)Dorothy Yes
HOLUPKO,JOHN/EDNA Holupko, Michael (1)John (2)Edna Yes
WALTON, EILA B. (1)John (2)Eila Yes
COX, JOHN/ELIZABETH Litz, Julia Ann (Daughter) (1)John (2)Elizabeth 3)Leola 3)Elmer 4 Yes
HOPKINS, JOHN B. & E Matson, Henry Neal (btr of lo-Elsie) (1)John (2)Elsie 3 4 Yes
MC GILL, JOHN A. Golden, Sheila (1)John (2)Emily Yes
VOSS Voss, John Jr. (1)John (2)Ethel Yes
CALHOUN, JOHN & FLOR MacDonald, John (grndson) (1)John (2)Florence (3)Robert (4)Jean Yes
RIDLER, JOHN R. & FL Graham, Barbara (dtr) (1)John (2)Florence 3 Yes
SWEENEY,JOHN/FRANCES Sweeney,John/Frances (1)John (2)Frances Yes
ENFIELD, JOHN Enfield, Milton L. (son) (1)John (2)Inza Yes
MAKAROK, JOHN R & IR Schwartz, Julie (niece) (1)John (2)Irene Yes
QUINE, JOHN P. Quine, John P. (1)John (2)Jean; 3 4 Yes
DREANEY, JOHN Hughes, Jane (Friend) (1)John (2)Jeanette (3)Joyce (4)Thomas Yes
WEBSTER, JOHN E. Solomon, Christina (1)John (2)Josephine Yes
LANSING,JOHN/JOYCE Lansing, Daryl (1)John (2)Joyce Yes
MUIR, JOHN D./JUNE H Muir, Marilyn (2nd wife) (1)John (2)June 3 4 Yes
WOODMAN, JOHN/KATHLE Woodman, Michael (son) (1)John (2)Kathleen 3 4 Yes
CAMBELL, JOHN J. Vine, Virginia (Daughter) (1)John (2)Lillian Yes
JARDINE, JOHN/LOIS Springer, Jacquelyn (dtr) (1)John (2)Lois Yes
BROWN, JOHN E Cunningham, Malcolm (Nephew) (1)John (2)Louise Yes
FLUBACHER,JOHN/LOUIS Flubacher,John/Louis (1)John (2)Louise Yes
WESTBROOK, JOHN/M. E Westbrook, Norman (son) (1)John (2)M. Elizabeth Yes
PIERONEK, KATHLEEN M Pieronek, Kathleen M. (1)John (2)Malcolm (3)Blair (4)Olive Yes
BURNS,JOHN/MARGARET Gagliardi, Pasquale (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
JUBIC, JOHN/ MARGARE Jubic, John Jr. (Son) (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
MORAN,JOHN/MARGARET Keasting, Jean (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
MURPHY,JOHN/MARGARET Murphy,John/Margaret (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
Rector, John I Hempstead, Joyce (dtr) (1)John (2)Margaret Yes
PERKINS, DOROTHY M. Perkins, Dorothy M. (1)John (2)Margaret 3 (4)Robert Yes
FLAVIN,JOHN/MARY Flavin,John/Mary Joan (1)John (2)Mary Yes
DAWSON, JOHN Dawson, Eric (Grdson) (1)John (2)Mary (3)Richard 3)John (4)Bru Yes
MCCABE, JOHN W. Sawyer, Joan (Daughter) (1)John (2)Mildred Yes
ANDERSON, HAZEL D. Gander, Hazel Anderson (1)John (2)Ottilie Yes
SKODA, JOHN W. Skoda, Terese (dtr-in-law) (1)John (2)Paul 3 4 Yes
WILTSEY, JOHN/PEARL Kilmack, Jean (dtr) (1)John (2)Pearl Yes
BRENDESE, JOHN J. Brendese, John J. & Ruth E. (1)John (2)Ruth Yes
COLLEN, JOHN N. Collen, Virginia (2nd Wife) (1)John (2)Ruth Yes
SENECAL, JOHN L. & S Senecal, Steve (son) (1)John (2)Shirley 3 4 Yes
BROWN, JOHN & VERA Keane, Judith A. (Daughter) (1)John (2)Vera Yes
HALACY, JOHN H. & VI Murphy, Cheryl (niece) (1)John (2)Virginia (3)Arthur (4)Viola Yes
Lauritsen, Virginia McClaine, Carol (dtr) (1)John (2)Virginia 3 4 Yes
WALTERS, JOHN B. Walters, Marion (1)John (2)Winnie 4)Glenn Yes
TICE, JOHN M. Orsano, Anna(Tice) (1)John (3)Ann Marie (4)Louis Yes
PULESKI, JOHN R. SR. Ahl, Kathleen (dtr) (1)John 1)John Sr. Yes
Biggerstaff, John E. Biggerstaff, Barbara (1)John 2 Yes
CARRIER, JOHN H & PA Carrier, Patricia G. (1)John 2 Yes
GREGOR, JOHN/BETTY Gregor, Betty D. (1)John 2 Yes
LAMP, JOHN F./DOROTH Lamp, Dorothy L. (wife/LO) (1)John 2 Yes
Lee, John R. Lee, Mary L. (lo) (1)John 2 Yes
VAN DEUSEN, JOHN/MAR Baldwin, Linda (step dtr) (1)John 2 Yes
DEMAREST,JOHN/MARTHA Demarest, Martha M. (Wife) (1)John 2 3 Yes
BOWEN, JOHN & NORMA Bowen, Norma R. (1)John 2 3 4 Yes
MAYNARD,JOHN/MILDRED Maynard,John/Mildred (1)John 2)) Thomas, Mildred Yes
BRENNAN Brennan, John J. Jr (Son) (1)John 2)Antoinette Yes
ROUTHIER, JOHN A Routhier, Robin (dtr) (1)John A. Yes
PAUL, JOHN D. & THEL Avery, William (son) (1)John D. (2)Thelma Yes
VOGEL, JOHN D Vogel, David (grandson?) (1)John D. (2)Doris M. Yes
DAMM, ANNA M. Rossi, Lizabeth (Daughter) (1)John D. 1)Anna 2)John S. 2)Elizabeth Yes
HARNEY, JOHN F. Harney, Robert W. (son) (1)John F.(2)Edith(3)Richard(4)John M Yes
HAYES, JOHN G., M.D. Hayes, John M. (son) (1)John G., M.D. (2)Margaret Yes
REILLY, JOSEPH E Reilly, Joseph E. & Patricia E. (1)John J. 2,3,4 Yes
GULLIVER,JOHN/FLOREN Gulliver,John/Florence (1)John Jr (2)Florence,3,4 Yes
BUSH, JOHN W., JR & Suflita, Deborah (dtr) (1)John Jr (2)Helen 3 4 Yes
RAPP, JOHN E. JR. Rapp, Evelyn I. (Wife/LO) (1)John Jr. 2 3 4 Yes
FREIBERGER, JOHN JR. Freiberger,Lance (Son) (1)John Jr. (2)Georgia Yes
BURKE,JOHN JR/RITA Burke,John Jr/Rita (1)John Jr.(2)Rita Yes
DINGMAN, JOHN L., JR Dingman, Jean E. (lo & wife) (1)John L. Jr. 2 3 4 Yes
DINGMAN, JOHN L., SR Turnbull, Beverly (dtr) (1)John L. Sr (2)Lyra (3)David 4 Yes
SCHUBNEL, MRS MARION Schubnel, Mrs. Marion (1)John R. 2 Yes
BUSH, JOHN W., SR & Bielawa, Carolyn (dtr) (1)John Sr (2)Caroline 3 4 Yes
POLOMIE,JOHN/PEARL Polomie,John/Pearl (1)John Sr 2,3,4; 1,2 Yes
SHEPARD, JOHN/DORIS Usimaki, Eugenia (Daughter) (1)John Sr. (2)Doris 3 4 Yes
PRITCHARD, JOHN L SR Pritchard, William E. (son) (1)John Sr. (2)Patricia Yes
GUSTAFSON, JOHN L. Gustafson, John L. & Cecelia A. (1)John W. 2)Pearl 3)John L. 4)Cecelia Yes
WINNEY, JOHN Fazio, Joseph A. (Father/LO) (1)John Winney Yes
WILBER,JOHN/ANN Wilber,John/Ann (1)John(2)A.Rizzo/Anna 3(4)Donna Yes
MOONEY,JOHN/ANN Mooney,John/Ann (1)John(2)Ann Yes
La BOMBARD, AUGUSTA LaBombard, Estelle (1)John(2)Augusta(3)Michelle(5)George Yes
FISH, BENJAMIN & SAN Fish Sr., Ray (brother) (1)john(2)Benjamin(3)Sandra Yes
HIRSCH, JOHN E Hirsch, Thomas J. (son) (1)John(2)Eileen(3)Thomas(4)Kathleen Yes
STOTT, CHESTER C. (1)John(2)George(3)Chester/(1)George Yes
FAAS, JOHN & GERTRUD Faas, Ann (wife of John D. Jr.) (1)John(2)Gertrude(3)John Jr. Yes
MAZULA, JOHN Mazula, Glenn (son) (1)John(2)Jewel Yes
SMITH, JOHN RAYMOND Simon, Oriville (sister) (1)John(2)Louise(3)Mary(4)Elsie Yes
LANGENBACH,JOHN/MARY Langenbach,John/Mary (1)John(2)Nancy(3)Roy(4)John Jr Yes
BODE, JOHN F.& WINIF Gooley, Bonnie (niece) (1)John(2)Winifred Yes
STANTON, PERCY A. Heldenbrant, Edith (1)John(3)Percy(4)Ethel(5)Agnes Yes
WHEELER, JOHN/MARGAR Kenific, Laura (dtr) (1)John, Sr. (2)Margaret Yes
RACQUET, JOHN C., JR Racquet, John C., Jr. (1)John, Sr. (2)Marie 3 4 Yes
MORROW, AUDREY Morrow, Audrey (1)John/Glenn Yes
BURNS,JOHN/JEAN Burns,John/Jean (1)John/Laurie 2,3,4 Yes
CROSSON, ALBERT B. Crosson, Mary A. (Wife) (1)John; (3)Albert 4 Yes
PYLE,JOHN/ELOISE Pyle,John/Eloise (1)JohnSr(2)Helen(3)JohnJr(4)Eloise/(3) Yes
CONNORS, GERTRUDE M. Connors, Jr., John J. (1)JohnSr1)Daniel (2)Gertrude 2)William Yes
HUGHEY, JOSEPH Hughey, Jacqueline (wife) (1)Joseph Yes
MIRABILE, JOSEPH A. Mirabile, Elizabeth (1)Joseph Yes
SMITH, JOSEPH J Smith, Vera M. (1)Joseph Yes
CAMPIONE, JOSEPH Campione, Joseph & Dorothy (1)Joseph (2) Dorothy Yes
STANKUS, ANGELIN Stankus, Jo-Ann (1)Joseph (2)Angelin Yes
NUSSBAUM, JOSEPH L. (1)Joseph (2)Carrie Yes
HUBER, JOSEPH Huber, Marilyn A. (Daughter) (1)Joseph (2)Catherine Yes
BAZINET, DONALD A. McMahon, Ruth (Friend) (1)Joseph (2)Corinne (3)Donald (4)Joan Yes
SHAHEN, JOSEPH A. Shahen, Jerome (son) (1)Joseph (2)Frances Yes
GALLAGHER, JOSEPH T. Covell, Janet L. (dtr) (1)Joseph (2)Helen 3)Harold (4)Marjorie Yes
MAJKUT, JOSEPH J. (1)Joseph (2)Isabelle Yes
KELLY, JOSEPH/JANE Fronk, Maggie (1)Joseph (2)Jane Yes
MATTHEWS,JOSEPH/JOSE Matthews,Joseph/Josephine (1)Joseph (2)Josephine Yes
ADAIR, JOSEPH E. Adair, Anita (Relation Unknown) (1)Joseph (2)Kathleen Yes
MCNULTY, JOSEPH F. Farnan, Kathy (Daughter) (1)Joseph (2)Lillie Yes
SCANDURRA. LITTLE Ferraiole, Frances (dtr) (1)Joseph (2)Lillie Yes
PASTORI, RAMON V. Walker, Sandra (Daughter) (1)Joseph (2)Martha (3)Ramon Yes
FAHY, JOSEPH & MARY Fahy, Robert (Lorraine's Husband) (1)Joseph (2)Mary (3)Lorraine Yes
BEWSHER, JOSEPH W. Bewsher, J. Michael (1)Joseph (2)Mildred Yes
GERACI,JOSEPH/NAOMI Geraci,Joseph/Naomi (1)Joseph (2)Naomi Yes
RUTH,JOSEPH/NORA Ruth,Joseph/Nora (1)Joseph (2)Nora Yes
DILDARIAN, ROSE V. Keyishian, Mrs. Harry (Daughter) (1)Joseph (2)Rose Yes
SCHULTZ, JOSEPH C Bevilacqua, Ruth (dtr of Finch's) (1)Joseph (2)Rose (3)Harold (4)Hilda Yes
MAC FARLAND, JOSEPH MacFarland, James (1)Joseph (3)Madelein Yes
NORTON, DOROTHY A.. Norton, Kathleen P. (1)Joseph / (2)Dorothy Yes
CARROLL, JOSEPH W & Venditti, Cynthia (dtr) (1)Joseph 1)Hazel Yes
CARHART,JOSEPH/CECIL Carhart,Joseph/Cecilia (1)Joseph 2 Yes
COFFEY, JOSEPH E. & Coffey, Beverly J. (LO) (1)Joseph 2 Yes
DARMETKO, JOSEPH C. Darmetko, Edna F. (Wife) (1)Joseph 2 Yes
DOLAN,JOSEPH/MARGARE Dolan,Joseph/Margaret (1)Joseph 2 Yes
McELROY,JOPSEPH A JR McElroy, M. Joy (1)Joseph 2)Marilyn Yes
ROWORTH, MATIE E. Tammany, Dorothy (dtr) (1)Joseph 2)Matie Yes
FORD, JOSEPH G SR Ford Jr., Joseph G. (1)Joseph 2)Virginia Yes
DONLON,JOSEPH/POLLY Donlon,Joseph/Polly (1)Joseph L(2)PB(3)Joseph V(4)P.Ruscetta Yes
MCQUADE, JOSEPH/JOAN Gentile, Gail (Daughter) (1)Joseph Sr. 1)Joseph Sean Jr.; (2)Joan Yes
VAYO, SHIRLEY E. Bailey, Donald F. (1)Joseph Vayo Jr. (2)Lillian 3 Yes
TIBBITS, JOSEPH J. Hoffman, Mary Ann (dtr) (1)Joseph(2)Anna(3)Joseph4)Anna Yes
HALUSKA,JOSEPH/DIANA Haluska,Joseph/Diana (1)Joseph(2)Diana(3)Ernest(4)Mabel Yes
OWEN,NATHANIEL/ESTHE Owen,Nathaniel/Esther (1)Joseph(2)Esther(3)Nathaniel Yes
HUMPF,JOSEPH/MARY Piatkowsla, Angela (1)Joseph(2)Mary(3)Nancy(4)Patrick Yes
PILLIG, MATTHEW J. Spoth, Lucy (dtr) (1)Joseph(2)Matthew2)Jessica(3)Lucy3) Yes
FAY, JOSEPH J. & HEL Fay, Joseph J., Jr. (son) (1)Joseph, Sr. (2)Helen Yes
GULLEY1 Gulley, Kathyrn A. (lo) (1)Joseph, Sr. 2 Yes
WEISS,JOSEPH/RUTH Weiss,Joseph/Ruth (1)Joseph/Joseph Jr(2)Ruth/Stephen Yes
NICKEL, RAYMOND A. Nickel, Richard (1)Joseph2)Paul(3)William(4)Edna Yes
FOY, JOSEPH L., JR. Foy, Robin A. (lo) (1)Joseph; 2 Yes
DONALDSON, HARRY C., Donaldson, Harry (1)Jospeh J. (2)Anna May Yes
WARNER,JUDGE/SUSAN Morton, Nellie (1)Judge (2)Susan Yes
DOLAN1 Dolan, Patrick (son) (1)Judith 2 3 (4)Dorothy Yes
GARRETT,LESTER Garrett, Jerome (stepson) (1)Julia (2)Lester 2)Henrietta Yes
D'ALESSANDRO, JULIAN D'Alessandro, Rosemary (2nd wife) (1)Julian (2)Patricia Yes
DANKER, JULIUS P. Danker, James (Son) (1)Julius Yes
MEISNER, JULIUS Wood, Patricia (dtr) (1)Julius(2)Katherine Yes
REESE, JUNIUS & JANE Reese, Junius A. & Jane D. (LO's) (1)Junius (2)Jane Yes
FRANK, KARL & FRIDA Paraso, Patricia (dtr) (1)Karl (2)Frida (3)Rudolph (4)Marie Yes
CAPPALLO, JOSEPH W. Drichillo, Natalie (Niece) (1)Kathleen (2)Joseph (3)Ruth (4)Egon Yes
FALKOWSKI, KAYDEANE Falkowski, Kaydeane M. (1)Kenneth Yes
RICE, KENNETH C. Rice, Patricia L. (wife) (1)Kenneth Yes
TIMMERMAN, KENNETH W Timmerman, Lorraine(wife) (1)Kenneth Yes
SIPPERLY, KENNETH B. Chandler, Elaine Ames (dtr) (1)Kenneth (2)Bertha 3)Harold (4)Ellis Yes
GRAY, KENNETH E. & E Sturgeon, Edward J. (btr) (1)Kenneth (2)Elizabeth Yes
PRITCHARD, KENNETH G Monroe, Sandra (dtr) (1)Kenneth (2)Florence 3,4/(1)Florence Yes
LAMP, KENNETH T. SR. Lamp, Kenneth T. Jr. (son) (1)Kenneth (2)Freda Yes
THOMPSON, KENNETH E. (1)Kenneth (2)Genevieve Yes
CAMERON, KENNETH SR Kniffen, Diane (1)Kenneth (2)Genevieve (3)John 4 Yes
SMITH, KENNETH B. Guy, Kae (dtr) (1)Kenneth (2)Maleta Yes
STAFFORD,KENNETH/MAR Stafford,Kenneth/Margaret (1)Kenneth (2)Margaret Yes
AUSTIN, KENNETH R & Cozzolino, Susan (dtr) (1)Kenneth (2)Mary (3)Edward (4)Eva Yes
HALLOCK, ORSON & GER Morse, Beverly (dtr) (1)Kenneth (2)Orson (3)Gertrude 4 Yes
HEFFNER, KENNETH F. O'Brien, Dennis (grandson) (1)Kenneth (2)Ruth (3)Frank (4)Ada Yes
SMITH, KENNETH O. Smith, Kenneth O. (1)Kenneth (2)Viola Yes
CAREY, KENNETH & BRE Carey, Brenda (LO) (1)Kenneth 2 Yes
COONRADT, KENNETH L. Fowler, Barbara (dtr) (1)Kenneth L. Sr. (2)Mamie 3 Yes
RAYMOND Raymond, Kenneth Jr. (Son) (1)Kenneth Sr. (2)Helen Yes
GREENOUGH, KENNETH S Preiss, Jean (dtr) (1)Kenneth(2)Dorilda(3)Lillian(4)Frances Yes
THOMPSON, CLINTON A. Flynn, Beatrice (sister) (1)Kenneth(2)Katherine(3)Grace(4)Clinton Yes
SHERMAN, JAMES O. Sherman, James O. & Cynthia Z. (LO's) (1)Kimberly; 2 3 4 Yes
VAN WERT,KENNETH/MAR Van Wert,Kenneth/Marie (1)L.Cozzens/Kenneth(2)Marie Yes
MYERS, ROY J & LAURA Stumbaugh, Sandra J. (dtr) (1)Laura 2 3)Shirley, (1)Arthur 2 (3)Roy Yes
BARKER, LAURENCE E Barker, Elizabeth R (1)Laurence Yes
CONKLIN, RAYMOND SR. Remington, June (Dtr) (1)LaVerne (2)Raymond (4)Thurman Yes
FOSS NORMA J. Foss, Norma J. (1)Lawrence Yes
SICKO, LAWRENCE S. & Sicko, Alice A. (wife) (1)Lawrence Yes
BACK, LAWRENCE Back, Kerry(son) (1)Lawrence (2)Dorothy Yes
ROBERTS, LAWRENCE D. Rosekrans, Dawn (dtr) (1)Lawrence (2)Nina (3)Ida VanNatta 4 Yes
PELLETIER, LAWRENCE Pelletier, Marie A. (lo) (1)Lawrence 2 3 4 Yes
CALDER, LAWRENCE & M Calder, Mayrose (1)Lawrence 2,3,4 Yes
BOMBARDIER, LAWRENCE Bombardier, Katherine E. (1)Lawrence, 2 Yes
KEHOE, MARGARET Dombroski, Marilyn (dtr of Edith) (1)Lawrence, Jr. (2)Edith Yes
WICKHAM, LILLIE M. Wickham, Lillie M. (LO) (1)Le Roy Yes
BARTLETT, CATHERINE Lynch, Grace (1)Leander (2)Catherine Yes
RUSSELL, VIRGINIA L. Russell, Virginia L. (1)Lee (2)Angie / (2)William(3)Virginia Yes
FOSTER,LEE/YONIA Foster,Lee/Yonia (1)Lee 2 (3)Jeffrey Yes
FITCH,LEIGHTON/RITA Fitch,Leighton E/Rita M. (1)Leighton (2)Rita (3)June (4)Sheryl Yes
Shepard, June H. Shepard, Larry (Son) (1)Leland (2)June Yes
GRAY,LELAND/EDNA Gray,Leland E./Edna Mae (1)Leland(2)EdnaMae 3 4 Yes
LINACRE, HOWARD M & Linacre, Marjorie E. (1)Lena / (3)Howard(4)Marjorie Yes
STANKUS, LEO Stankus, June (sister) (1)Leo (2)Ada Yes
SENECAL, LEO D. & EF Carkner, John W. (son) (1)Leo (2)Effie Yes
LIPINA, ADAM/ALICE Falcone, Victor G. (1)Leo Falcone (2)Marlen (4) Adam Yes
BORST, LELAND Armstrong, James (1)Leo(2)Stella(3)Clara(4)Douglas(5)Char Yes
BLUM, LEO/MARTHA Blum, Ronald (1)Leo/Martha 2 3 Yes
FINKLE, LEON Finkle, Virginia A. (1)Leon Yes
HUSTED, DAVID J. Husted, David J. (1)Leon Yes
DENSMORE, LEON E. & Densmore, Dorothy M. (dtr-in-law) (1)Leon (2)Edna (3)Arthur 4 Yes
BENJAMIN, LEON E & I Benjamin, Leon E. & Ida M. (1)Leon (2)Ida Yes
SAPSUZIAN, LEON K. Sapsuzian, Leon Jr. (brother) (1)Leon (2)Irma (3)Mary Rose Yes
BUTLER1 Butler, Maureen (Daughter) (1)Leon (2)Lillie Yes
HARDING, PAUL E. Rhodes, Audrey (1)Leona/(1)Paul Yes
ROYLANCE, LEONARD D. Roylance, Roseanne F. (LO/Wife) (1)Leonard 2 3 4 Yes
BISHOP, AGNES M. Buckley, Mrs. Ronald (dtr) (1)Leonard (2)Agnes Yes
MILLER, LEONARD J. Miller, Joan A. (lo) (1)Leonard 2 Yes
SPAULDING,LEROY/NORM Spaulding,Leroy/Norma (1)Leroy Yes
THOMPSON, LeROY (1)LeRoy (2)Agnes (4)Elsie Yes
RITCHIE, CLARA Ritchie, Clara (1)LeRoy (2)Clara Yes
LANE, LEROY W./ELLEN Redner, Deborah (dtr-in-law) (1)Leroy (2)Ellen (3)William 4 Yes
HALL, LEROY R. & EVE Marcelli, Sandra (dtr) (1)LeRoy (2)Evelyn Yes
FRANKLIN, LEROY & JU Franklin, Hugh L. (son) (1)LeRoy (2)June 3 4 Yes
BENDER, LEROY R. Lozano, Barbara (Daughter) (1)Leroy (2)Mabel 3 4 Yes
STOKES, LEONARD E JR Stokes Jr, Leonard E. (1)LeRoy (2)Ruth/(2)Mary Yes
JOHNSON, LEROY Johnson, James (1)LeRoy(2)Dorothy(4)Thomas Yes
LYNCH, LESLIE J. Moore, Jean (dtr) (1)Leslie (2)Myrtle Yes
BEZIO, LESTER F. Bezio, Lindsey(son) (1)Lester Yes
COUGHTRY, LESTER J. Coughtry, Kenneth J. (son) (1)Lester (2)Janet (3)John 4 Yes
HARBLIN, LESTER K. VanHeusen, Shiela (dtr) (1)Lester 2)Catherine Yes
SWEET, HAROLD/GLADYS Sweet, Jean (2nd wife) (1)Lester 2)Harold (3)Gladys 4 Yes
SKINNER, LEWIS A. Ristau, Genieveve (friend) (1)Lewis (2)Beatrice Yes
CARHIDE, LEWIS J. & Carhide, William L. (son) (1)Lewis (2)Georgiana Yes
VIGARS, LEWIS A Vigars-Amyot, Linda (dtr) (1)Lewis A. (2)Mary E. Yes
TRAVIS, L EARL & VIR Travis, Richard V. (1)Lewis Earl(2)Virginia Yes
DEWEY Dewey, Gordon E. (Son) (1)Lillian (2)Erwin 3 4 Yes
HILL, LINCOLN A. Hill, Terri (dtr) (1)Lincoln (2)Meredith Yes
PROCTOR, LLOYD Proctor, Lloyd D. Jr. (1)Lloyd (2)Lillian Yes
BRINKMAN, LLOYD M. & Marks, Kathie (granddaughter) (1)Lloyd (2)Mildred 3)Carole Yes
FYVIE,WILLIAM/HOLLY Berhaupt, Sheri L. (1)Lois (2)Mary (3)S.Berhaupt 4; 1 2 Yes
GRUGAN, DONALD B. & Carrow, Christina (dtr) (1)Loren (2)Raymond 2)Donna (3)Donald (4 Yes
WARNER,LORENZO/MARY Warner,Lorenzo/Mary (1)Lorenzo (2)Mary (3)William(6)Elaine Yes
AVELLINO, LOUIS P & Avellino, June E. (1)Louis Yes
KATSIGIANIS, LOUIS Katsigianis, Christopher (Brother) (1)Louis Yes
PIGLIAVENTO,JOSEPH/J Pigliavento,Joseph/Jenny (1)Louis Yes
LINZEY, LOUIS F. Linzey, Robert (son) (1)Louis (2)Anna Yes
APOSTOL, LOUIS & ELN Apostol, Paul C. (son) (1)Louis (2)Elnor Yes
LAVENDER, LOUIS & ES Lavender, David (1)Louis (2)Esther (3)Edward (4)Carol Yes
BROWN, LOUIS E. Brown. Raymond E. (son) (1)Louis (2)Georgia 3)Clifford (4)Edna Yes
KRAMER, LOUIS M. & H O'Wanlon, Dolores (dtr) (1)Louis (2)Harriet Yes
KELLER, HELEN C. Keller, Helen C. (1)Louis (2)Helen Yes
PRATT,LOUIS/HELEN White, Elaine (1)Louis (2)Helen Yes
BELL, LOUIS R & HILD Bell, Louis R. & Hilda C. (1)Louis (2)Hilda Yes
CARNEVALE, LOUIS & L Carnevale, Anthony (nphw) (1)Louis (2)Levia Yes
LAKE, LOUIS J. & MAR Oropallo, Virginia (1)Louis (2)Margaret (3)Hiyo 3)Ayotte (4 Yes
JONES, LOUIS S. LeBesco, Kurt (son) (1)Louis (2)Margery Yes
PECERI, LOUIS R. & M Tetlock, Kathy (dtr) (1)Louis (2)Marion (3)Donald Depeaux 4 Yes
HARRELL, LOUIS T. Klein, Phil W. (nephew) (1)Louis (2)Nellie Yes
ALMY, LOUIS & SARA Montana, Bonnie (Daughter) (1)Louis (2)Sarah Yes
BONITATIBUS,LOUIS/SI Bonitatibus, Paul (1)Louis (2)Sioban Yes
AMASH, LOUIS T & CYN Amash, Cynthia J. (1)Louis (3)Marie Yes
FRONK,LOUIS/KATIE Fronk,Louis/Katie (1)Louis Sr(2)Katie(3)Louis Jr(4)Roberta Yes
MILLER,LOUIS/MARJORI Miller,Louis/Marjorie (1)Louis(2)Marjorie(3)Muriel(4)Jennifer Yes
COLLEN, DOROTHY MOCH Collen, Dorothy Moch (1)Louis/Dorothy(2)Fred(3)Katherine Yes
DONNELLY, HILDRETH Donnelly, Helen M. (wife) (1)Lucy Yes
WATERSON, LUTHER W. Waterson, Luther W. (1)Luther Yes
SHORT, LYNN R. Short, Ed (Son) (1)Lynn (2)Sadie Yes
BURTON, MADELINE M. Marton, Deborah (dtr) (1)Madeline (2)Ernest 3)William Yes
BEST, MARY G. Best, Alfred (son) (1)Mae 2marker)Carlton Yes
BEAUDETT, MALCOLM R Beaudett, Malcolm R. (1)Malcolm, 2 Yes
HAGGERTY, MALCOLM Haggerty, Edna D. (LO/Wife) (1)Malcolm; 2 Yes
CAPUTO, VINCENT J. LaHart, Gordon (Son) (1)Mamie (2)Vincent Yes
ALVAREZ, MANUEL & AN Alvarez, John (1)Manuel (2)Anna Yes
OBERLIES,JOHN/FREDA Oberlies,John/Freda (1)Margaret (2)John(3)Freda Yes
DOWNES, LEONARD N Downes, Leonard N. (1)Margaret (2)Ruth (3)Leonard (4)Paul Yes
FRAKES, ALFRED J. & Spain, Joan (2nd wife of lo) (1)Marie (2)Elsie 2)Alfred 3 4 Yes
SWIFT, GEORGE C Swift, George C. & Doris J. (1)Marilyn 2 Yes
FORD,GEORGE/NORMA/FL Ford,George/Norma/Florence (1)Marin(2)Florence(3)George(4)Norma Yes
GABRIEL,MARIO/NANCY Gabriel,Mario/Nancy (1)Mario 2 Yes
EICHSTADT, ARTHUR C. Eichstadt, Robert C. (1)Marion 1)Arthur Yes
BARTON, MARJORIE E. Blakeman, Kathleen (1)Marjorie (2)Glenn Yes
WEIDBERG, MARK G. Weidberg, Patricia(wife) (1)Mark Yes
BELL, MARSHALL H. Bell, Bernard (Brother) (1)Marshall Yes
SANTA BARBARA, GRACE Santa Barbara, Grace E. (1)Martin Yes
BERRY,MARTIN/BARBARA Berry,Martin/Barbara (1)Martin 2 Yes
PINCKNEY, DAVID (DR) Pinckney, Marc (son) (1)Martin 2)David (2)Rose Yes
SPLONSKOWSKI, MARVIN Splonskowski, James (son) (1)Marvin (2)Lillian Yes
WILSON, MARVIN/MILDR Raichle, Mrs. Dorothy(str-in-law-Mildre (1)Marvin (2)Mildred Yes
MASSE, RICHARD, PAUL Masse, Richard & Pauline (1)Mary Yes
GREENFIELD,FRANK/MAR Suits, Alma (1)Mary (2)Frank (3)Marie Yes
POWERS, RAYMOND R. Powers, Raymond R. & Mary A. (1)Mary(3)Raymond Yes
HUTCHINS, MASON C. (1)Mason(2)Wilma(3)Alan Yes
GEORGE, MATTHEW F SR Ettrich, Barb (dtr) (1)Matthew Sr. (2)Lois Yes
ROBINSON, MAURICE Moore, Ronald (Son) (1)Maurice (2)Eleanor Yes
YOUNG, ADDIE Young, Addie & Walter (LO's) (1)Maurice (2)Walter (3)Addie Yes
Perry, Charity M. Perry, Jack (son (1)Maurice (2)Charity Yes
FOX, MAURICE G. & MA Connor, Barbara (niece) (1)Maurice (2)Margaret Yes
ANDERSON, DONALD J. Anderson, Donald J. & Diana P. (1)Maurice 1)Donald N. Yes
RENZI, NEAL G. Renzi, Neal G & Michele A. (1)Maxie Yes
BRONK, MELVIN Bronk, Dorothy (2nd Wife) (1)Melvin (2)Mildred 3 Yes
DEXTER Northrup, Donna (Ilene's Sister) (1)Merlin (2)Ilene Yes
Dexter, Ilene Northrup, Donna (str) (1)Merlin (2)Ilene Yes
GUNSALUS,MERLIN/JOYC Gunsalus, Kenneth (1)Merlin (2)Joyce Yes
BROOKSBY,HELEN/GLEN Brooksby,Helen/Glen (1)Merrill (2)Helen Yes
DECKER, MERRITT J. Decker, Donald (son) (1)Merritt (2)Frances Yes
DEVOE, MERRITT W. Morris, Norma (Daughter) (1)Merritt (2)Margaret Yes
RODELS, MEYER Rodels, Michael (Son) (1)Meyer (2)Mildred Yes
BIELECKI, MICHAEL G. Bielecki, David (Son) (1)Michael (2)Agnes Yes
TALMADGE, MICHAEL Varga, Louis (son) (1)Michael (2)Albina Yes
MOSCINSKI, MICHAEL F Moscinski, Ann (dtr-in-law) (1)Michael (2)Alice Yes
SEWCHUK, MICHAEL & A Sewchuk, Str Mary Annette PBVM (dtr) (1)Michael (2)Anne Yes
PRYSTUPA, MICHAEL J. Prystupa, John (son) (1)Michael (2)Bernice Yes
DIDUCH, MICHAEL J. DiDuch, Mark (Son) (1)Michael (2)Carole Yes
VANDERWERKEN, MICHAE VanDerwerken,Michael/Joan (1)Michael (2)Joan Yes
LEMBO, MICHAEL A. Phibbs, Betsy J. (dtr) (1)Michael (2)Mary Yes
DZUBAK, MICHAEL & ST Warika, Ronald (neph) (1)Michael (2)Stella Yes
ERCEG, MICHAEL Erceg, Michael (1)Michael (2)Venetia; (1)Daniel Yes
KINAL, WILHELMINA Kinal, Michael K. (1)Michael (2)Wilhelmina Yes
WHARTON, MICHAEL/RON Wharton,Michael/Ronald (1)Michael/Donna Yes
KELLEY, EDNA W. Kelley, Edna W. (1)Milan (2)Edna Yes
STANDARSKI, ANTHONY Couch, Joanne (dtr) (1)Mildred (2)Anthony Yes
COLE, MILLARD/HELEN Cole, Michael A. (1)Millard (2)Helen Yes
BROWN, MILLARD M. Brown, Gladys M. (1)Millard 2 3 4 Yes
SCHROLL, MILO Schroll, Kenneth (son) (1)Milo (2)Florence (3)Alfred (4)Phyllis Yes
DUVAL, MILTON F. Duval, Howard (brother) (1)Milton Yes
POLANSKY, ELIZABETH Polansky, Arnold L. (son) (1)Milton (2)Elizabeth 3,4 Yes
PRICE, MILTON J Cinquino, Helen (dtr) (1)Milton (2)Helen 3,4 Yes
BELGIANO, LOVELY M. Belgiano, Lovely M. (1)Mindy-husband (2)Lovely Yes
WHITE, MORRIS V. Bazar, Maureen (Daughter) (1)Morris (2)Merea Yes
SULLIVAN, JOHN/MURIE Sullivan, John (1)Muriel 2 3 4 Yes
COOPER, MURRAY L. & Bergin, Mary J. (dtr) (1)Murray (2)Mae 3 4; 1 2 Yes
ROWLES, MARY H. Henry, Carole Anne (dtr) (1)Myron Zmud (2)Mary Zmud 3 4 Yes
DECKER,FREDERICK/EVE Decker,Frederick/Evelyn (1)Myron(3)Frederick(4)Evelyn Yes
BROWN, KENNETH W. Barton, Marion (Daughter) (1)Myrtle (2)George (3)Ken (4)Mildred Yes
CUMMINGS Cummings, David J. (son) (1)Nathan 1)Kimberly; (2)Joseph 2)Anna Yes
BRADT, NATHAN F. & B Bradt,Nathan/Bernice (1)Nathan(2)Bernice Yes
DASHNOW, OTTO S. & J Colangelo, Ruby (dtr of Betty-LO) (1)Nelson 2)Cora (3)Otto(4)Francis/Betty Yes
MESCIA, SHARON E. Mescia, Sharon E. (1)Nicholas Yes
EGNER, NICHOLAS B & Egner, Harriet (sstr) (1)Nicholas (2)Mary Yes
DODGE, NORBERT F. & Dodge, Janice (1)Norbet(2)Gertrude Yes
FINK, NORMAN E. Fink, Margaret M. (1)Norman Yes
GATES, NORMAN J. Gates, Curt (1)Norman Yes
GOULD, NORMAN/LYNNE Gould, Lynne M. (1)Norman 2 Yes
Carter, Norman P. Carter, Norman P., Sr. (son) (1)Norman (2)Alma Yes
FRAZEE, NORMAN M. Hicks, Barbara R. (Next of Kin) (1)Norman (2)Bertha Yes
TITCOMB, NORMAN R. Salerno, Norma(dtr) (1)Norman (2)Margaret Yes
LEWIS, NORMAN W Lewis, Norman W. (1)Norman(3)Jennie Yes
CROWNOVER, NORRIS R. York, Dorothy J. Crownover (Wife) (1)Norris; 2 Yes
GAIGE, OLIN W. & NEL Drezelo, Norma (dtr) (1)Olin (2)Nellie (3)Thomas 4 5 6 Yes
CASAVANT, JOHN A JR Casavant, John A. Jr. & Lillian C. (1)Olive (2)John Sr. 3,4 Yes
JONES, ORISON A. Morris, Lois (dtr) (1)Orison (2)Hazel Yes
FINCH, ORSON A & MAR Finch, Albert (son) (1)Orson (2)Mary Yes
CAVERT,ORVILLE/BEVER Cavert,Orville/Beverly (1)Orville (2)Beverly(3)Anna Yes
LYONS, ORVILLE R. Lyons, Randell (son) (1)Orville 2)Shirley Yes
MAYHOFF, MARY Mayhoff, Mary (1)Oscar Yes
ZORNOW, OSCAR G. Zornow, Frederick(son) (1)Oscar Yes
BARRETT, OSCAR C. & Barrett, Mandy (granddtr-in-law) (1)Oscar (2)Jean (3)Stephen (4)Stanley Yes
PRYBA, OSCAR N. Wtodarczak, Christine (dtr) (1)Oscar (2)Marjorie Yes
RITSCHEL, OTTO C. Hunt, Mrs. Clifford (dtr) (1)Otto (2)Emma (3)Ruth Porth Yes
STUTZ, OTTO J. & ANN Stutz, Alfred (son) (1)Otto 1)Anna 2 3 4 Yes
SHEA,AUDREY/TOMPKINS Shea,Audrey/Thompkins,Patricia (1)P.Tompkins (2)Audrey Yes
WARREN, PATRICK D. Warren, Jean P. (1)Patrick Yes
MADDEN, PATRICK Madden Jr., Patrick (1)Patrick (2)Elise Yes
BAIM, THEODORE C. Monroe, Kathleen (Niece of Helen) (1)Patrick (2)Theodore (3)Helen Yes
HALE,PATRICK/MARGARE Hale,Patrick/Margaret (1)Patrick/N.Berghela (2)Margaret/Kelly Yes
CAFFERILLO, FAYE A. Cafferillo, Faye A. (1)Patsy (2)Faye(3)Dana4)Carol/D.Edwards Yes
Donadio, Patsy Donadio, Gladys (lo) (1)Patsy 2 3 4 Yes
WEIDMAN, PAUL J. Toedt, Sherry (1)Paul Yes
PAULSEN,PAUL/BARBARA LeRoy, Kathleen L. (1)Paul (2)Barbara (3)Jonas (4)Agnes Yes
PERREAULT,PAUL/FRANC Perreault, Frances M. (wife/LO) (1)Paul (2)Frances Yes
DIETZEL,PAUL/GWEN Hammond, Beverly (1)Paul (2)Gwendolyn Yes
BURGESS,PAUL/JOLAN Burgess,Paul/Jolan (1)Paul (2)Jolan Yes
KESSLER,PAUL/MARJORI Kessler,Paul/Marjorie (1)Paul (2)Marjorie Yes
FOUNTAIN, PAUL C. & Fountain, Betty R. (dtr-in-law) (1)Paul (2)Marjorie (3)Carol (4)William Yes
CROSSMAN, MARY A. DeMarco, Luanne (1)Paul (2)Mary Yes
LEUTHOLD, ALICE M. Wright, Hope (granddtr) (1)Paul (2)Mary Yes
Burton, Paul J. Burton, Wendy (dtr) (1)Paul 2 Yes
CONESKI, PAUL P. & M Coneski, Mary Anne A. (LO) (1)Paul 2 Yes
RAMUNDO JR,PAUL/ANGE Ramundo Jr,Paul/Angeline (1)Paul Jr Yes
FINN,PAUL/ELIZABETH/ Finn,Paul/Elizabeth/William (1)Paul(2)Elizabeth(3)William Yes
PLUE,PAUL/JOAN Plue,Paul/Joan (1)Paul(2)Joan Yes
LYALL, KENNETH E. Boll, Robert J. Jr. (son) (1)Pauline/(3)Kenneth Yes
CARUSO, PETER R. Caruso, Peter (son) (1)Peter Yes
CHRISTO,PETER/RUTH Christo,Peter/Ruth (1)Peter Yes
MAYO, PETER J Mayo, Mona (wife) (1)Peter Yes
MESECK, PETER H. Gonzales, John (exec) (1)Peter Yes
HENSTENBERG, PETER Henstenberg, Shirley (1)Peter (2)Anna 2)Baby Yes
CLANCY, PETER J. Gosstola, Stanley Jr. (Son) (1)Peter (2)Eleanor 3 Yes
RAMSAY, GLASSFORD A. Ramsay, Gordon (son) (1)Peter (2)Glassford (3)Lois 4 Yes
NIELSEN, GRACE A. Cummings, Carol (dtr) (1)Peter (2)Grace Yes
APOSTOL, PETER Apostol, Michael (son) (1)Peter (2)Jeannette Yes
Swota, Katherine E. Swota, Peter J. (son) (1)Peter (2)Katherine E. Yes
VOYIATZIS, PETER Girvin, Gail (niece) (1)Peter (2)Sarah Yes
GIACCHETTA, PETER & Giacchetta, Rose A. (1)Peter 2 Yes
BUROMETTO, CHARLES A Burometto, Charles A Jr & Rae, Maureen (1)Peter 2,3,4 Yes
LITO, PETER JR. Lito, Patricia J. (LO/Wife) (1)Peter Jr. 2 Yes
PAPP,PETER/HARRIET Papp, Kevin (Son) (1)Peter Sr. (2)Harriett Yes
DWYER, PHILIP C. Dwyer, Joanne (1)Philip Yes
HILL, PHILIP T. III Hill, Gladys (1)Philip Yes
GARRY,PHILIP J. Garry Jr., Philip J. (1)Philip (2)Dorothy Yes
BERTRAND, PHILIP O. Bertrand, Philip Jr. (1)Philip (2)Frances (3)Melinda Yes
MIANO,PHILIP/FREDA Miano, Philip/Freda (1)Philip (2)Freda Yes
TALUTO Taluto, Joseph (son) (1)Philip (2)Josephine C 2)Michael N Yes
CLARK, PHILIP J & MA Hotaling, Karen M. (1)Philip (2)Marie Yes
DARRIGO Darrigo, Barbara J. (LO) (1)Philip 2; 1 2 Yes
LARAWAY,PHILIP SR/TH Laraway,Philip Sr/Thomas, Catherine (1)Philip Sr.(2)Catherine Thomas Yes
VAN PATTEN, MINNIE M Van Patten, Sr., Alan (1)Phillip (2)Minnie 3 4; 1 2 3 4 Yes
THOMAS, JOHN J. Ryan, Mary Jane (Daughter) (1)Phillip Moore (2)Elizabeth Moore 3 4 Yes
SALISBURY,PHILIP/TER Matthews, Patricia (dtr of Virginia) (1)Phillip(2)Vir3)Duncan/Jean(5-6)Teresa Yes
ROBINSON2 Robinson, Preston Jr. (Son) (1)Preston Sr. (2)Catherine Yes
BROWNSEY, HERMAN & E Abele, Harold T. (son-in-law) (1)Pvt. David (2)Herman (3)Esther Yes
WILEY,JOSEPH/GEORGE Wiley,Joseph/George (1)R.Lasher(2)M.Lasher; (1)Kevin Yes
SOLOMON, CHRISTINE Solomon, Christine (1)Ralph Yes
MATTOON, EFFIE Mattoon, Ralph (son) (1)Ralph (2) Effie Yes
Berry, Ralph Leonardo, Jerry (Step-Son) (1)Ralph (2) Marion Yes
BEST, RALPH L & BLAN Best, Ralph L. Jr. (son) (1)Ralph (2)Blanche Yes
SPONABLE,RALPH/DOLOR Sponable,Ralph/Dolores (1)Ralph (2)Dolores Yes
WILBUR Wilbur, Dorothy (dtr) (1)Ralph (2)Doris 3 4 Yes
GROUNDS, RALPH MONRO Grounds, Donald A. (son) (1)Ralph (2)Ella (3)Baby Thomas 4 Yes
GLEECH,RALPH/LILLIAN Gleech,Ralph/Lillian (1)Ralph (2)Lillian (3)Susan Yes
SHAVE, RALPH R. Dean, Sally (Daughter) (1)Ralph (2)Madeline 3 4 Yes
ROBBINS, RALPH E. Robbins, Earnest (son) (1)Ralph (2)Rose 3 6 Yes
BARBER, RALPH W. JR. Powell, Ida (Jame's Wife) (1)Ralph 1)Ralph III 3)James Yes
HUTH, EDWARD L. Merlino, James (1)Ralph 2)Catherine 3)Edward3))evelyn Yes
DESANO DeSano, Michael (son) (1)Ralph 2; (3)Greg Yes
DeWire,Ray/Mildred Craft, Jean F. (Daughter) (1)Ray (2)Mildred 3)Alan 4 Yes
HANSEN, ROY W. Hansen, Raymond C. (1)Ray Sr. (2)Alice Yes
BLECK, LAURA R. Bleck, Laura R. (1)Raymond Yes
COOK, RAYMOND R. Cook, Ethel (Wife) (1)Raymond Yes
GATES, RAYMOND M. Gates, Gertrude M. (1)Raymond Yes
GILLESPIE, RAYMOND Gillespie, Agnes V. (1)Raymond Yes
RASMUSSEN,RAYMOND/AN Rasmussen, Sharon (1)Raymond (2)Ann Yes
VERBILIS, RAYMOND A. Verbilis, Raymond A. & Margaret V. (LO) (1)Raymond 2 3 Yes
RELYEA, RAYMOND A. Relyea, William (son) (1)Raymond (2)Anna Yes
EATON, RAYMOND R & B Cinnamon, Marcia (niece) (1)Raymond (2)Barbara Yes
HOLLNER, RAYMOND A. Acker, Ms. Virginia (str of lo-Beatrice (1)Raymond (2)Beatrice Yes
WESCOTT Barnum, Carol (dtr of lo Raymond) (1)Raymond (2)Bertha 3 4 Yes
JENKINS, RAYMOND E Jenkins, Richard (son) (1)Raymond (2)Catherine Yes
ROSE,RAYMOND/DAISY M Mulderry, Jack (1)Raymond (2)Daisy(3)Michael,4 Yes
CRUMMEY, RAYMOND R. Jacobs, Alan (Son) (1)Raymond (2)Doris Yes
FULLOM, EDNA Fullom, Edna (1)Raymond (2)Edna (3)Edna (4)Dorothy Yes
WEATHERBY, RAYMOND Colvan, Rudy (son-in-law) (1)Raymond (2)Ella (3)Charles Yes
CAMPBELL, RAYMOND J. Nerney, Susan (John's 2nd Wife) (1)Raymond (2)Irma (3)Dorothy (4)John Yes
GUNZBERG, HARRY C & Cooper, George (grt-nephew) (1)Raymond (2)Laurena 3 (4)Harry (5)Mary Yes
CAROLUS, RAYMOND A & Draper (West), Carol (dtr) (1)Raymond (2)Louisa (3)Robert 4 Yes
ALTROCK,RAYMOND/MAE Altrock, Raymond (1)Raymond (2)Mae Yes
LANDERS, RAYMOND E./ Woelfersheim, Geraldine (niece) (1)Raymond (2)Mary (3)Robert 4 Yes
MORRISON, EARL R. Morrison, Raymond (son) (1)Raymond (2)Mary Ellen (3)Mary Yes
GRADY,RAYMOND/SHIRLE DeMartino, Marilyn (1)Raymond (2)Shirley Yes
OROZCO, RAYMOND Orozco, Raymond (1)Raymond 1)Jayden (2)Maria Yes
HALLENBECK,RAYMOND E Hallenbeck, Regina (lo) (1)Raymond 2 3 4 Yes
Stewart, Gladys m. Van Kempen, Peter (son) (1)Raymond 2)Gladys Yes
Symanski, Antonie Symanski, Michael (son) (1)Raymond J. (2)Antonie Yes
WOLFE, RAYMOND F. Wolfe, Ruth A. (LO) (1)Raymond Sr. 2 Yes
VERNON, RAYMOND Sheehan, Janice (R.Jr's signif.other) (1)Raymond Sr. (2)Sadie 3 4 5)Harold 6 Yes
BECK, FREDRICK A Beck, Ruth (1)Raymond Yon (2)Anna Yon (3)Fredrick Yes
ENGWER,RAYMOND/IRENE Engwer,Raymond/Irene (1)Raymond(2)Irene 3 4 Yes
BARITEAU, RAYMON & M Bariteau, Robert(son) (1)Raymond(2)Mabel Yes
ROLAND,RAYMOND/MARGA Roland,Raymond/Margaret (1)Raymond(2)Margaret(3)M.Howell4 Yes
JONES,RAYMOND/MARY G Jones,Raymond/Mary Grace (1)Raymond(3)Patrick Yes
LAYAOU, RAYMOND W,JR Layaou, Anna (lo) (1)Raymond, Jr. 2 Yes
DECHENE, REGINALD A. Dechene, Donald (son) (1)Reginald (2)Ruth Yes
OLSEN,REIDAR/MARIE Olsen, William (1)Reidar(2)Marie / (4)Ralph Yes
Dhooge, Grace E. Dhooge, Noel (Daughter) (1)Rene 1)Grace 2 Yes
JONES, JAMES E. Hendrix, Carol (dtr) (1)Rev.Jones(3)Kenneth (4)Anna Yes
LAWRENCE, MARY I. Lawrence, Mary I. (1)Reynard (2)Mary Yes
DICKES, RICHARD E. & Dickes, Dora (1)Richard Yes
ENGEL, CAROL Engel, Carol (1)Richard Yes
HALL,RICHARD/HELEN Hall, Helen M. (1)Richard Yes
HALLENBECK, JOAN S. Hallenbeck, Joan S. (1)Richard Yes
HERR, RICHARD L. Herr, Verna L. (1)Richard Yes
HILL, RICHARD Hill, Hattie (1)Richard Yes
MINER, RICHARD M. Miner, Pearl M. (1)Richard Yes
POWELL, RICHARD S. O'Brien, Karen (1)Richard Yes
LARAWAY, RICHARD F. Laraway, William (Son) (1)Richard (2)Thelma Yes
LEHANE, THOMAS J. Lehane, Lois M. (wife/LO) (1)Richard ((1))Nathan 2 (3)Thomas Yes
SEYMOUR, RICHARD M. Plog, Stasea B. (1)Richard (2)Anne (3)Charles Plog 4 Yes
MALLORY, RICHARD E & Mallory, Dennis (son) (1)Richard (2)Avis Yes
BRITAIN, RICHARD E. Farr, Janet (Daughter) (1)Richard (2)Beatrice 3 4 Yes
PUGH, RICHARD L. Pugh, Ron (son) (1)Richard (2)Doris Yes
SLAUSON, RICHARD I. Slauson, Richard Jr. (son) (1)Richard (2)Edith Yes
GORSLINE, RICHARD H. Gorsline, Donald (Son) (1)Richard (2)Emma Yes
DUVAL SR,RICHARD/GE Duval Jr., Richard A. (1)Richard (2)Geraldine Yes
COX,RICHARD/JACQUELI Cox,Richard/Jacqueline (1)Richard (2)Jacqueline Yes
CUMMINGS, RICHARD M. Banks, Sharon (grnddtr) (1)Richard (2)Jane 3 4 Yes
BROWNLEY, RICHARD M Brownley, James (son) (1)Richard (2)Lucille (3)Hubert 4 Yes
LOWNES, FRANK Lownes, Frank (1)Richard (2)Mallie Yes
BRUNO, MARY E. Bruno, Michael (son) (1)Richard (2)Mary Yes
LOVEDAY, RICHARD T (1)Richard (2)Maude (3)Sara Yes
BLAKELOCK, RICHARD Blakelock, Thomas (son) (1)Richard (2)Muriel (4)Francis Yes
AUPPERLE, RICHARD P Aupperle, Robert (son) (1)Richard (2)Norma Yes
BOHANSKE, RICHARD A Coughlin, Priscilla (dtr) (1)Richard (2)Ouida (3)Richard II Yes
DELAMATER,RICHARD/SA Vallelunga, Betty (1)Richard (2)Sandy Yes
BARNARD, RICHARD SR. Barnard, Richard F. Jr. (Son) (1)Richard (2)Shirley Yes
NERBONNE,RICHARD/PAT Nerbonne, Richard/Pat (1)Richard (3)Joan Yes
HATFIELD, RICHARD Hatfield, Alfreda (LO) (1)Richard 2 (3)Earl 4 Yes
CRAFT, RICHARD/JEAN Craft, Jean F. (1)Richard 2 3 4 Yes
SMITH,RICHARD/ELEANO Smith, Richard M. (son) (1)Richard 2)Eleanor Yes
LAYMOND,RICHARD/MARI Laymond,Richard/Marion (1)Richard 2)Marion 3; 4)Edwin 4)Colleen Yes
MARKES,RICHARD SR/JO Markes,Richard Sr/Joan (1)Richard L. Sr. (2)Joan Yes
BUSH, RICHARD LEON & Bush, Diana M. (LO) (1)Richard Leon 2 Yes
EHMANN, JOHN H & OLG Manhey, Richard J. (grndson) (1)Richard P (2)Dorothea (3)John (4)Olga Yes
TURNER,RICHARD/ANGEL Turner,Richard/Angela (1)Richard(2)Angela(4)Marie Yes
PEASE,RICHARD/GLENNA Pease,Richard/Glenna (1)Richard(2)Glenna(3)Paul David(4)Paul; Yes
JONES, RICHARD D. Jones, Lillian (dtr) (1)Richard(2)Isabel(3)Baby Richard Yes
BEACH, RILEY E. Beach, Karen (Daughter-in-law) (1)Riley (2)Mary (3)Howard 4 Yes
APPLE, PATRICIA A Tippins, Patricia A. (remarried) (1)Robert Yes
BATES, ROBERT P. Bates, Robert J. (son) (1)Robert Yes
CLIFFORD, ROBERT J. Clifford, Patricia M. (1)Robert Yes
ECKELS, ROBERT F. Eckels, Lenore J. (1)Robert Yes
GRAVES,ROBERT/MARIAN Graves,Robert/Marian (1)Robert Yes
LAYNE, ROBERT Layne, Stephen (btr of Robert) (1)Robert Yes
MACKEN, JAMES F. Macken, Melba A. (1)Robert Yes
MOHRMANN, ROBERT L. Mohrmann, Carol J. (1)Robert Yes
MYERS, ROBERT j. Myers, Geraldine K. (1)Robert Yes
SHEARER, ROBERT Shearer, James (Son) (1)Robert (2)Dorothy Yes
WOOD1 Wood, Robert (Son) (1)Robert (2)Edna Fisher 3 4; 4 Yes
WHITTAM, HERBERT Whittam, Evelyn (Robert's Wife) (1)Robert (2)Herbert (3)Winifred 4 Yes
SHERIDAN,ROBT/JENNIE Donlon, Karen M. (Daughter) (1)Robert (2)Jennie Yes
CAPERS, HENRIETTA Featherston, Jon (Son) (1)Robert (3)Henrietta Yes
ROCHESTER, ROBERT F. Terrille, Kelly (Daughter) (1)Robert 2 3 4 Yes
MENIA, ROBERT J. Menia, Bruce (1)Robert 2)Emelia Yes
LANSING, ROBERT B./B Federoff, Leslie (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Bette 3 4 & (1)Lillian (2)C Yes
HAINES, ROBERT F. Strait, Kathleen H. (Daughter) (1)Robert (2)Catherine Yes
DEPP, ROBERT & DIANA Depp, Narma (Daughter) (1)Robert (2)Diana Yes
COUTTS,ROBERT/DORIAN Coutts,Robert/Dorian (1)Robert (2)Dorian Yes
HACKMAN, ROBERT S. Hackman, Thomas (Son) (1)Robert (2)Dorothy Yes
HARTWELL, ROBERT B S Lupe, Joanne (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Edith(3)robert Jr. (4)Joan Yes
CAREY, ROBERT L. & E Carey, Bruce L. (son) (1)Robert (2)Eleanor 3 Yes
CROWDER,ROBERT/FLORA Crowder,Robert/Flora (1)Robert (2)Flora Yes
ZIMMER, ROBERT C. DeConno, Sharon (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Gertrude Yes
PREUSSER,ROBERT/GRAC Coons, Barbara (1)Robert (2)Grace Yes
CLARKE, ROBERT W & H Hartnagle, Gail P. (grnd-dtr) (1)Robert (2)Hannah (3)John (4)Genevieve Yes
CAMPMAN, ROBERT L. VanAlstyne, Richard (son) (1)Robert (2)Helen Yes
JOHNSTONE, HELEN M. Feldkamp, Susan (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Helen Yes
ROSEBERRY,ROBERT/JAC Roseberry, Valerie A. (1)Robert (2)Jacquelyn 2)Kieth Yes
BARCHER, ELSIE S. Barcher, Elsie S. (1)Robert (2)Janice Yes
FREEMAN,ROBERT/JUDIT Freeman,Robert/Judith (1)Robert (2)Judith Yes
HUGHEY, ROBERT B Shea, Joan (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Katherine Yes
BRITTON, ROBERT J. Bell, Madeline (Daughter) (1)Robert (2)Loretta Yes
HAMM, ROBERT S. & MA Powers, Dorothy H. (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Mabel Yes
PRYBA, ROBERT A. Pryba, Joseph (son) (1)Robert (2)Madeline Yes
CHESNUT, ROBERT C. Hutchinson, Ruth (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Margaret (3)Nancy (4)Edward Yes
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT Urban, Mrs. Steven (dtr) (1)Robert (2)Marion 3 (4)Stephen Yes
DECKER, ROBERT K. Decker, Curtis (son) (1)Robert (2)Marjorie Yes
KING, ROBERT E. Franklin, Norma (Daughter) (1)Robert (2)Martha Yes
MACKAY,ROBERT/MELBA Armstrong, William F. (1)Robert (2)Melba Yes
LEWIS, ROBERT Lewis, Scott (1)Robert (2)Merlin Yes
MARSH, ROBERT J. Marsh, Robert J. (1)Robert (2)Ruth Yes
PHILLIPS, ROBERT J. McClure, Barbara (1)Robert (2)Shirley Yes
O'BRIEN, ROBERT J. Fox, Roberta (1)Robert (2)Vera Yes
RHODES, ROBERT H. Rhodes, Jeanetta(wife) (1)Robert (3)Sandra Yes
SCRAFFORD, ROBERT C. Scrafford, Priscilla R. (1)Robert (4)Ruth Yes
HILL, ROBERT M. HILL, BEATRICE L. (1)Robert / (1)Sadie Yes
BUNNECKE, ROBERT J. Bunnecke, Arlene D. (1)Robert 2 Yes
DITTRICH,ROBERT/PATR Dittrich,Robert/Patricia (1)Robert 2 Yes
JACKSON, ROBERT J. Jackson, Patricia A. (Wife/LO) (1)Robert 2 (3)James 4 Yes
KNOOP,ROBERT/LISA Knoop,Robert/Lisa (1)Robert 2 3 Yes
BUSHEY, ROBERT P. & Bushey, Lois E. (LO) (1)Robert 2 3 (4)Charles Yes
HOLMES, ROBERT J. Holmes, Anna S. (lo) (1)Robert 2 3 4 Yes
VAN DUZEE, ROBERT F. Van Duzee, Edna (lo) (1)Robert 2 3 4 Yes
VAN HOESEN, ROBERT Van Hoesen, William (nephew) (1)Robert 2)Eva Yes
MCNITT, ROBERT L. McNitt, David (Son) (1)Robert 2)Sarah Yes
HERRINGTON, ROBERT H Herrington, Ruth E. (1)Robert H. III (2)Robert H. Jr. Yes
VAN SLYKE,PAUL/ANNA Van Slyke,Paul/Anna (1)Robert Hammond (2)Anna(3)D.Rowell Yes
BARR, ROBERT J. Alheim, Patricia (Daughter) (1)Robert Jr. (2)Virginia (4)Robert Sr. Yes
WYLD,ROBERT/HELEN Wyld,Robert/Helen (1)Robert O. 2,3,4 Yes
BERG, ROBERT W. SR Berg, James Jr. (1)Robert Sr (2)Gertrude Yes
CRAGIN, ROBERT S. SR Cragin, Robert S. Sr. & Nellie L. (1)Robert Sr. (2)Robert Jr. (3)Nellie Yes
LAPAN, FRANK J. JR. Lapan, Marian R. (LO/Wife) (1)Robert Van Patten;(2)Frank Jr. 3 Yes
ROBINSON, ROBERT W. Robinson, Robert J. (Ralph's Brother) (1)Robert W. (2)Kate 3)Ralph 4 Yes
WHITTAKER,ROBERT/ALI Whittaker,Robert/Alice (1)Robert(2)Alice 3 4 Yes
WHITE SR,ROBERT/AMEL White Sr,Robert/Amelia (1)Robert(2)Amelia(3)E.Beach(4) Yes
OWEN, ROBERT R. (1)Robert(2)Ethel (3)Verl 4)James Yes
BOHEN, ROBERT W & MI Bohen, Mildred (1)Robert, 2 Yes
BENSON, ROBERT S & A Monast, Sharon (dtr) (1)Robert, 2,3,4 Yes
JENKINS, ROBERT L Haffner, Patricia (1)Roberta/(4)Robert Yes
VERRIGNI Verrigni, Marlene (LO) (1)Rocco 2 3 4 Yes
STANGLE, ANTHONY J. Harms, Linda (dtr) (1)Roger(2)Anthony/(1)William(3)Anthony Yes
MERRILL, ROLLAND A. Rice, Pamela (dtr) (1)Rolland (2)Evelyn Yes
DAVENPORT, ROLLO A. Davenport, Joan (dtr-in-law) (1)Rollo A. (2)Grace (3)Rollo R. 4 Yes
LA CHANCE, ROMEO La Chance, Wayne (LO/Son) (1)Romeo Yes
GUILBAULT, DAVID H. Guilbault, Rita (1)Ronald Yes
BARNARD, HELEN M. Barnard, Melva (Ronald's Wife) (1)Ronald (2)Homer (3)Helen Yes
ENGLISH, RONALD E. Swartz, Janice (niece) (1)Ronald 2 3 4 Yes
VERRUTO, RONALD J. Verruto, Florence (LO/Wife) (1)Ronnie 2 Yes
EVANS, WALTER W. & D Allen, Richard (son-in-law) (1)Rose (2)Walter 2)Nancy 3 4 Yes
FOLEY, EILEEN A. Hill (Foley), Eileen A. (1)Rosemary 1)Robert 2)John Yes
GAVIN, FREDERICK Hamilton, Sandra (dtr) (1)Ross (2)Marion/ (3)Frederick Yes
BECKER, ROY HENRY Becker, Richard G. (1)Roy (2)Anita (3)Harry 3)Rita Yes
BROWN, BEULAH, L. Brown, Beulah L. (1)Roy (2)Beulah Yes
McDONALD, ROY M. McDonald, Roy J. (Son) (1)Roy (2)Elaine Yes
PROPER, ROY H & MARY Proper, Timothy (grandson) (1)Roy (2)Mary (3)Timothy 4 Yes
VAN VALKENBURG, ROY Van Valkenburg, Ellen A. (LO) (1)Roy M. (2)Bessie (3)Roy P. 4 Yes
SCHAGER, RUDOLPH Schager, Theresa (1)Rudolph Yes
VALENTINO, RUDOLPH J Valentino, Janet G. (1)Rudolph Yes
DOOLEY,RUSSEL/THELMA Dooley,Russel/Thelma (1)Russel (2)Thelma Yes
HARTMAN, RUSSELL P. Hartman, Jean E. (1)Russell Yes
CAMADINE, RUSSELL R Camadine, Ronald (son) (1)Russell (2)Bertha Yes
BENOIT,RUSSELL/ANNE Benoit,Russell/Anne (1)Russell 2 Yes
SPERBECK,RUSSELL/ALI Sperbeck,Russell/Alice (1)Russell(2)Alice (4)John Yes
BRADLEY, ROBERTA L. Bradley, Roberta L. (1)Ruth Yes
ROWE, ROBERT D & RUT Weis, Pamela (Dtr) (1)Ruth (2)Robert Yes
SAUL, WILLIAM SR. Williams, Marcia (1)Ruth (2)William Yes
PATTON,LUTHER/RUTH Patton,Luther/Ruth (1)Ruth/Luther Yes
JERAM, JOHN H. JR Ovitt, John & Claudia (1)Sabrina (2)John Jr (2)John (3)Viola Yes
DINOVO,SALVATORE/JOA Dinovo,Salvatore/Joan (1)Salvatore (2)Joan/Robert Yes
DI BELLA, ALFRED L. Hulett, William (Executor) (1)Salvatore Sr. (2)Alfred Yes
FANTROY,SAMMIE/HENRI Fantroy, Loretta (1)Sammie 2 Yes
HAFF,SAMUEL JR/HILDA Haff,Samuel Jr/Hilda (1)Samue(2)Hilda 3 4 Yes
COCHRANE, SAMUEL A. Cochrane, Samuel A. (1)Samuel (2)Doris Yes
DEMARTINO, SAMUEL DeMartino, Josephine H. (1)Samuel 2 Yes
DAGUILLO,SAMUEL/ELIZ Daguillo, Elizabeth (LO) (1)Samuel A. 2 (3)Samuel S. 4 Yes
PONDILLO, SAMUEL J Edwards, Susan (dtr) (1)Samuel Sr. 1)Mark Jr. (2)Ruth Yes
WHITEHEAD,SAMUEL/ANN Whitehead,Samuel/Anna (1)Samuel(3)Dawn Marie(4)Samuel Jr Yes
BATES, GORDON, HAMLE Hamlet, Frances (1)Sandra (2)Deborah (3)Gordon (4)Lacy Yes
SHATTUCK Shattuck, Douglas/Genevieve (1)Sandra; 1 (2-Douglas 3)Genevieve Yes
BERNARDI, PAUL M. Bernardi, Paul M. (1)Sara Yes
KING, SAUL G. King, Saul G. & Holmes, Edith M. (1)Saul King (2)Edith Holmes Yes
SCRIVEN, NADINE K. Nash, Maureen (dtr) (1)Sheldon (2)Nadine Yes
ROBBINS, SHELDON, JR Robbins, Marion (2nd wife) (1)Sheldon, Jr. 2 3 4 Yes
ROBBINS, SHELDON, SR Robbins, Clyde (son?) (1)Sheldon, Sr. (2)Ruth 3 Yes
ENNIS, SHERWOOD H. Ennis, Marilyn M. (lo) (1)Sherwood 2)Taylor Yes
MC ENENY, TERENCE E. McEneny, Cathy (dtr) (1)Shirley /(3)Herman Yes
HUSSEY, PAUL R. Hussey, Jr., Paul (son) (1)Shirley/(2)Paul Sr/(3)Ruth Yes
GRANT, HAZEL P. & SI Hollenbeck, David (son) (1)Sidney (2)Hazel 3 Yes
PEPLOWSKI, SIGMUND F Peplowski, Sigmund F. Jr. (son) (1)Sigmund 2 3 4 Yes
MIODUCKI, SIGMUND F. Mioducki, William J. (1)Sigmund 2)Hazel Yes
BLIZINSKI, STANLEY Blizinski, Stanley (1)Stanley (2)Anna (3)George (4)Elfriede Yes
MEYERS,STANLEY/PAULI Meyers,Stanley/Pauline (1)Stanley (2)Floren (3)Pauline Yes
SADOWSKI,STANLEY/HEL Sadowski,Stanley/Helen (1)Stanley(2)Helen(4)John (5)Mary Yes
HANE, STANLEY (1)Stanley(2)Margaret(3)William(4)Sanfor Yes
BATES, STEPHEN B. Kennedy, Shirley (dtr) (1)Stephen Yes
MORRISON, STEPHEN A. Morrison, Bernard S. (son) (1)Stephen (2)Evelene Yes
LEFKOVITZ, STEPHEN Gallant, Sidney (bro) (1)Stephen (2)Kathleen Yes
GREGOR, STEPHEN Gregor, Stephen J. Jr. (Son) (1)Stephen (2)Mildred Yes
DEWITT Penn, Debra (1)Stephen Jr./Shirley 2)Stephen II Yes
BULLIS Bullis, Nellie (1)Stephen Sr. 2 3 4 Yes
POST Post, Lawrence (son) (1)Sterling (2)Norma Yes
CHOVAN, STEVE Chovan, Steve (Son) (1)Steve (2)Dorothy 3 4 Yes
LOFMAN, STIG Lofman, Donald S. (son) (1)Stig (2)Dorothy (3)William Yes
GRANT Grant, Marion E. (lo) (1)Stuart, Sr. 2 Yes
SMALLDONE, SIGNE E. Shumway, Diane (dtr) (1)Sylvester;(1)Signe Yes
HAMILTON, TABOR & NE Coroesbeck, Lynn (dtr) (1)Tabor (2)Nellie Yes
FURNARI Furnari, Michael A. (LO) (1)Teresa (2)Mario 3 4 Yes
MAYCHACK, THEODORE M Maychack, Marie (wife) (1)Theodore Yes
Baird, Dorothy R. Ryan, Stephanie (1)Theodore (2) Dorothy Yes
SELKE,THEODORE/BEVER Selke,Theodore/Beverly (1)Theodore (2)Beverly Yes
KILMER, THEODORE A & Kilmer, Theodore A & Rose (1)Theodore (2)Rose Yes
PELKEY,THEODORE/MYRT Pelkey,Theodore/Myrtle (1)Theodore(2)Myrtle Yes
MERTENS, THEODORE JR Mertens, III, Theo (son) (1)Theodore(3)William Yes
RITCHIE, THEODORE,JR Ritchie, Barbara S. (lo) (1)Theodore, Jr. 2 Yes
BARKMAN,THEODORE Barkman, Larry(son) (1)Theodore/(1)Elmeda (2)Theodore Sr. Yes
FAY, THERON S. & ALI Hargrave, Jean (dtr) (1)Theron (2)Alice 3 4 Yes
VAN DUNK Van Dunk, Kevin (son) (1)Theron(2)Mildred(3)Catherine Philyaw Yes
MARKS, THOMAS H. King Jr., John (Nephew) (1)Thomas (2)Mildred Yes
MULLIGAN, THOMAS E. Mulligan, Thomas E. III (son) (1)Thomas (2)Antoinette Yes
BROWN, THOMAS E. Brown, Thomas P. (son) (1)Thomas (2)Catherine Yes
Large, Thomas J. Armer, Janice (Daughter) (1)Thomas (2)Eleanor Yes
McGEE, THOMAS J. McGee, Gerald T. (son) (1)Thomas (2)Elsie Yes
O'ROARKE, THOMAS R. Campbell, Jean (niece) (1)Thomas (2)Helen Yes
CEELY, THOMAS J. Mgas, Elsie A. (1)Thomas (2)Isadora Yes
PRITCHARD, THOMAS H Carey, Susan (dtr) (1)Thomas (2)Lorraine Yes
ARMAO, THOMAS J SR & Armao, Robert E. (son) (1)Thomas (2)Marion (3)John Yes
FARRELL, THOMAS Hoellerich, Eileen (Daughter) (1)Thomas 2 3 (4)John Yes
COZZY, WILLIAM J. Breen, Kevin (Son) (1)Thomas A. (2)Florence 3 (4)Thomas Yes
NATALE,THOMAS/MARGAR Natale, Antoinette (1)Thomas J. (2)Margaret L. Yes
MCALLISTER, THOMAS M Maloney, Patricia (Daughter) (1)Thomas M. Jr. (2)Clara 3 4 Yes
MAXWELL, THOMAS Terry, Joanne (dtr) (1)Thomas(2)Eleanor Yes
SPAULDING, GLENDA R. Clark, Ronald (1)Thomas(2)Glenda (4)Eugene Yes
JONES,THOMAS/MABEL Jones,Thomas/Mabel (1)Thomas(2)Mabel(3)Henry(4)F.Bollinger Yes
HARRISON, THOMAS J. Foote, Mae A. (sister) (1)Thomas(2)Nettie(3)John Yes
GREEN, THOMAS J., JR Green, Mary T. (lo & wife) (1)Thomas, Jr. 2; 2 3 Yes
LARSON, THOR R. Larson, Gail (2nd Wife) (1)Thor (2)Dorothy Yes
VICALVI, JAMES Reed, Linda (dtr) (1)V. James (2)Shirley G. 3,4 Yes
DICIOCCIO, VALENTINO DiCioccio, Joan (Wife/LO) (1)Valentino 2 Yes
WALKER, VERNON Holman, Geraldine (dtr) (1)Vernon (2)Margarette (3)Mabel Yes
FOWLER, MARJORIE Fowler, Marjorie (1)Vernon 2 Yes
CERNIGLIA, MARGARET Cerniglia, Margaret (1)Vincent (2)Margaret Yes
ADAMS,THOMAS/RITA Adams, Thomas V. (1)Vincent (2)Rita (3)Mary Yes
POLSINELLI, VINCENT Polsinelli, Lawrence (1)Vincent (2)Rosemary Yes
MATRESE,VINCENT/RUTH Matrese,Vincent/Ruth (1)Vincent (2)Ruth Yes
RUGGIERO, NELLIE Ruggiero, Nellie (1)Vincent(2)Nellie(3)M.Gatti(4)Albert Yes
ADAMS Adams, Thomas P.(brother) (1)Vincent(2)Rita(3)Mary Yes
FINCH, VINTON J & LI Christoff, Barbara (dtr) (1)Vinton (2)Lillian 3 (4)Leland Yes
LAW, ROBERT & VIRGIN Law, Louise (dtr-in-law/Robert's wife) (1)Virginia (2)Harry (3)Robert 4 Yes
STOWELL, WALKER Stowell, Walker Jr (son) (1)Walker (2)Gertrude Yes
DILLENBECK,WALLACE/J Dillenbeck,Wallace/Joan (1)Wallace (2)Jean 3 4 Yes
SMART, WALLACE F. Smart, Rosemary C. (wife/LO) (1)Wallace 2 Yes
NOLES, MARGARET M. Noles, Margaret M. (1)Wally Yes
JONES, WALTER F. Jones, Ellen (1)Walter Yes
BACHTELER,WALTER/HIL Galsten, Hilda (Daughter) (1)Walter (2)Hilda 4)Evert Yes
YEARSLEY,WALTER/JEAN Dobert, Lynne (dtr) (1)Walter (2)Jean Yes
BENTLEY, WALTER C JR Bentley, Ron (son) (1)Walter (2)Audrey Yes
ECKHART, WALTER ROBE Greco, Jacqueline L. (1)Walter (2)Betty Yes
ROBERTS, WALTER J. Claffie, Mrs. Richard (niece) (1)Walter (2)Dora Yes
DUNDON, WALTER A. Morris, Marilyn (friend) (1)Walter (2)Dorothy Yes
WACHOWICZ,WALTER/EDI Wachowicz, Kenneth (Son) (1)Walter (2)Edith (3)Roy Moore 4 Yes
BERG WALTER Snay, Janet M. (dtr) (1)Walter (2)Ethel 3))David Yes
BARNES, WALTER E. Barnes,Walter/Grace (1)Walter (2)Grace Yes
SAUL, WALTER M. Hotaling, Grace (daughter) (1)Walter (2)Grace Yes
TIMMERS, WALTER J. Henstenberg, Della (dtr) (1)Walter (2)Hilda Yes
KLEE,WALTER/JOANNE Coffey, Karen (dtr) (1)Walter (2)Joanne 3 Yes
SENECAL, WALTER C. Senecal, Melvin & Charlotte (son) (1)Walter (2)Zada (3)Alan 4 Yes
ALHEIM, WALTER E & J Alheim, Jean T. (1)Walter (3)Barbara Yes
MINER, WALTER W. Swayner, Cheryl (dtr) (1)Walter 1)Gladys 2)Rebecca Yes
ROACH, WALTER R. & H Roach, Helen H. (lo) (1)Walter 2 Yes
BUDDENHAGEN, LESTER Buddenhagen, Gary (son) (1)Walter 234; 12(3)Florence3)Lester Yes
RABBE, WALTER H. & F Rabbe, Frances (lo) (1)Walter 2; (1)Gregg Yes
MARPE, WALTER R. Marpe, Mary R. (LO/Wife) (1)Walter H. (2)Walter R. 3 4 Yes
RUTH,WALTER/JENNIE Ruth,Walter/Jennie (1)Walter Sr(2-Jennie (3)Walter Jr. Yes
ROCHON,WALTER/AGNES Rochon,Walter/Agnes (1)Walter(2)Agnes(3)A.McRedmond Yes
PHELPS, MARION B. Phelps, Marion/Duval Walter/Anita (1)Walter(2)Anita(3)Hetty Yes
FREITAG,WALTER/GERTR Freitag,Walter/Gertrude (1)Walter(2)Gertrude Yes
MINKLER, WALTER J. Brammer, Gail E. (dtr) (1)Walter(2)Venesa(3)Donald(4)Bruce Yes
SIMMONS,WALTER/VIRGI Simmons,Walter/Virginia (1)Walter(2)Virginia Yes
SUPLEY, WALTER, SR. Supley, Walter, Jr. (son) (1)Walter, Sr. 2 3)Kent Yes
BARTHOLOMEW,WALTER/C Bartholomew,Walter/Charlotte (1)Walter/Charlotte(2)Patricia Yes
WALLACE, WALTON P. Bergami, Trisha (dtr) (1)Walton Yes
DRIVER, WILLARD C. Driver, Timothy D. (1)Wanda/ 1)Daniel (3)Willard Yes
Potter, Florence E. Deere, Harvey (btr) (1)Ward (2)Florence Yes
AMSLER,WARNER/ETHEL Amsler,Warner/Ethel (1)Warner(2)Ethel(3)Duane Yes
CAULFIELD, WARREN H. Caulfield, Doris S. (1)Warren Yes
WINSLOW Winslow, Warren A. Jr. (Son) (1)Warren (2)Ethel 3 4 Yes
SHERWOOD,WARREN/SHIR Sherwood,Warren/Shirley (1)Warren (2)Shirley Yes
CONNORS, WARREN J. (1)Warren (2)Beatrice/ (3)John Yes
ROMMEL, WARREN W Johnson, Marilyn (dtr) (1)Warren (2)Marion 3 Yes
WINSLOW, WARREN E. Winslow, Warren A. Jr. (Son) (1)Warren Sr. (2)Charlotte Yes
WHITE,WARREN/SHIRLEY White,Warren/Shirley (1)Warren(2)Jean 3 4 Yes
AHERN, WARREN F. & L Ahern, Donald (son) (1)Warren, 1)Donald, (2)Loretta Yes
WEATHERHOLTZ, WAYNE Weatherholtz, Wayne (1)Wayne Yes
SCHROM,GEORGE/ELNORA Schrom, George S. (1)Wayne (2)Elnora(3)George(4)Mark Yes
HOPKINS,WELLINGTON/G Hopkins,Wellington/Grayce (1)Wellington,Jr. Yes
HALLENBECK1 Hallenbeck, Ruth L. (lo) (1)Wendell 2 Yes
WEAVER,WESLEY/ALICE Weaver Joan E. (wife to Wesley Jr) (1)Wesley Sr (2)Alice (3)Wesley Jr Yes
HART, ARTHUR J. Hart, Margaret (1)Wesley(2)Arthur(3)Elizabeth4)Clifford Yes
LOVE, WESLEY E. Morris, Robert J. (1)Wesley(2)Gladys(3)Evelyn(4)Roscoe Yes
BESWICK,WILBUR/EDNA Beswick,Wilbur/Edna (1)Wilbur (2)Edna (3)Lucy (4)Hazel Yes
FOWLER, WILFORD P. & Wood, Jean (dtr) (1)Wilford (2)Lena (3)Wendell (4)Gary Yes
TEBO, WILFRED & ANNA Tebo, Wilfred O. & Anna I. (LO's) (1)Wilfred (2)Anna Yes
DOOLEY, WILLIAM J. & Dooley, Sandra A. (lo) (1)Willam J. 2 3 4 Yes
HARRINGTON, WILLARD Harrington, Margaret H. (1)Willard Yes
WEIS, WILLARD J. JR Weis, Lucy C. (1)Willard (2) Yes
NEWMAN, WILLARD L. McSween, Janice (dtr) (1)Willard (2)Grace Yes
KEPNER, WILLARD P. Schantz, Judith (dtr) (1)Willard (2)Julia 3 4 Yes
VAN VRANKEN, WILL JR Van Vranken, Will Jr. (1)Willard Jr(2)Virginia 3 4 Yes
SCHAUBLE, WILLARD G Schauble, Willard G. Jr. (brother) (1)Willard(2)Augusta(3)Albert(4)Winifed Yes
AHEARN, EDNA M. Ahearn, Edna M. (1)William Yes
BAILEY,WILLIAM/HELEN Bailey,William/Helen (1)William Yes
Ganter, William G. Seamans, Pamela S. (Daughter) (1)William Yes
LOCKART, WILLIAM D. Lockart, Michael W. (1)William Yes
LONGOBARDI, WILLIAM Longobardi, Rosemary (1)William Yes
MACKEY, WILLIAM C. Mackey, Patricia B. (1)William Yes
MAJORY, WARREN Majory, Warren (1)William Yes
MARTIN3 Martin, Mary Jane (lo) (1)William Yes
OSTERHOUT, WILLIAM J Osterhout, Phyllis M. (1)William Yes
SWART, WILLIAM/JUNE Swart, Marcus (son) (1)William Yes
TWEEDY, WILLIAM C. (1)William Yes
GOODING, WILLIAM C. Gooding, David C. (Son) (1)William (2)Dorothy Yes
SHIELDS, MARY A. McFarland, Susan (Daughter) (1)William (2)Mary Niles Shields Yes
WIRASNIK Wirasnik, Wendy (Daughter) (1)William (2)Ruth 3 4 Yes
WHITNEY, WILLIAM J. Zito, Mary Ann (Daughter) (1)William (2)Stasia Yes
VOSBURGH, SANDRA Vosburgh, Sandra Temple (1)William (1-2)Minnie 3,4 Yes
PICARD, WILLIAM H. Picard, William H. (1)William (2) Mary Yes
BROWN, WILLIAM E & A Brown, Barbara (dtr) (1)William (2)Alice 3,4 Yes
WORMER, WILLIAM E. Wormer, William E. (1)William (2)Ann Yes
FLANDERS,WILLIAM/ANN Flanders,William/Ann (1)William (2)Ann(3)Albert 3)Mary Kather Yes
MACDONALD, WILLIAM A MacDonald, Sandra (wife) (1)William (2)Arlene Yes
NORTHRUP,SR WILLIAM Northrop, William G. (son) (1)William (2)Blanche 2)William Yes
DIBACCO1 DiBacco, Carol A. (William's Daughter) (1)William (2)Carol A. I Yes
STAPLES, WILLIAM H. Staples, Randy (son) (1)William (2)Dorothy Yes
GALBRAITH, WILLIAM G Galbraith, Robert W. (1)William (2)Dorothy (3)Joseph Yes
KELLEY, WILLIAM H & Kelley, Jack (son) (1)William (2)Dorothy 3 Yes
RAIBLE, WILLIAM E. Raible, William, Jr. (son) (1)William (2)Dorothy 3 4 Yes
BAILEY, WILLIAM W. Bailey, Brian (relationship unknown) (1)William (2)Edna Yes
FILKINS, EDWARD & GO Filkins, Ernest (son) (1)William (2)Edward (3)Goldia Yes
CONNALLY, WILLLIAM J Connally, Joyce (1)William (2)Eleanor Yes
BRIERE, WILLIAM F. & Bowen-Briere, Priscilla (2nd wife of LO (1)William (2)Elizabeth Yes
THORNTON,WILLIAM/ELI Sheldon, James (1)William (2)Elizabeth Yes
GREENE,WILLIAM/ELIZA Petkiewitz, Nancy (dtr) (1)William (2)Elizabeth 3 4; 5 6 Yes
SCHUBERT, WILLIAM E Johnson, Norma (dtr) (1)William (2)Ethel Yes
SPEERS, WILLIAM J. Haynes, Martha (dtr) (1)William (2)Florence (4)Robert Yes
BIENICK, WILLIAM W. Gaudette, Linda (Daughter) (1)William (2)Frances Yes
RAPP, WILLIAM C. Rapp, William C. & Gertrude G. (LO's) (1)William (2)Gertrude Yes
HAINS, WILLIAM/GRACE Hains, Brian A. (Son) (1)William (2)Grace 3 4 Yes
LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM M Lieberman, Helga (wife) (1)William (2)Gregory Yes
ANDREWS, WILLIAM F. Condon, Donna (Daughter) (1)William (2)Hazel Yes
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM SR Johnston, Jr., William (1)William (2)Hazel Yes
SKILLING, WILLIAM R. Frisbee, Sandra (dtr) (1)William (2)Hazel Yes
DRAKE, HEDWIG Raviola, Edith (niece) (1)William (2)Hedwig Yes
BELL, WILLIAM H. Phillips, William (Son) (1)William (2)Helen Yes
BRADT, WILLIAM D. Ferris, Jane (str) (1)William (2)Helen Yes
CLUM, WILLIAM E. Havens, June (AFI) (1)William (2)Ilah 3 Yes
BLAKE, WILLIAM C. Blake, George H. (Son) (1)William (2)Iona Yes
GUDZ, WILLIAM & IVA Gudz, Joy (dtr) (1)William (2)Iva 3,4 Yes
BRAGG, WILLIAM F. Fraley, Gloria (str-in-law of Jean-LO) (1)William (2)Jean Yes
BLAKEMAN, WILLIAM L. Blakeman, James E. (son) (1)William (2)Jean (3)Robert Yes
SILVERNAIL, WILLIAM Silvernail, Jr., Dr. William (1)William (2)Laura Yes
HUBBS, WILLIAM A. Hubbs, Jackie (Daughter) (1)William (2)Margaret (3)Paul (4)Helen Yes
SMITH, WILLIAM H/MAR Leyshon, Mrs. Robert (str) (1)William (2)Marion (3)Frank Hebard 4 Yes
JONES, WILLIAM Austin, Donna M. (1)William (2)Martha (3)Paul Yes
NASH, WILLIAM J. Nash, William (son) (1)William (2)Mary Yes
PLATT, WILLIAM H. Shanley, Elizabeth (1)William (2)Mary Yes
SCHADE, WILLIAM A. Schade, Christine (dtr) (1)William (2)Mary Yes
BUSHER, WILLIAM J. & Gifford, Joyce (dtr) (1)William (2)Mary 3 4 Yes
FOSS, WILLIAM A. Kyme, Marilyn (1)William (2)Mildred 3)Joseph Yes
KREIDLER, WILLIAM LY Kreidler, Ann (dtr) (1)William (2)Natalie Yes
HARDING, WILLIAM G. Hays, Beverly Harding (1)William (2)Nettie Yes
MARTIN, WILLIAM & PA Lantz, Andrea (dtr) (1)William (2)Pauline Yes
CAMERON, WILLIAM B & Jones, Carol A. (dtr) (1)William (2)Rose Yes
SWEET, WILLIAM/ROSEM Sweet, Marie (dtr) (1)William (2)Rosemary Yes
BLANCHARD, SHIRLEY J Mahar, James V., Sr. (1)William (2)Shirley Yes
ALLEN, WILLIAM J. Allen, Dennis W. (son) (1)William (2)Theresa Yes
STACKMAN, WILLIAM J. Smith, Donna (niece) (1)William (2)Victorine (3)Craig Yes
KENT, WINIFRED Sillery, John B. (bro) (1)William (2)Winifred 3 Yes
MCCABE, WILLIAM Bennett, Charles (1)William (2)Zepherine Yes
SHADLE,WILLIAM/AUDRE Shadle,William/Audrey (1)William (2-Audrey Yes
ERTEL,WILLIAM/CHARLO Houle, Kathleen (1)William (2-Charlotte Yes
DOWLING,WILLIAM/ELIZ Dowling, William/Elizabeth (1)William (2-Elizabeth Yes
PICARD,WILLIAM/MARY Picard, David (1)William (2-Mary Jane Yes
DEGROOT, WILLIAM Finning, Gary (nephew) (1)William (3)Mary / (1)Mary 2)Evelyn Yes
STARK, RUSSELL W. Stark, Deborah (1)William (3)Steven Yes
ALBRECHT, JOSEPH C & Albrecht, Marie (1)William (4)Joseph Yes
TICE, WILLIAM F. Huestis, Elaine(dtr) (1)William / (2)Joshua Yes
BOATWRIGHT, WILLIAM Boatwright, Frances S. (1)William 2 Yes
Swann, William E. Sr Swann, Lillian (lo) (1)William 2 Yes
TETRAULT, WILLIAM/ED Tetrault, Editha E. (lo) (1)William 2 Yes
DAVIS, FRANCES J. Davis, Frances J. (1)William 2 (3)Frances (4)Carson Yes
LENNOX, ESTHER K. Lennox, Esther K. (1)William 2 (3)Herbert (4)Esther Yes
BRIND, WILLIAM D. & Brind, Carla C. (LO) (1)William 2 3 4 Yes
SISSON Sisson, Loretta (wife/LO) (1)William 2 3 4 Yes
LENEHAN,WILLIAM/RUTH Lenehan, Richard (1)William 2 3 4)William Yes
LAND, WILLIAM V./EVE Guidice, Elizabeth (dtr) (1)William 2)Evelena Yes
HAFNER,WILLIAM/ZITA Hafner,William/Zita (1)William 2)Zita A. Yes
SCHULTZ, WILLIAM C Blair, Susan E. Schultz (dtr) (1)William C Jr (2)Edith K (3)William R Yes
YANKOWSKI, WILLIAM F Yankowski, Thomas (son) (1)William F. (2)Dorothy V. Yes
WINCHESTER, WILLIAM Winchester, William G. (son) (1)William G., Sr. (2)Lorena 3 4 Yes
BEYER,WILLIAM/ADA Beyer,William/Ada (1)William K(2)Ada(3)William A(4)Lorrain Yes
VOGEL, WILLIAM P. McHale, Kathleen (dtr) (1)William P. (2)Jean E. Yes
WRIGHT3 Wright, Nigel (son) (1)William S (2)Annie L (3)William S 4 Yes
VENTER, WILLIAM SR. Hoffman, Joyce (Daughter) (1)William Sr. (2)Lillian Yes
BERNADT, WILLIAM F & Knauf, Kathryn (dtr) (1)William Sr. (2)Mildred,3 (4)Jay Sr. Yes
ROBITAILLE,WILLIAM/M Robitaille,William/Mary (1)William Sr./Mary 2 Yes
IRVING,WILLIAM/ANNA Irving,William/Anna (1)William(2)Anna(3)William(4)R.Audi Yes
WALSH,WILLIAM/DORIS Walsh,William/Doris (1)William(2)Doris Yes
MEISNER, ELIZABETH M Lasher, Dawn (dtr) (1)William(2)Elizabeth Yes
DUGAN, WILLIAM E. & Dugan, Donna (daughter) (1)William(2)Grace Yes
OSBORN, WILLIAM E. Osborn, Mark (1)William(2)Grace(3)Viola(4)Peter Yes
CALDER,WILLIAM/ISABE Calder,William/Isabella (1)William(2)Isabella(3)D.Savoca Yes
COOK,WILLIAM/LINDA Cook,William J/Linda A. (1)William(2)Linda Yes
REVELL,WILLIAM/MARGA Revell,William/Margaret (1)William(2)Margaret Yes
WELLS,WILLIAM/MARJOR Wells,William/Marjorie/Karen (1)William(2)Marjorie(3)Richard 4 Yes
BONESTEEL,WILLIAM/RU Bonesteel,William/Ruth (1)William(2)Ruth Yes
CAMPBELL, WM. H. SR. Bardsley, Cindy (1)William(2)W.M. H.3)Doris(4)Harold Yes
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM/ED Menty, Mrs. Alden (dtr) (1)William, Sr. (2)Edna (3)William, Jr. Yes
PEEK,WILLIAM/MILDRED Peek,William/Mildred (1)William/Mildred 2 Yes
BONAVITA, WILLIE D (1)Willie (2)Harriet (3)Willie Jr. Yes
OAKES,WILLIS/CLEO Oakes, Christine A. (1)Willis(2)Patricia(3)Willis Jr4)Clayto Yes
TRUEWORTHY,WILLIAM/A Trueworthy,William/Alice (1)Willliam(2)Alice(3)Nadiene/R.Whitmrs Yes
NICHOL, WILSON L. Nichol, Kurt (son) (1)Wilson(2)Lillian3)Joan3))Karl4)Nancy Yes
MAURER,WINSTON/DIANE Maurer,Winston/Diane (1)Winston (2)Diane Yes
TEFFT,WINTHROP/LUCIL Tefft, Winthrop P. & Lucille I. (LO's) (1)Winthrop (2)Lucille 3 4 Yes
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM M. Reynolds, William(son) (1)Wm(2)Audrey(3)Margaret Yes
ROBERTS, WILLIAM T. Bates, Florence (str of Margaret) (1)Wm. (2)Catherine (3)Margaret 4 Yes
GRAY,WILLIAM/CARRIE Colvin, Milford & Karen (AFI) (1)Wm. H. (2)Carrie 3)George; 1 2 Yes
DORMANDY Dormandy, William L., Jr. (son) (1)Wm. L. Sr. (2)Helen (3)Robert 4 5 6 Yes
Thayer, Arthur W. Miller, Robert (son) (1)Wm. Miller & 1; (4)Arthur & (1)Irene Yes
MORRIS, WOODROW Grimm, Lynne (1)Woodrow(2)Lois(3)Ronald Yes
TIBBETTS,WRAY/LILLIA Tibbetts,Wray/Lillian (1)Wray Sr(2)Lillian(3)Marguerite(4)Wray Yes
LEVAN, ZANE D. LeVan, Kay Ellen (wife/LO) (1)Zane 2/3 4 Yes
BRYK, ZYGMUNT A. Montanye, Patricia (dtr) (1)Zygmunt (2)Dorris Yes
GRANT, EARL P., SR Grant, Earl P., Jr. (son) (1-2)Earl, Sr. (2-3)Lulu Yes
HOTALING, THEODORE R Skonieczny, Mary (Niece) (1-2)Floyd (2-3)Euretta 4 5 (6)Frances Yes
DEBEVOISE, GEORGE J DeBevoise, John D. (son) (1-2)George (2-3)Jane Yes
KNIGHT, JAMES W. Hall, Frank (frd) (1-2)James (2-3)Sarah Yes
SMURTHWAITHE, JOHN/M Smurthwaite, John & Marie K(both dec'd) (1-2)John (2-3)Marie Yes
POMYKAI, JOSEPH F Benson, Helena (dtr) (1-2)Joseph (2-3)Mildred Yes
NORTON, ROBERT A. Berger, Ruth (1-2)Robert (2-3)Alice Yes
PEEK,ROBERT SR/MARY Peek,Robert Sr/Mary (1-A) Yes
RICCI,AMELIO/MARY/MI Ricci,Amelio/Mary/Michael (1-A)Amelio(1-B)Mary Yes
DOMINSKI Dominski, Paul E. (1-A)Dawn Yes
SKIBIK,JOSEPH/HELEN Skibik,Joseph/Helen (1-A)Joseph(1-B)Helen Yes
KETCHAM,WALTER/MARY/ Ketcham,Walter/Mary/Mary Ann (1-B)Mary R(2-A)Walter Yes
SHAGALSKI,JOSEPH/MER Shagalski,Joseph/Marjorie (1-H)Joseph III Yes
ABELE,JOHN/LINDA Abele, Robert (1-John Yes
SCHERER, JOHN H. & M Hoellerich, Denise (dtr) (1-up Madelyn (1-low John Yes
VOGEL,WILLIS/ELEANOR Vogel, Muriel (1-Willis (2)Eleanor H. 3,4 Yes
BARRINGER Barringer, Jeff (son) (108-B)Robert (109-B)Joan Yes
HILLEBRANDT, ESTHER Lussier, Joyce (sister) (10louis (2)Esther (3)Rodney Yes
TAAFFE,ALBERT/CATHER Taafe, Albert III (11)Albert Jr (12)Catherine (24)Lillian Yes
FAKE, EFFIE M. Fake, Vincent A. (unknown) (11)Effie (12)Reed Yes
ROBINSON, PAUL W. Robinson, Paula (Daughter) (11)Paul; (9)Mildred Yes
AMODEO,PAUL/GRACE Amodeo,Paul/Grace (11-E)Grace Yes
SHATRAW, WILFRED R. Spaulding, Glenda R. (Daughter) (110-D)Muriel (111-D)Wilfred Yes
DORAN,THOMAS/PATRICI Doran,Thomas/Patricia (111-E)Thomas Sr Yes
VECERE,GEORGE/ANN Vecere,George/Ann (112)Ann (113)George Yes
FLETCHER,FREDERICK/N Fletcher,Frederick/Nancy (117)Frederick (118)Nancy Yes
ALBERTSON, MARTIN & Wilson, James (exec. of will) (118D)Martin (117D)Edwina Yes
STEENBURGH,ROBERT/RE Steenburgh, Regina (119-E)Robert Yes
CIOPPA,MICHAEL/JANIC Cioppa,Michael/Janice (1215-01)Janice Yes
GOODFRIEND,DONALD/RA Goodfriend, Rachele V. (124-G)Donald Yes
ALBERT,FRANK/RETHA Albert,Frank/Retha (13) Frank (14)Retha Yes
MCAVOY, PAULINE A. McAvoy, Pauline A. (13)John Yes
TURNER,VERNARD/BARBA Trier, Faith (13)Vernard/Barbara (15)Bennett Yes
RIBERDY,ERNEST/COGET Nerf, Deborah (135)Ernest/Congetta(136)Rose Yes
TYGART, CHARLES H. (14 15)Charles (15 16)Grayce Yes
ROE,ARDEN/JOAN Roe, Joan M. (142-C/1)Gladys Neal (142-C3)Arden Yes
BRUGEON, ROY L. Teal, Diane (14E) Roy (15E)Esther Yes
WEEKES, JAMES D. Weekes, Ann (19)James (20)Hazel (22)Merlin (23)Marie Yes
LA BAR, RALPHF. & DO Dzikowski, Laura (grddtr) (19)Ralph (20)Dorothea Yes
SIEGEL, ALAN & MARIA Siegel, Christopher (son) (1A) Alan (1B) Maria Yes
LOWDEN, LESLIE V. Lowden Jr., Leslie (1A) Leslie (1B) Catherine Yes
JONES, ALLAN J. Galuski, Linda (niece) (1A)Allan (1B)Julia Yes
SKODA, RAYMOND E. Skoda, Spencer (son) (1A)Audrey (1B)Raymond Yes
DUELL, SR CLARENCE E Duell, Clarence E. (1A)Benjamin(1B)Doris/ (5)Benjamin F. Yes
PAGLICCIA,PHILLIP SR Sally, Theresa C. (1A)Clara (1B)Phillip Yes
FOSTER,DONALD/EVELYN Foster, Daniel A. (son) (1A)Donald (1B)Evelyn Yes
DAUS, DONALD F. & LE Daus, Leatrice M. (LO) (1A)Donald 1B Yes
WELSH, JOSEPH/EDNA Pelletier, Diane (step-dtr) (1A)Edna (1B)Joseph Yes
Jablonowski, Doris M Teal, Donna (dtr) (1A)Edward (1B)Doris Yes
MATTICE,EDWARD/PATRI Mattice, Paul (1A)Edward (1B)Patricia Yes
KAYSER, EDWARD J, JR Kayser, Gary (son) (1A)Edward, Jr. (1B)Barbara Yes
JUNCO,ELOY/MARGARE Junco,Eloy/ Margaret (1A)Eloy (1-marker)Margaret Yes
KYEA Abbott, Frances (Daughter) (1A)Eugene (1B)Joyce Yes
KILLGALLEN, FRANCIS Killgallen, Marguerite H. (1A)Francis 1B Yes
SWINNEY,FRANKLIN/ANN Swinney,Franklin/Ann Marie (1A)Franklin (1B)Ann Marie Yes
COBART, EARL E & GER Cobart, Earl E. (1A)Gertrude 1B Yes
BOINK,HAROLD/CLARA Boink,Harold/Clara (1A)Harold, (1B)Clara Yes
HAYWARD, HENRY J. SR Southland, Sandra (1A)Henry Sr. (1B)Margaret Yes
DIAMOND, HUGH & JEAN Diamond, Michael (Son) (1A)Hugh 1B Yes
VARRIALE, JAMES R. Varriale, Carole L. (LO) (1A)James 1B Yes
PENROSE, JAMES H. Langer, Mary S. (sis) (1A)James (1B)Hannah Yes
BROMLEY, JAMES Bromley,James/Marie (1A)James (1B)Marie Yes
FRENCH, JAMES F. French, Catherine (Wife) (1A)James 1B Yes
HALE,CHARLES/JEAN Hale,Charles/Jean (1A)Jean Yes
CRAMER,JOHN/CONCETTA Cramer,John/Concetta (1A)John (1B)Concetta Yes
HARTLEY,JOHN/GLORIA Hartley, John (1A)John (1B)Gloria Yes
Sendzicki, John F. Sendzicki, Carol A. (lo) (1A)John 1B Yes
BARAKAT Barakat, S.Joseph & Shirley A. (1A)Joseph(1B)Shirley Yes
SIMMONS, ROGER C. Simmons, Roger C. (1A)Juanita (1B)Roger / (2)Jeffrey Yes
CANFIELD, EDWARD F. Canfield, Gary (Son) (1A)Mary (1B)Edward Yes
BARDIN, BRUCE/MELODY Bardin, Bruce A. (1A)Melody Yes
Larkin Jr., Millerd Larkin, Mary L. (1A)Millerd Jr. 1B Yes
HINE, MURIEL L. Kinney, Muriel (1A)Muriel Hine (1B) Yes
REINHART, NELSON M Winnie, Virginia (dtr) (1A)Ona (1B)Nelson Yes
FONTAINE, PIERRE C. Fontaine, Barbara (1A)Pierre Yes
Kistner, Richard/Aud Staples, Audrey (dtr) (1A)Richard (1B)Audrey L. Yes
McCURDY,RUSSELL/MARY McCurdy Jr, Russell (1A)Russell (1B)Mary Yes
WINDOVER,KENNETH/THE Windover,Kenneth/Theresa (1A)Theresa M. (1B)Kenneth Yes
ABRAHAM, WALLACE A. Abraham, Laura M. (LO) (1A)Wallace Yes
DENN Denn-House, Norma (dtr) (1A)William J. Sr. (1B)Georgette Yes
PERRY, RAYMOND J. Gore, Sylvia (dtr) (1D)Raymond 2D Yes
THOM, LEONARD E. Thom, Leonard E. (LO) (1E)Rosalie 2E Yes
MANTELLO, DOMINICK Mantello, Alice (lo) (1F)Dominick 2F 3F; 4F)Carmen Yes
COONS,JOHN JR/MILDRE Coons,John Jr/Mildred (1Mildred (2)Karen 3 (4)Phyllis Yes
BULLOCK,JAMES/HELEN Bullock, Helen F. (1st) James T. Yes
CALIFANO,STEPHEN/LEN Califano, Dr. Robert (son) (1st) Lenore, (2nd) Stephen Yes
NAVARETTA,FRED/EDITH Navaretta,Fred/Edith (1st)Fred Yes
ACKER, ALBERT & BEAT Acker, Albert & Beatrice (2) Albert (3)Beatrice Yes
SALLY, ALECK E. Sally, Gertrude E. (wife) (2) Aleck Yes
HIGGINS, ALFRED J. Higgins, Audrey E. (dtr) (2) Alfred (3) Emily (4) Alan Yes
LOVEJOY, CHARLES R. Vadney, Dorothy (sister) (2) Charles (3) Marjorie Yes
St.John, Irene C. Durrick, Karen (dtr) (2) Earl (3) Irene Yes
FLESHMAN,ERNEST/MARJ Fleshman, Ronald E. (son) (2) Ernest (3) Marjorie Yes
LUCE, GEORGE F. Teator, Margaret (2) George (3) Elizabeth (3) Charles Yes
KROMPHARDT, RUTH H. Cummings, Kathleen (dtr) (2) H. Ruth (3) Ralph Yes
BACHTELER, WALTER A. Bachteler, Walter (2) Hilda 4)Evert Carlson (brother) Yes
MORAN, JOHN F. Lajeunesse, Susan (2) John Yes
SCHLANSKER, JOHN F. Marks, Wilfred (nephew) (2) John (3) Nellie Yes
BRADT, GEORGE M. Bradt, George M. (2) Mae Yes
MCGRATH, PHILIP E. McGrath, Thomas (son) (2) Philip (3) Marie Yes
JEWETT, RAYMOND J. Jewett, Jr., Raymond (2) Raymond Sr. Yes
JEWETT, RAYMOND J.SR (2) Raymond Sr. Yes
ACKERMAN, ROBERT E Wheeler, Regina (dtr) (2) Robert (3) Lois Yes
ALBERT,CORNELIUS A. Albert, Cornelius (2) Rosalind Yes
SWITALSKI, ALBERT W. Switalski, Mary E. (wife) (2)Albert W. Yes
ZORR, JOSEPH J. MacDonald, Ann(dtr) (2)Albert(3)EsterM.(4-5)Joseph(5-6)Esthe Yes
RANKIN, HELEN T. & H Carhart, Cecilia (dtr) (2)Albert; (3)Helen & 1 2 Yes
ZYRA, MARY Zyra, Mary (2)Alexander Yes
KRAMER, ALFRED/LOIS Kramer,Alfred/Lois (2)Alfred (3)Lois (4)Maud Yes
BEST, ALFRED L & VER Best, Joseph (son) (2)Alfred (3)Vera Yes
POWERS, JOHN H. JR. Powers, John H. Jr. (2)Alice Yes
SHEPHERD,ANDREW/MART Shepherd,Andrew/Martha (2)Andrew (3)Martha Yes
JOHNSON, SEWARD M Johnson, Dorothy (sister) (2)Anita 2)Seward Yes
DURHAM, DONALD W & A Durham, Donald W. (2)Annabelle 3 Yes
HUNTLEY, BARBARA ANN Fazio, Cheri (dtr) (2)Barbara (3)Carl Sr. (4)Carl Yes
AVIZA, BERNARD A & P Aviza, Priscilla J. (2)Bernard Yes
BERGAMI,BRUNO/PATRIC Bergami,Bruno/Patricia (2)Bruno (3)Patricia Yes
BRICKLEY, CARL L. & Flashover, Deborah (dtr) (2)Carl (3)Lorraine Yes
FARMER, CHARLES E. Farmer, Diane (2)Charles Yes
HAYNES,CHARLES/JOAN Haynes,Charles/Joan (2)Charles Yes
TEELING, ROBERT L. Teeling, James P. (Brother) (2)Charles (3)Robert (4)Irene Yes
MAILLOUX, CHARLES P. Mailloux, Elizabeth (2)Charles (3)Elizabeth Yes
FOX, MARGARET Clawson, Barry (nephew) (2)Charles (3)Margaret Yes
VANDENBERGH,CHARLES/ VanDenbergh, Charles (2)Charles (3)Martha(4)Janet Yes
CRAFT, CHARLES A. Gallagher, Connie (Daughter) (2)Charles (3)Myrtle 3)Wilbur Yes
CASSCLES, LOUISE A. Casscles, Louise A. (2)Charles 3 Yes
HARRIS,CHARLES/JUNE Harris,Charles/June (2)Charles(3)June Yes
DAVANAU, ROYAL A. Dolezal, Darla (dtr) (2)Clara (2)Royal Yes
HARRELL, CLARENCE L. Harrell, Doris P. (2)Clarence 2)Steven Yes
PRESTON, CLINTON SR Albertine, Peggy (dtr) (2)Clinton Sr. (3)Dorothy Yes
PLUMB, GALEN R. (2)Cora / (3)Galen (4)Norma Yes
HAYES, N. ROBERT & A Margitan, Mike (btr of lo-David) (2)David Yes
ROBERTS, DAVID J/EDI Roberts, Edith (lo-dec'd) (2)David J. (3)Edith Yes
GALLOP, DAVID F. Gallop, David F. (2)David Jr Yes
RING, DAVID A., SR. Ring, David A., Jr. (son) (2)David, Sr. (3)Barbara (4)Terrance Yes
DIERKS,ROBERT/HELEN Dierks, Danton (2)Diana (3)Robert (4)Helen Yes
THOMPSON, HELEN M. Thompson, Helen M. (2)Donald Yes
GWINN, DONALD F. Capece, Lisa (Granddaughter) (2)Donald (3)Ethel Yes
CORSARO, ANTHONY J. Lindgren, Sherry (Granddaughter) (2)Dorothy (3)Anthony Yes
BARR, DOUGLAS A. SR. Barr, Mahlon E. (Son) (2)Douglas Yes
GIFFORD, DOUGLAS W. Gifford, George (brother) (2)Douglas Yes
HALLOCK, ELIZABETH B Gaudette, Deborah (2)Douglas (3)Elizabeth 4 Yes
FLETCHER, DOUGLAS & Vincent, Betsy Anne (great nce) (2)Douglas (3)Marion (4)Letitia Yes
BATCHER, EARL H. Batcher, Wayne (son-dec'd) (2)Earl (3)Norma Yes
MACH, EDWARD A. Mach, Pauline J. (2)Edward 2)Jason M. 2))Joseph C. Yes
COONEY, EDWARD J. Cooney, Catherine W. (2)Edward 3 Yes
GREY,EDWARD/CAROL/SC Grey,Edward/Carol/Scott (2)Edward 3 (4)Scott Yes
ROULIER1 Donnelly, Kimberly A. (dtr) (2)Edward W. Yes
RIVET,HENRY/ELIZABET Rivet,Henry/Elizabeth (2)Elizabeth Yes
FERGUSON, WILLIAM R Ferguson, William R. & Donna A. (2)Elizabeth (3)Wendell/(2)Madeliene 3,4 Yes
FRAZIER, EMMA K. Vashrow, Janet L. (LO/Daughter) (2)Emma Yes
SHERMAN, ERNEST G. Sherman, Marjorie S. (LO/Wife) (2)Ernest Yes
NORTON, ESLEY E. Gerard, Lillian (dtr) (2)Esley(3)Lillian Yes
BARON, FAUSTIN R. Buell, Kay (Niece) (2)Faustin (3)Dorothy Yes
SUMINSKI, FRANCIS J. Gwiazdowski, Sue (dtr) (2)Francis (3)Irene Yes
McENEANEY,FRANCIS/ED McEneaney, Edith E. (2)Francis ; 190-D,3) Mabel Geng Yes
CZUB, HELEN M. Czub, Helen M. (2)Frank (3)Helen Yes
CERNIGLIA, FRANK & P Cerniglia, Carl C. (son) (2)Frank (3)Phyllis Yes
OLCOTT, FRANK Olcott, Douglas (son) (2)Frank (3)Vivan (4)Thomas Yes
SIMMONS, FRANK Finch Jr., Kenneth (bro-in-law) (2)Frank (3)Wanda (4)Wilma Yes
MULYCA, FRANK B. Mulyca, Olga H. (wife/LO) (2)Frank 3 (4)James Yes
HYDE, FRANKLIN R. Taylor, Karen (dtr) (2)Franklyn (3)Margaret Yes
MARGUIN, GEORGE J. Wands, Martha J. (Step-Daughter) (2)George (3)Anna (4)Martha Yes
FRY, GEORGE & HELEN Ovitt, Edna (Relationship Unknown) (2)George (3)Helen (5)Frederick 6 Yes
FOUNDAS, GEORGE N. & Foundas, Pauline A. (lo) (2)George 3 Yes
BARNARD, GEORGE S. Barnard, George Jr. (Son) (2)George S. (3)Agnes Yes
MARQUISE, EDWARD J. Marquise, Janet E. (LO/Wife) (2)Gertrude Brix; (3)Edward 4 Yes
BROOM,ROBERT/GLORIA Broom,Robert P/Gloria N (2)Gloria Yes
MITCHELL, GORDON E. (2)Gordon (3)Gladys Yes
JENSEN, ANDREW F Jensen, Andrew F. (2)Harry(3)Julia Yes
PARKER, HELEN T. Crounse, Patricia (Daughter/LO) (2)Helen; (3)Elmer Jr. Yes
PASSMANN, HENRY J. Passmann, Ida L. (Wife/LO) (2)Henry 3 Yes
WYSOCKI, HENRY J Wysocki, Doris V. (2)Henry J. 3 Yes
COTON, HOWARD F. Coton, Marion E. (2)Howard 3 Yes
RUFF, HOWARD W Ruff, Charles (son) (2)Howard W. (3)Marie H. Yes
YOUNG, HOWARD A. Young, Howard(son) (2)Howard(3)Jean(4)Magnus Yes
SEWELL, J. EDWARD Kuznia, Karen (dtr) (2)Inez 3 4; (1)J. Edward Yes
STADLER, THOMAS L. Stadler, Thomas L. (2)Irene Yes
ATCHINSON JAMES Atchinson, James & Catherine (2)James Yes
BLEAU, JAMES D. & MA Bleau, Marjorie (2)James Yes
PETTIWAY, JAMES H. Pettiway, Emma N.(wife) (2)James Yes
MARTIN, JAMES C. & L Martin, Andrew (son) (2)James (3)Lucille; 1 2 Yes
ARNOLD, JAMES J & MA Merrigan, Elizabeth (dtr) (2)James (3)Marie (4)Russell Yes
CASEY, JAMES H. Casey, Helen (2nd wife) (2)James (3)Sarah Yes
DEMPSEY, JAMES L. Dempsey, James L., Jr. (son) (2)James Sr. (3)Marie 3)Timothy Yes
NORRIS, JAMES H. Pressley, Genevive (sister) (2)James(3)Everly(4)Clarence Yes
CAPLINGER Caplinger, Clara J. (2)James; 3 4 Yes
DAVEY Davey, Daniel & Joan (LO) (2)Joan Yes
HILLJE, HENRY H. Hillje, Henry H. (2)Joan (3)Henry Yes
CIMKO, JOHN Cimko, John & Christina (2)John (3)Christina Yes
KELLS,JOHN/FRANCES Keefrider, Michael (2)John (3)Frances Yes
CAREY,JOHN/MARIE Carey,John/Marie (2)John (3)Marie Yes
KNAPP, JOHN R Knapp, Jodi (2)John (3)Mary(4)Joseph Yes
BUTLER,HELEN/MACK,JO Butler,Helen/Mack,John (2)John Mack (3)Helen Yes
DOOTZ, JOHN P. & ELV Dootz, Brian (son) (2)John P. (3)Elva Yes
COLEMAN,JOHN/MARGARE Coleman,John/Margaret (2)John Sr. (3)Margaret Yes
MAZUR, JOHN C Mazur, John (son) (2)John(3)Vanda(3)Bronislawa Yes
WOOD, JOSEPH C. Wood, Elizabeth (2nd Wife) (2)Joseph (3)Ann 4 Yes
GROSSI, MRS BEATRICE Frank, Shirley (dtr) (2)Joseph (3)Beatrice Yes
KINGSTON, FRANCES J. Cannon, Sandra L. (Daughter) (2)Joseph (3)Frances Yes
BRANT Brant-Lopez, Robin (Daughter) (2)Joseph (3)Patricia Yes
PRIESS,GUSTAV/O'BRIE Priess,Gustav/O'Brien,Renate (2)Josephine(3)Gustav(4)Meta;2)Charles/A Yes
WEST, CRAIG/ JOYCE B West, Craig (2)Joyce; 1 Yes
QUIGLEY, KATHLEEN Quigley, John (son) (2)Kathleen (3)Harry, Jr. (4)Howard Yes
LYON, KENNETH R. Hallenbeck, George A. (2)Kenneth (3)Alma (4)Sandra Yes
GROGAN, JOAN A. Grogan, Joan A. (2)Kenneth (3)J.Greene/K.Greene Yes
BRADSHAW, MATTHEW F. Bradshaw Jr., Matthew F. & Rosanne (2)Kimberly Rose Yes
TATOR, LAURENCE H. Tator, Laurence H. (2)Laurence H. (3)Ida H. Yes
CARRINGTON, BEULAH M Carrington, Beulah M. (2)Lawrence/(1)Keith (2)Beulah Yes
HAMMOND, LEO & CATHE Weingartner, Mrs. James (dtr) (2)Leo (3)Catherine (4)Frederick Yes
CARIGNAN, LEO W. & H Talerico, Linda (dtr) (2)Leo (3)Helen Yes
STAMMEL,LEONARD/MINN Stammel,Leonard/Minnie (2)Leonard (3)Minnie (4)Harold Yes
CUMMINGS,LEONARD/CAR Cummings,Leonard/Carol (2)Leonard M. (3)Carol Yes
MADSEN, NORMAN J & L Madsen, Norman J. (2)Leslie Yes
MADSEN,NORMAN/LESLIE Madsen,Norman/Leslie (2)Leslie Yes
BELLINGER, NINA B. Nelson, Karalee (Daughter) (2)Lester (3)Nina Yes
BULLIS, EMMA J. Aini, Cheryl (Daughter) (2)Lewis (3)John 4)Harold (4)Emma Yes
BROWN, LILA V. Brown, Lila V. (2)Lila (2)Harry Yes
SCHARDT, LOUIS P. Marsh, Patricia (dtr) (2)Louis (3)Patricia Yes
COMPROSKY, WILLIAM S Comprosky, William E. (son) (2)Lydia; (1)William S. 3 (4)John Yes
McDONOUGH, WILLIAM J McDonough, William J (2)Margaret (3)Bruce Yes
DUNLAVEY, HERBERT E. Dunlavey, Anita (2)Margaret (3)Herbert Yes
HALBURIAN, JAMES & M Link, Mr. & Mrs. Richard (dtr) (2)Marilou (3)Lee James 3)Kristi 4 Yes
DANE,HARRY/MARION Miller, Gail (2)Marion Yes
DILLON, MARION L. Dillon, Marion L. (dec'd) (2)Marion (3)Sadie Yes
BRECHT, MARTIN P. Brecht, Ethel J. (2)Martin 3 Yes
WOOD, MELVIN F. Wood, Melvin F. (LO) (2)Melvin Yes
CONNORS, MICHAEL Connors, Rollo (Brother) (2)Michael (3)Blanche (4)Thomas Yes
CASTRACANE,MORRIS/IR Castracane,Morris/Irene (2)Morris(3)Irene Yes
ADDINGTON,DARYL/MYRN Addington,Daryl/Myrna (2)Myrna Yes
APHOLTZ,EDWARD/NANCY Apholtz,Edward/Nancy (2)Nancy (3)Faith (4)Samson Yes
PIOLI, ALFRED O. Pioli, Timothy (2)Nancy 2)Alfred 3)Mildred Yes
PRESTON, VIRGINIA W. Preston, Virginia W. (2)Neil (3)Benedetta Yes
HOCKESON, NILS Hockeson, Mary (2)Nils (3)Nils(son) Yes
MOAK, CATHERINE Browe, Mary(dtr) (2)Orville (3)Catherine Yes
MILLER, OTHELIA Peek,Violet (dtr) (2)Othelia (3)Robert Yes
CAMIN, IRENE Camin, Irene (Patrick's Daughter) (2)Patrick Yes
AVIZA, PAUL W & VIRG Aviza, Virginia (2)Paul Yes
WILSEY, PAUL/BRENNAN Brennan, Diane (lo) (2)Paul Yes
BRADLEY, THOMAS J. Bradley, Thomas J. (2)Peter Yes
AUGUST,PETER/RACHEAL August, Shawn (2)Peter/Racheal (3)Patricia Yes
CAPROOD, PHILIP J JR Caprood III, Philip J. (2)Philip Jr. (3-Shirley Yes
BUCHER, ROBERT D. Bucher, Robert D. (2)Phyllis Yes
CARPENTIER, RAYMOND Carpentier, Patricia (2)Raymond Yes
HARRIS, EDNA I. Leone, Patricia (grddtr) (2)Raymond (3)Gladys (4)Edna Yes
LAWRENCE, RAYMOND E. Kirby, Elizabeth (str of Jean) (2)Raymond (3)Jean Yes
WESTERLAND, DOROTHY Westerland, Dorothy (2)Raymond Northrop Yes
GARAVELLI JR,JOSEPH Garavelli Jr.,Joseph/Eileen (2)Raymond(3)Joseph Jr Yes
DIERBACH, RENE Dierbach, Christa (Wife/LO) (2)Rene Yes
BERGERON, RICHARD T. Bergeron, Arline M. (LO) (2)Richard Yes
Bell, Richard A. Lewis, Sharon (Daughter) (2)Richard (3)Catherine Yes
MC GARTY, RICHARD W. McGarty, Mary (sister) (2)Richard (3)Jane Yes
VINE Vine, Virginia D. (2)Richard C. Yes
ALLEN, SANDRA C. Allen, Sandra C. (2)Robert Yes
FRANK, ROBERT E. & A Springes, Mary Claire (dtr) (2)Robert (3)Anne Yes
HERRINGTON,SR ROBERT (2)Robert (3)Clara Yes
FISK,ROBERT/JOHANNA Fisk,Robert/Johanna (2)Robert (3)Johanna Yes
CIEPLINSKI, MARY Barnes, Grace (Daughter) (2)Robert (3)Mary Yes
COLLINS, ROBERT M. Collins, Flora L. (2)Robert 3 Yes
GAMBLE, BLANCHE Gamble, Blanche (2)Robert 3)Messiah (3)Walter Yes
FIALA, FERDINAND Jones, Eileen (Niece) (2)Robert(5)Ferdinand(6)Jennie Yes
Kernahan, Mildred H. Garrie, Donna R. (dtr) (2)Roland (3)Mildred 4 Yes
LATHAM, RONALD F. Haynes, Sandy (dtr) (2)Ronald Yes
TROMBLEY, RONALD J. Trombley, Barbara A. (wife) (2)Ronald Yes
EATON, LILLIAN S & S Eaton, Stanley E. (2)Russell (3)Lillian (4)Walter Yes
ADAMS,FRANCIS/RUTH Adams,Francis/Ruth (2)Ruth Yes
HORTH,RAYMOND/RUTH Horth, Raymond E. (2)Ruth Yes
GANANCE, H.R. JR. Ganance, Linda M. (2)Ruth (3)Hazen Yes
FREDERICO, S. JOSEPH Guay, Peter (Grandson) (2)S.Joseph 2)Helen Yes
KISSLING,JOHN/SALLY Kissling,John/Sally (2)Sally Yes
PETRECKY, SAMUEL Petrecky, Florence O. (2)Samuel Yes
GILLETT, SAMUEL W. Gillett, William J. (2)Samuel (3)Angeline Yes
RIDGEWAY,SAMUEL/HELE Ridgeway, David (2)Samuel (3)Helen Yes
BUCCI,PETER/SANDRA Bucci,Peter/Sandra (2)Sandra Yes
VINCENT,WILLIAM/SAND Vincent,William/Sandra (2)Sandra Yes
SPELLMAN, SETH W. Spellman, Toren (son) (2)Seth (3Delores Yes
BURNELL, SHERMAN R. Haluska, Diana M. (2)Sherman Yes
SPADARO, PATRICK F. Spadaro, Betty A. (2)Stella (3)Patrick Yes
WASSON, STUART Hillier, Paulette (dtr) (2)Stuart 3)Eleanor Yes
KORNREICH, SYDNEY E. (2)Sydney (3)Janet Yes
WITKO, TADAUS & JEAN Witko, Jean (LO) (2)Tadaus 3 Yes
HARTMAN, FREDERICK A Hulsander, Keith C. (2)Theodore (3)Dorothy (4)Nancy Yes
FOSSIECK, THEODORE H Beedle, Ralph E. (nephew) (2)Theodore (3)Janice Yes
RIVET, THOMAS M. ROS Rivet, Rosemarie (2)Thomas 3 (4)Ruth Seror Yes
ESPEY, THOMAS M. JR. Espey, Thomas J. (Son) (2)Thomas Jr. (3)Alice Yes
Vellis, Florence P Vellis, Dr. Peter (Son) (2)Thomas W. (3)Florence 4 Yes
GALLAGHER,THOMAS/YVO Gallagher,Thomas/Yvonne (2)Thomas(3)Yvonne Yes
ROBERT, FRANCIS & BA Robert, Francis & Barbara (2)Tina Marie Yes
THOMPSON, BETTY J. Cheeks, Betty J. (2)Walter Yes
RUSSELL, WALTER C. Russell, Paul & Nancy (2)walter (3)Elsie Yes
ZINSSAR, WALTER F & Travick, Joyce (dtr) (2)Walter (3)Katherine Yes
MURLEY, JAMES R. Murley, James R. (2)Wendy 3 Yes
WELLS, WILLIAM W, MD Purcell, Deborah (dtr) (2)Willaim, MD Yes
DeVARNNE, WILLARD J. DeVarnne, James W. (2)Willard (3)Betty Yes
DUNCAN, WILLIAM T. & Duncan, Karen (2)William Yes
JOHNSON, WILLIAM D Johnson, Joan (Ex) (2)William Yes
LISS, JOSEPH J. Liss, Joseph J. (2)William Yes
PRUE, WILLIAM J. LaMoy, Tracy (dtr) (2)William Yes
REKEMEYER, WILLIAM H Greene, Barbara(dtr) (2)William Yes
CHURCHILL, ANN N. Sumbler, Carol (2)William (3)Ann Yes
SMITH,WILLIAM/ANN Smith, Robert (son) (2)William (3)Ann 4 Yes
MCDOWELL, FRANCIS J. (2)William (3)Francis (4)Edna Yes
THUENER, WILLIAM i. McElroy, Karen (dtr) (2)William (3)Grace Yes
BISHOP, WILLIAM & HE Bishop, Diane (dtr-in-law) (2)William (3)Helen (4)Gary Yes
KERR, HOMER/CLARETHA Kerr, Homer (2)William 3 4 Yes
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H. Matin, Karen (dtr) (2)William 3)Mary (4)Ryder Yes
CLARKSON, WM. H & CA Wiehler, Gwendolyn (dtr) (2)William H. (3)Catherine 4 Yes
ROEMER, WILLIAM J SR Roemer, William Jr. (Son) (2)William Sr. (3)Lena Yes
MITCHELL,WILLIAM/JEA Mitchell,William/Jeanette (2)William(3)Jeanette Yes
HILLARD, ARTHUR J. Stewart, Donna (dtr) (2)William(4)Lulu(5)Arthur(6)Eva Yes
NORMAN, WILLIE M. Norman, Willie M. (2)Willie Yes
CORTRIGHT, ROSE W. Bonarski, Judith (Niece) (20)Robert B. (21)Rose 22)Robert G. Yes
MILLER, MARIE B. Titus, Joan (dtr) (21)Herbert 22 (23)Henry (24)Marie Yes
HOLTZER, JOHN M. & J Valk, Karen (atty) (22-23)John (23-24)Jane Yes
SNYDER, IRVIN/OLIVET Snyder, Suzanne (dtr) (23)Irvin (24)Olivette Yes
MOTTO,JOSEPH/RITA Motto, Rita C. (23B)Joseph Yes
BELL, ALLEN R. & AIL Lockwood, Virginia (24)Allen (37)Aila Yes
REED, FRANKLIN W. Pastore, Mary Ann (25-B)Antoinette (26)Franklin Yes
AMOROSA, DOMINICK M. Amorosa, Dominick M. (28)Mary Jane Yes
BLAIR, CLARENCE J. Blair, Linda (2A) Clarence 2B; 2 Yes
HILDENBRANDT, MARCIA Hildenbrandt, Marcia (2A) Edward Paul Yes
POSNIEWSKI, JOSEPH C Posniewski, Steven (son) (2A) Joseph (2B) Bertha Yes
BERNACKI,JOHN/VERONI Bernacki,John/Veronica (2A) Pamela(3A)John (4A)Andrea; (4B)Don Yes
MULLEDA, BERNARD L. Mulleda, Barbara W. (wife/LO) (2A)Bernard 2B Yes
SHIDER Shider, Bessie L. (LO/Wife) (2A)David 2B Yes
ROSELLE, DONALD E Roselle, Louise A. (2A)Donald 2B Yes
PFITZ, EDWARD G. Marshall, Linda(dtr) (2A)Edward(2B)Sally Yes
FLETCHER, ROBERT B & Fletcher, Robert Jr. (son) (2A)Eileen (2B)Robert Yes
VAN ULLEN, JOSEPH/EV Van Ullen, Joseph L. (2A)Evelyn 2B Yes
GIANNETTI, FRANK L. Giannetti, Mark (son) (2A)Frank (2B)Irene Yes
RABIDEAU Rabideau, Shirley (lo) (2A)Frederick 2B Yes
STOWELL, GEORGE W. Davey, Robin (dtr) (2A)George (2B)Shirley Yes
KENNEY, GEORGE F. Dinovo, Jane A. (companion/LO) (2A)George 2B Yes
RILEY, JAMES E. & AL Riley, Alda (lo) (2A)James 2B Yes
MURPHY, JOHN T & ANN Oliver, Judith (dtr) (2A)John (2B)Annette Yes
MICHOIAN, JOHN Brimmer, Karen (dtr) (2A)John 2B Yes
FULLER, LARRY & JUDY Fuller, Judy A. (2A)Larry 2B Yes
PARKER, CLARENCE Parker, Clarence & Mary Ann T. (2A)Mary Ann (2B)Clarence Yes
BENNETT,RICHARD/PATR Bennett,Richard/Patricia (2A)Patricia(2B)Richard Yes
COTICH, PETER & RUTH Cotich, Ruth F. (2A)Peter 2B Yes
SCOTT, RICHARD Scott, Bettie F. (2A)Richard Yes
COX, ROBERT & RITA Cox, Robert C. (2A)Rita 2B Yes
LATULIP, RONALD B. LaTulip, Gregory (son) (2A)Ronald (2B)Jacqueline Yes
MASELLI, LUCIO A. Palmucci, Carol (dtr) (2A)Rosaria (2B)Lucio Yes
CURTIS, THOMAS E. Curtis, Betty W. (2A)Thomas Yes
POLITO, VINCENT J Degener, Sandra (dtr) (2A)Vincent (2B)Ethel Yes
DEGENER,DONALD/JUNE Degener, June M. (3 Donald Yes
McCORMACK, JOSEPH R. McCormack, Christina (dtr) (3 Kaitlyn (3) Joseph Yes
MALUCI, ROCK R. Wolf, Maria (3(4)Jerome/(1)Bertha(2)Archabald(3)Rock Yes
GROSE, JOHN H & MILD Konopasek, Karen (dtr) (3) (4)Mildred Yes
ABBATIELLO, ALFRED A Maura, Jo-Ann (dtr) (3) Alfred (4) Ann Yes
ANNECHINO, ANTHONY & Annechino, Joe (nephew) (3) Anthony (4)Dorothy Yes
O'TOOLE,MICHAEL/PATR O'Toole,Michael/Patricia (3) Arnold Yes
ST. PIERRE, BERTHA Reardon, Judith (dtr) (3) Bertha (4) Herbert Yes
SCHWEIGERT, CARL G. Mathusa, Patricia (dtr) (3) Carl (4) Catherine Yes
KROUSE, CARL W. & DO Burgess, Catherine (dtr) (3) Carl (4) Dorothy Yes
MORRIS,CARL/ARGIE Morris, Jr., Carl R. (3) Carl (4)Argie Yes
MORALES, CARMELO B. Morales, Roberto (3) Carmelo Yes
PAGE, PAULA C. Page (PRELLER), Paula C. (3) Charles Yes
NOWACKI, MARGARET A Nowacki, Margaret A. (3) Charles J. (4)Margaret Yes
ABARE, CHARLES V. & Lezette, Constance (dtr) (3) Charles V. (4) Dorothy M. Yes
SCHLESINGER, LOUISE Schlesinger, Terry (son) (3) Craig (4) Louise Yes
LA GASSE, DONALD F. House, Phyllis (stepdtr) (3) Donald (4) Grace Yes
FREY SR,DONALD/MARGA Frey Sr,Donald/Margaret (3) Donald L.(4)Margaret Yes
SHUMWAY, DOUGLAS G. Shumway, Steven M. (brother) (3) Douglas Yes
SCHERER, RICHARD E. Scherer, Richard E. & Shirley C. (3) Edward (4) Ruth Yes
SCHERMERHORN, EDWARD Shortis, Gloria J (dtr) (3) Edward Jr (4) Doris Yes
BACON, EGBERT K Canfield, Eleanor(dtr) (3) Egbert 3) Ida Yes
JEWELL, JEAN A. Jewell, Jean A. (3) Elliott Yes
KRYSTOFIK, EUGENE & Bruzdzinski, Naomi (3) Eugene Yes
MOQUIN, FRANK A. Moquin, Norma T. (3) Frank (4) Kyle Yes
ADAMS, FRED D. Adams, Fred D. (3) Fred (4) Catherine Yes
LOROM, LA MOINE R. Dixon, Diane (dtr) (3) Gary Yes
LUCKHURST, GEORGE T. DiLorenzo, Constance (3) George (4) Anna Yes
SCHELLHAAS, ROSETTA Hoffman, John C. (brother) (3) George (4) Rosetta (5) Edward Yes
ADAMS, GORDON C. & M Adams, Clayton (Brother) (3) Gordon (4) Marion Yes
LUSE, HENRY A. Luse, Timothy (son) (3) Henry (4) Ingeborg Yes
ST. JOHN, HERBERT R. Waters, Lynn R. (dtr) (3) Herbert (4) Dolores Yes
LOVELACE, PAUL M. Tally, Margaret (sister) (3) Ida / (2) Michael & (5) Paul Yes
HICKS, JACOB G.&EDNA Allard, Virginia (dtr) (3) Jacob (4) Edna Yes
JETTE, JAMES A. Jette, Janice B. (3) James Yes
ADRIANCE, JAMES Adriance, James & Anna Jane (3) James (4) Anna Yes
LOWN, JAMES H. Teator, Marcia (3) James (4) Mary Yes
BERCHARLIE, JEANNE A Bercharlie, Jeanne A. (3) John Yes
BOSCHERINI, ELYNORE Boscherini, Elynore (3) John Yes
BRANDLEY,JOHN/GRACE Brandley,John/Grace (3) John Yes
RYMANOWSKI,JOHN/HELE Rymanowski,John/Helen (3) John (4) Helen Yes
ACKENBRACK, JOHN T. Ackenbrack, Curtis (3) John (4) Lane Yes
SHULTIS, JOHN H. Shultis, John (son) (3) John (4) Mabel Yes
SADLEMIRE, KENNETH J Maloney, Sally (dtr) (3) Kenneth (4) Julia Yes
PADE,KURT/OLGA Pade,Kurt/Olga (3) Kurt (4) Ogla Yes
EDMONDS,LAWRENCE/PHO Edmonds, Mary (3) Lawrence(4)Phoebe Yes
HALL,RUSSELL/LORRAIN Hall,Russell/Lorraine (3) Leo (4)Alice; (1)Russell (2)Lorraine Yes
ANDREWS, CONSTANCE Andrews, Constance (3) Leslie (4)Constance Yes
MOREY, LESTER H. & M Ricketts, Kathryn (3) Lester (4) Mary Yes
ABBEY,ROBERT G. L Abbey, Robert (3) Lois Yes
KAKRETZ, OTTO F. Martoccio, Lori (3) Otto (4) Virginia Yes
SCHLEEDE, PAUL & LOR Schleede, Lorraine (wife) (3) Paul Yes
KRUEGER, RAYMOND W. Bortle, Linda (dtr) (3) Raymond (4) Raquel / Yes
WEBER, ELLA S. Weber, Richard Jr. (son) (3) Richard (4)Ella Yes
SCHERMERHORN, ROBERT Schermerhorn, Loretta (3) Robert Yes
STEVENS, ROSE V. Stevens, Rose V. (3) Robert Yes
LUCE, EILEEN M. Luce, Debra L. (3) Robert (4)Eileen Yes
POULIOTT, ROY J & Pouliott, Craig (son) (3) Roy Yes
KREY, OTTO & LUISE C Schwarz, Daniel (son) (3) Sheryll (4) Ewald / (1) Otto (2) Lui Yes
MC KENZIE, THOMAS A. (3) Thomas (4) Winifred Yes
ARABAJIAN, VINCENT Arabajian, Vincent (3) Vincent (4) Ruth Yes
KUCHARSKI, WALTER F. Kucharski, Edmond (son) (3) Walter (4) Rolande Yes
KUGLER, JULIA A. Kugler, Alan (son) (3) Wellington (4) Julia Yes
STEVENS, EVELYN Stevens, Daniel (3) william Yes
ATCHINSON WILLIAM J Atchinson, William (son) (3) William (4) Catherine Yes
HICKEY, WILLIAM B. Hickey, Cynthia (dtr) (3) William (4) Louise Yes
ADEY, WILLIAM H. Adey, Elizabeth (sister-in-law) (3) William (4) Rosalie Yes
DEERE, WILLIAM J. & Gray, Lois (daughter) (3) William (4)Mildred Yes
TRAINOR, WILLIAM J. Trainor, William J. (3) William / (1) Inez Yes
KEYS, ARTHUR VanMerten, Barbara (grddtr) (3))Arthur, Arthur F (4)Beatrice Yes
BRADLEY2 Bradley, Julia (wife of LO) (3))Millard 3)Alyssa Yes
BUNKER, HARRY I. Bunker, Harry I. & Evelyn M. (3); (1)Mabel (2)Evelyn (3)Harry Yes
JOHNSTON, A. LLOYD Johnston, Wade (son) (3)A. Lloyd /(4)Frances Yes
BALDWIN, AARON G. Baldwin, Arron Grover & Alma Rose (3)Aaron (4)Alma Yes
Bernhardt,Adof/Mart Bernhardt, Linda (3)Adolf (4)Martha / Yes
BERNHARDT,ADOLF/MART Bernhardt,Adolf/Martha (3)Adolf 4 ; 3 Yes
MAC MILLAN, ALAN R. Mac Millan, June (3)Alan 3)Jeanne Yes
CERNIGLIA, ALAN F & Cerniglia, Patricia E. (3)Alan 4 Yes
THOMPSON, ELSA Thompson, Elsa (3)Albert Yes
DEYO, ALBERT & AGNES Deyo, Albert & Agnes F. (3)Albert (4)Agnes Yes
FIASCHETTI, ALBERT J Fiaschetti, Karen (dtr) (3)Albert (4)Helen Yes
SANFORD, ALBERT L. Sanford, Robert (son) (3)Albert (4)Mae Yes
FLICKER, ALBERT & MA Flicker, Roland (son) (3)Albert (4)Mattie Yes
McDANIEL, ALBERT H. McDaniel, Denise (dtr) (3)Albert (4)Rita Yes
KUNKER, DAVID & ALBE Kunker, Randall (son) (3)Alberta 3)David Yes
HILL, JAMES E. SR. Simmons, Patricia (3)Albertine (4)James Yes
OLENDER, ALEXANDER Olender, Stephen T. (3)Alexander Yes
BENCIVENGO, ALEXAND. Bencivengo, Susan A. (3)Alexander 4 Yes
MUELLER, ALFONS Pratt, Linda (granddtr) (3)Alfons (4)Martha Yes
HAFNER, ALFRED G. Hafner, William A. (Son) (3)Alfred 4 Yes
SMITH, ALFRED & JEAN Smith, Jean V. (LO/Wife) (3)Alfred 4 Yes
TOTTEN, ALFRED L. Jones, Elijah (son) (3)Alfred (4) Geneva Yes
GLEITSMANN, ALFRED C Morris, Nancy (dtr) (3)Alfred (4)Florence/(2)Sharlyn Yes
LEACH, JOLANTA Leach, Christopher (grandson) (3)Alfred (4)Jolanta Yes
CAVALLARO, ALFRED H. Cavallaro, Alfred (son) (3)Alfred (4)Ruth Yes
LAZZARO, ALFRED & TH Lazzaro, Theresa A. (3)Alfred 4 Yes
SIMONOWITZ, ALGERD Jensen, Norman (friend) (3)Algerd (4)Mary Yes
DEESE, ALLEN JR. & B Deese, Barbara (3)Allen Yes
SHOPLICK, ALLEN L. Micare, Donna (Daughter) (3)Allen (4)Jeannette Yes
DILLARD, MARION Dillard, Marion (3)Allen 4 Yes
VAN WIE, ALVIN G. Van Buren, John (Step-Son) (3)Alvin (4)Shirley Yes
BARBER, ALVIN M. Knakal, Annis (Daughter) (3)Alvin (4)Ella Yes
BUSCH, ANDREW J. & A Pauquette, Elizabeth (str) (3)Andrew (4)Anna Yes
KOVAL,ANDREW/MILDRED Koval,Andrew/Mildred (3)Andrew (4)Mildred Yes
GACHOSH, ANDREW Bustin, Donna (Daughter) (3)Andrew (4)Pauline Yes
CAPOBIANCO,ANGELO/ES Capobianco,Angelo/Esther (3)Angelo (4)Esther Yes
MADAIO, DIANNE M. Madaio, Dianne M. (3)Anna (4)Stanley Yes
CHELELLI, ANTHONY Chelelli, Elizabeth J. (3)Anthony Yes
NARDIELLO, ANTHONY C Nardiello, Mary A. (3)Anthony Yes
SHARRE, ANTHONY J. Sharre, Anthony L. (Son) (3)Anthony (4)Lena Yes
D'Amore, Clementine D'Amore Robert (Grandson) (3)Anthony (4)Clementine 3-4)Robert Yes
CHRISTIANA, ANTHONY Uzzo, Linda (Daughter) (3)Anthony (4)Florence Yes
ANDI, ANTHONY R. & S Andi, Robert (son) (3)Anthony (4)Statia Yes
ZUBAL,ANTHONY/ANN Zubal,Anthony/Ann (3)Anthony(4)Ann Yes
DERADO, ANTHONY P. Derado, Antoinette M. (Daughter) (3)Anthony; (1)Elizabeth Yes
APPIO, ARCHIE A & CO Judge, Michael (friend) (3)Archie (4)Cosette Yes
GORDON2 Mullaney, Debbie (Daughter) (3)Arnold 4 Yes
SKINNER, ARTHUR S. Lynch, Emmett Esq. (3)Arthur (4)Alice;(1)Raymond Yes
KNAGGS, ARTHUR/EDNA Pruskowski, Paula J. (Daughter) (3)Arthur (4)Edna Yes
ROSELAN, ELEANOR R. Roselan, Harry C. (son) (3)Arthur (4)Eleanor Yes
WROBEL, ARTHUR J. Newcomb, Lori (dtr) (3)Arthur (4)Eleanor J. Yes
Lenseth, Arthur F. Lenseth, Thomas (3)Arthur (4)Margaret & 1 2 Yes
ROSEKRANS, ARTHUR Rosekrans, John L. (son) (3)Arthur (4)Mary Yes
CORNWELL, ARTHUR J Cornwell, Arthur J. Jr. (3)Arthur Sr.; (1)Mabel (2)Arthur Jr. 3 Yes
MILLER, JEANNE Miller, Jeanne (3)Arthur; (1)Roy; (2)Jeanne Yes
SOWALSKI, AUGUSTUS W Sowalski, Anna T. (3)Augustus Yes
LOMAN, BENJAMIN (3)Benjamin (4)Clara Yes
MUZZY,BENNY/BETSY Muzzy,Benny/Betsy (3)Benny Yes
RENAUD, BERNARD J. Lawton, Marion (niece) (3)Bernard (4)Helen Yes
REILLY, BERNARD H Gasner, Debbie (dtr) (3)Bernard (4)Pauline Yes
IZZO, DOROTHY E. Izzo, Bernice (3)Bernard (4-Dorothy Yes
CLINE, BERNARD Kohler, Deena (daughter) (3)Bernard(4)Dorothy 4)James Yes
DOMBROWSKI, THERESA Dombrowski, Jerome (son) (3)Bernard(4)Theresa(3)Sigmund(4)Lottie Yes
ROUSE, BENNIE Rouse, Bennie (3)Bert Yes
BELDEN, BERTRAND J. Wark, Edith (friend) (3)Bertand (4)Marie Yes
BOYLE, MARY D. Donnelly, Catherine (dtr) (3)Bradley (4)Mary Yes
LINSLEY, FRANCIS S. Linsley, Wayne (brother) (3)Brian (4)Joel / (1)Francis Yes
VAN ZANDT, SOPHIE Van Zandt, Elizabeth A. (Daughter) (3)Burton 4)Sophie Yes
TELLER Teller, Calvin A. II (Son) (3)Calvin Sr. (4)Elizabeth; (4)Freda Yes
FABIO, CAMILLO J. & Fabio, Bonnie (daughter) (3)Camillo(4)Arline Yes
NORMAND, CARL R. Walsh, Linda (stp dtr) (3)Carl Yes
COOK, SHIRLEY M. Cook, Edson E. Sr. (Son) (3)Carl (4)Shirley Yes
SVENDSEN, CARL/MARIE Svendsen, Marie (3)Carl 4 Yes
FLESHMAN, HELEN C. Fleshman, Carl III (son) (3)Carl Jr. (4)Helen Yes
CAMPBELL SR,CARL F. Campbell, Deborah A. (3)Carl Sr. Yes
BLANCHARD, CARL E. Blanchard, Carl E. III (son) (3)Carl, Jr. (4)Margaret Yes
SWANSON Swanson, Alan (son) (3)Carlton (4)Carol Yes
DeFELICE CARMEN A. DeFelice, Audrey (3)Carmen Yes
AMEDIO, CARMEN A & A Amedio, Stephen (son) (3)Carmen (4)Aline Yes
SWARTZ, CAROLINE Swartz, Caroline A. (3)Caroline (4)Francis Yes
CELENDONA, CHARLES R Ure, Robert (3)Charles Yes
LEBRECHT, CHARLES Bauer, Kimberly (dtr) (3)Charles Yes
NOYES, CHARLES N. Rockford, Donna L. (3)Charles Yes
VERCH,CHARLES/ELSIE Verch,Charles/Elsie (3)Charles (4)Elsie Yes
WILEY, CHARLES J. Wiley, William (Son) (3)Charles (4)Katharine Yes
THOMAS, CHARLES E. Thomas, Charles E. & Maude (3)Charles (4)Maude Yes
LANZA, CHARLES F. Lanza, Hazel K. (LO/Wife) (3)Charles 4 Yes
ANDERSON, CHARLES A. Anderson, Charles A. & Clara A. (3)Charles (4)Clara Yes
POLLAY, CHARLES Pollay, Jean Marie (dtr) (3)Charles (4)Edith, 1 (2)Edward Yes
RIFENBURGH, CHARLES Campbell, Mrs. John (str) (3)Charles (4)Esther Yes
HENNINGSON,CHARLES H Henningson, Arthur (3)Charles (4)Ethel Yes
CARY, CHARLES F JR & Cary, Kevin (3)Charles (4)Helen Yes
WASSON, CHARLES C. Walker, Jeanette (niece) (3)Charles (4)Ira Jr (5)Ira (6)Olive Yes
PISARCZYK, CHARLES E Pisarczyk, Charles E. (3)Charles (4)Irene Yes
MOESKE,CHARLES/JESSI Moeske, Carl F. (3)Charles (4)Jessie Yes
MOMROM, CHARLES H. Momrom, Elizabeth (3)Charles (4)Kathleen Yes
MORROW, CHARLES I. Kenreich, Mildred (sis) (3)Charles (4)Marian Yes
APKARIAN, CHARLES Fragomenia, Roswita A. (Daughter) (3)Charles (4)Sonja; (2)Barry Yes
GRAFFUNDER, CHARLES Mongelluzzi, Ann (Daughter) (3)Charles 4 Yes
MOHR, CHARLES A. Mohr, Elizabeth M. (3)Charles 4)John Yes
LESLIE, MAYE E. Caccia, Kendra (grnddtr) (3)Charles 4)Maye Yes
KELLY, CHARLES E & D Kelly, Tom (son) (3)Charles E. (4)Dorothy M. Yes
BULLIS, CHARLES S. Allen, Lillian (Sister) (3)Charles S. (4)Emma; 1)Charles W. Yes
BOWMAN, CHARLES W. Bowman, Charles W. Jr. (Son) (3)Charles Sr. (4)Jean Yes
PHELAN, CHARLES E. Watson, Susan(dtr) (3)Charles(4)Marilyn Yes
SMITH, THELMA C. Hollenbeck, Kathy (dtr) (3)Charles; 1)Thelma Yes
FREDERICO,CHARLES/CH Pappas, Denise (3)Charlotte Yes
WICKWARE, MINA Wickware, Dolores (Daughter) (3)Chester (4)Mina Yes
WISNIEWSKI, CHESTER Wisniewski, John (Relation Unknown) (3)Chester Sr. (4)Helen Yes
BARRERA Barrera, Carlos M. (3)Christopher Yes
SCHALLER, RICHARD P Schaller, Camille E. (dtr in Law) (3)Claire (1)Richard Yes
KRAUSE, CLARENCE J. Krause, Marjorie E. (3)Clarence Yes
JACKSON, CLARENCE S. Jackson, Edna I. (3)Clarence (4)Hattie Yes
HUTCHINS, CLARK S SR Hutchins, Linda J. (3)Clark Yes
MACKEY,CLAUDE/JOSEPH Mackey,Claude/Josephine (3)Claude (4)Josephine Yes
ROSE, CLAUDE T Rose, Marlene (3)Claude 4 Yes
VANNESS,GARY/DEBORAH Van Ness, Deborah A. (3)Clayton, Jr; (4)Gary; 1 Yes
CHEVALIER, CLEMENT F Smith, Rita (dtr) (3)Clement (4)Mary Yes
HOFFMAN, CLETUS H Furman, Muriel (dtr) (3)Cletus (4)Janice Yes
LONG, CLIFFORD E Long, Marian (wife) (3)Clifford Yes
FARMER, CLIFFORD W. Hohwiesner, Patricia (3)Clifford (4)Lucy Yes
MACADAMS, CLIFFORD E Calhoun, Diane (dtr) (3)Clifford (4)Melina Yes
MITCHELL, CLINTON E. Cerone, Patricia (3)Clinton (4)Georgene Yes
HUGHES, CLYDE/MARY Hillard, Corinne (dtr) (3)Clyde (4)Mary Yes
BATTISTO, COMILLO & Battisto, Joseph (son) (3)Comillo (4)Mary Yes
BIRNEY, LEONE M. Birney, Leone M. (3)Cornelius (4)Leone Yes
WHALEN, CORNELIUS/AM Whalen, Carol (wife of Cornelius W.) (3)Cornelius; (1)Amelia (2)Cornelius W 3 Yes
FRETZ Fretz, Sandra J. (LO/Wife) (3)Curtis 4 Yes
PARRY, GEORGE & CYNT Parry, George K. (Husband/LO) (3)Cynthia 4 Yes
HOWE, CYRIL & LYDIA Howe, Timothy J. (Son) (3)Cyril (4)Lydia Yes
SOWERS, DANIEL S. JR Stahl, Mary (stepdtr) (3)Daniel (4)Elizabeth Yes
NITTINGER, DANIEL A. Nittinger, Daniel F. (3)Daniel (4)Jean Yes
COOK, PATRICIA L. Cook, Patricia L. (3)Daniel 4 Yes
MATTEO, DANIEL A. Matteo, Michelle (lo) (3)Daniel 4 Yes
COOK1 Cook, David Jr. (Son) (3)David Yes
BOSWORTH, DAVID A SR Bosworth, Jr., David A. (son) (3)David (4)BettyJane Yes
ESPEY Hines, Lynn (Daughter) (3)David (4)Olive Yes
HATLEE, DAVID & RITA Patterson, Susan (Daughter) (3)David (4)Rita Yes
WASHBURN. DAVID F. Kelly, Lisa (Dtr) (3)David (4)Ruth Yes
MARTIN, WALTER Juedes, Forrest (3)David (4)Walter; (1)June Yes
HEACOCK, DAVID/LUCY Heacock, Lucy P. (3)David 4 Yes
SMALL, DAVID W. Small, Kathleen M. (wife/LO) (3)David 4 Yes
HOLLINGSWORTH, KENNE Hollingsworth, Kenneth D. (3)Dawn/Margaret(4)Kenneth;(4)Gertrude Yes
KENNEY, DEAN P. Kenney, Dean P. & Beatrice S. (3)Dean Yes
COLE, DEAN/GERALDINE Price, Carol (Daughter) (3)Dean (4)Geraldine Yes
HORNBECK, DEWITT & E Newman, Maryann (niece) (3)DeWitt (4)Ella Yes
RAVIDA,DOMINIC/REGIN Ravida, Robert A. (3)Dominic (4)Regina Yes
PASQUARELL, MARY B. Pasquarell, Joseph (Son) (3)Dominick (4)Mary Yes
GRANATO Granato, Donna (dtr) (3)Dominick (4)Rose Yes
DECHENE, DONALD E. Dechene, Shirley G. (3)Donald Yes
GILLESPIE, DONALD M LaMed, William (Friend) (3)Donald Yes
LYNCH, DONALD J. Bradley, Patricia (cousin) (3)Donald Yes
NOLAN, DONALD R. Nolan, Maryanne (3)Donald Yes
PLASS, DONALD R. Leto, Donna (3)Donald Yes
SHEPSKY, DONALD J. Shepsky, Deborah G. (LO) (3)Donald 4 Yes
PISARCZYK, DONALD C. Sarchioto, Donna (dtr) (3)Donald (4)Dorothy Yes
GREGORY,DONALD/ELIZA Gregory, Kathleen (3)Donald (4)Elizabeth Yes
MICHON, MARILYNN Horan, Rose (3)Donald (4)Marilyn Yes
VAN VRANKEN, NORMA Van Vranken, Norma (3)Donald (4)Norma Yes
HOULEY, HELEN B. Houley, Helen B. (3)Donald 4 Yes
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET Cunningham, William (3)Donald 4)Paul/M.Rainville Yes
REXFORD, DONALD L. Rexford, David(son) (3)Donald(4)Jean Yes
MCQUAID McQuaid, Lois S. (LO) (3)Donald; 4 Yes
Terrell, Rose/Dorwin Terrell, Rose T. (LO/Wife) (3)Dorwin 4 Yes
ANDERSON, DOUGLAS E. Hoover, Karen (Daughter) (3)Douglas (4)Arden Yes
LILLY, E OGDEN & JOS Wakewood, Dale A. (nephew) (3)E. Ogden (1)Josephine Yes
BEST, EARL S. Best, Ralph (bro) (3)Earl Yes
STAUB, EARL F. Murphy, Jenn (dtr) (3)Earl Yes
LAWRENCE, EARL & SHI Lawrence, Richard (son) (3)Earl (4)Shirley Yes
TELLER, EARL & GRACE Cannoe, Cheryle (Daughter) (3)Earl Sr. 4 Yes
DINGMAN, EARL E. & D Dingman, Douglas (son) (3)Earl; (1)Dorothy Yes
PROUTY, THELMA M. Prouty, Earl C. Jr. (son) (3)Earle (4)Thelma Yes
TROMBLEY, EDGAR C. Trombley, Mildred E.(wife) (3)Edgar Yes
BILLINGS, EDGAR I. & Denmead, Charlotte (dtr) (3)Edgar (4)Louise Yes
KIMBALL,EDGAR/JUNE Kimball,Edgar/June (3)Edgar 4 Yes
GRAHAM, EDGAR J. III Graham, Edgar J. III (3)Edgar III; (4)June Yes
AUSTIN, JANE H. Cesare (Austin) Jane (3)Edward Yes
HENRY, EDWARD G. Runkle, Susan (dtr) (3)Edward Yes
McDONALD, SHIRLEY S. McDonald, Shirley S. (3)Edward Yes
MERRIGAN, EDWARD J. Merrigan, Elizabeth (3)Edward Yes
WONG,EDWARD/LUCY Wong,Edward/Lucy (3)Edward Yes
FAIRBAIRN,EDWARD/MAR Simmons, Virginia (3)Edward (4)Marian Yes
WHITE, EDWARD/BETTY White, Betty W. (LO/Wife) (3)Edward 4 Yes
REISINGER, JANE E. Reisinger, Charles (3)Edward (1)Jane Yes
CLUTE, EDWARD E & BL Healey, Mrs. William J. (dtr) (3)Edward (4)Blanche Yes
THORNTON, EDWARD J. Thornton, Timothy (son) (3)Edward (4)Carolyn Yes
UPTON, EDWARD J Treacy, Jacqueline H.(niece) (3)Edward (4)Catherine Yes
HOLZMANN, EDWARD Sheedy, Mrs. Doris (dtr) (3)Edward (4)Ellen Yes
MARTIN, EDWARD F. LaBombard, Anna (Aunt) (3)Edward (4)Helen Yes
NEWTON, EDWARD J. Newton, Guy (son) (3)Edward (4)Mary Yes
TYMULA, EDWARD S. Jones, John Paige (brother) (3)Edward (4)Mary Yes
WALSH, EDWARD F. Walsh, Charles J. (son) (3)Edward (4)Mary Yes
BRAMAN,EDWARD/OLIVE Braman,Edward/Olive (3)Edward (4)Olive Yes
DAY, EDWARD G. Docyk, Debbie (niece) (3)Edward (4)Rita Yes
BURNELL, EDWARD E & Fitzpatrick, Gail (dtr) (3)Edward (4)Roseanna Yes
POLLOCK, EDWARD R Joslin, Ruth (niece) (3)Edward (4)Tillie Yes
FRIELLO, EDWARD Friello, Rosemarie (LO/Wife) (3)Edward 4 Yes
Hotaling, Edward J. Hotaling,Arlene A. (Wife/LO) (3)Edward 4 Yes
KLIMEK, SHIRLEY D. Klimek, Shirley D. (3)Edward 4 Yes
LEGNARD, ELEANOR F. Legnard, Eleanor F. (3)Edward 4 Yes
HABER, EDWARD III Maston, Patricia (Daughter) (3)Edward III Yes
YAGER, EDWARD J Yager, Richard E. (son) (3)Edward J. (4)Shirley Yes
VICHA, EDWARD L. Vicha, Warren (son) (3)Edward L. (4)Doris L. Yes
HUNT, EDWARD P. Gage, Patricia (3)Edward P. 3)Edward J.(4)Marie Yes
THOMAS, EDWARD P. SR Warncke, Edward P. Sr. (3)Edward Sr. (4)Martha Yes
MEAD, EDWARD H. Keniry, Jean (sister) (3)Edward(4)Laverne Yes
LAWLESS, EDWARD T. Lawless, Edward (son) (3)Edward; (4)Patricia Yes
LANFEAR, EDWIN J. Lanfear, Barbara (wife) (3)Edwin Yes
LANFEAR, EDWIN J./BA Lanfear, Barbara (wife/LO) (3)Edwin 4 Yes
FORMAN, EDWIN A. & M Tilley, Shirley (3)Edwin(4)Myrtle Yes
MALINOSKI,ANTHONY/EL Malinoski,Anthony/Eleanor (3)Eleanor(4)Anthony 5 (6)George Yes
LARSEN, ELEF & PATRI Larsen, Robert E. (Son) (3)Elef (4)Patricia Yes
MACFAWN, ELIAS MacFawn, Jim (son) (3)Elias (4)Mildred Yes
CURTIN, CLAYTON T SR Curtin, Jeffrey S. (Son) (3)Elizabeth (4)Clayton Yes
HALL, KENNETH E. & E Busch, Elsie (executrix) (3)Elizabeth (4)Kenneth Yes
McCULLOUGH,ELIZABETH Johnson, Kay (sister) (3)Elizabeth / (4)Henry Yes
BEACH, ETHEL B. Beach, David (Son) (3)Ellis (4)Ethel Yes
STREETER, ELMER E. Streeter, Ronald E. (son) (3)Elmer (4)Paulene Yes
WILSEY, ELLWOOD/MARG Wilsey, Paul (son-dec'd) (3)Elwood (4)Margaret Yes
BLAKELY, EMERSON & A Peters, Sharon (Dtr) (3)Emerson (4)Alice Yes
ROUSSELLE, EMILE W Rousselle, William F. (son) (3)Emile (4)Emma Yes
DE LUDE, EMILE D. Manion, Cheryl (Granddaughter) (3)Emile 3)Thomas (4)Kathryn 4)Najalina Yes
KOMDAT ERICH J SR. Komdat, Tim (grdson) (3)Erich(4)Grace Yes
BOSHEA, EVELYN M. Adams, Janet (dtr) (3)Ernest Yes
THOMAS, ERNEST R. Thomas, Cindy (Daughter) (3)Ernest (4)Jeanette Yes
CANFIELD, ERNEST E. Canfield, Andrew (Son) (3)Ernest (4)Edith Yes
FERENCE, JOHN & RUTH Ference, Mark (son) (3)Ernest (4)Irene/3)John 4)Ruth Yes
GADEK, ERNEST R. Gadek, Michael (Son) (3)Ernest (4)Lena; 1 Yes
BROWN, ERNEST V., JR Brown, Ruth L. (LO) (3)Ernest 4 Yes
GERMAIN, ERNEST J. (3)Ernest Jr/(1)Ernest (2)Lillian Yes
REEDY, ERVIN & EDITH De Lorenzo, Barbara (Daughter) (3)Ervin Sr. (4)Edith Yes
POZZUTO, ANNA Pozzuto, Anna (3)Eugene(4)Anna / (3) Angelina Yes
BURNS, GEORGE F & EV Burns, George F. Jr. (son) (3)Evelyn (4)George Sr. Yes
WING, EVEREST L. Baumgartner, Joyce (Daughter) (3)Everest (4)Dorothy Yes
HARMON,FLOYD/HELEN Harmon,Floyd/Helen (3)Floyd (4)Helen Yes
GILBERT, FLOYD R & L Gilbert, Mark (son) (3)Floyd 4)Lois Yes
AHL, LOIS M. Ahl, Lois M. (3)Foster / (4)Ellen Yes
GOODALE,FOSTER/DOROT Delaney, William (3)Foster/Dorothy Yes
NOTARO, FRANCIS J. Notaro, Mary I. (LO/Wife) (3)Francis Yes
RAWLINGS, FRANCIS E. Matelitz, Marion (Sister) (3)Francis Yes
TRACY, FRANCIS X. Tracy, Pamela M. (wife) (3)Francis Yes
VAN GEENHOVEN,FRANCI Van Geenhoven,Francis/Dorothy (3)Francis (4)Dorothy Yes
DONALD, FRANCIS & EL O'Connor, Nancy (dtr) (3)Francis (4)Elinor Yes
DESAUTELS,FRANCIS/LI Forbes, Joanne M. (3)Francis (4)Lillian Yes
LANGAN, FRANCIS J Langan, Theresa (3)Francis (4)Mary Yes
SHANNON, FRANCIS H. Shannon, Francis H. (dec'd) (3)Francis (4)Niletta Yes
DUFFY,FRANCIS/LUCILL Duffy,Francis/Lucille (3)Francis (4)Paul Yes
CLOUTIER,FRANCIS/SHI Miller, Wayne T. (3)Francis (4)Shirley Yes
BRINO, THERESA M. Farley, Elaine (Daughter) (3)Francis (4)Theresa Yes
TURNER, FRANCIS D. Navarro, Louise S. (dtr) (3)Francis 4)Aida Yes
COVEL,FRANCIS/BEVERL Covel,Francis/Beverly (3)Francis(4)Beverly Yes
BECKER,FRANK/MARJORI Becker,Frank/Marjorie (3)Frank Yes
GORMAN,FRANK/AUDREY Gorman, James (3)Frank (4)Audrey Yes
GORDON, FRANK/CLARA Gordon, Nancy (Daughter) (3)Frank (4)Clara Yes
KENDZIERSKI, DORIS M Kendzierski, Beth A. (3)Frank (4)Doris Yes
MONROE, FRANK J. Monroe, Robert J. (3)Frank (4)Elizabeth Yes
CARNEVALE, FRANK & F Carnevale, Anthony (son) (3)Frank (4)Frances Yes
KAWA,FRANK/LAURA Kawa, James E. (3)Frank (4)Laura Yes
LIZOTTE, MARGARET Eck, Mrs. Annette (3)frank (4)Margaret Yes
CHRISTOPHER, FRANK J Liter, Gail (Niece) (3)Frank (4)Rose Yes
DENSMORE, FRANK S. & Settle, Mrs. Bernard (niece) (3)Frank (4)Tressia Yes
CRANDALL, FRANK W. & Crandall, Catherine (dtr & LO) (3)Frank (4)Virginia 5; (1)Arthur; 1 2 3 Yes
KRAMER, AGNES E. Kramer, Jr., Raymond (3)Frank 3)Raymond (4)Agnes Yes
BINK, DAVID K Bink, David K. (3)Frank Spooner 3)Taylor (4)Tyler Yes
OLIN, FRED R. Morgan, Shirley (dtr) (3)Frank(4)Fred(5)Helen(6)Patricia Yes
COONS, FRANK B., II Coons, Donald (son) (3)Frank, II (4)Ruth; 1 2 3 4 Yes
SMITH,JOHN/ANNA Smith,John/Anna (3)Franklin / (1)John (2)Anna Yes
BEATTY, FRED A & JEA Beatty, Thomas (bro) (3)Fred (4)Jean 4)Margaret Yes
PEDINOTTI, FRED & LO Pedinotti, Pamela (dtr) (3)Fred (4)Louise Yes
ECUYER, FRED H. Hammil, Charles (Son) (3)Fred (4)Mary Yes
KERBER Kerber, Carol J. (3)Fred 4 Yes
ROTHAUPT, FRED JR Rothaupt, Paul (son) (3)Fred Jr. (4)Phyllis D. Yes
SNYDER, FRED/PATRICI Snyder, Fred, Jr. (son) (3)Fred, Sr. (4)Patricia Yes
MEINEKER, FREDERICK Meineker, James (3)Frederick Yes
ALBER,FREDERICK C. & Alber, Frederick & Alice (3)Frederick (4) Alice Yes
DENNIS, FREDERICK F. Dennis, Wilma (2nd wife & LO) (3)Frederick (4)Eleanor; 1 2 Yes
ERDT, FREDERICK Rimash, Gerri (One of his Children) (3)Frederick (4)Helen Yes
MABEUS,FREDERICK/HIL Mabeus,Frederick/Hildegard (3)Frederick (4)Hildegard Yes
SCHOONMAKER, FREDERI Passaretti, Mrs. Paul (3)Frederick (4)Kathryn Yes
LINK, FREDERICK J. Malloy, Barbara (dtr) (3)Frederick 4)Dorothy Yes
WEISSLEDER, PEGGY Weissleder, Peggy (3)Frederick(4)Peggy Yes
KOEPP, FRITZ K Brown, Laurel (3)Fritz (4)Paula Yes
KLEIN, G. EDWARD Martin, Elie (nephew) (3)G. Edward (4)Ruth Yes
HULL,G.WARREN/HILDA Hull,G.Warren/Hilda (3)G.Warren (4)Hilda J Yes
LEMBO1 Lembo, Joseph (son) (3)Gaitano (4)Adeline/3 Yes
DUBUQUE, BEVERLY J. Dubuque, Beverly J. (3)Gale 4 Yes
FRANK,GEORGE/LOIS Frank,George/Lois (3)George Yes
O'MELIA, IRMA O'Melia, Irma (3)George Yes
MARTIN, GEORGE A. Macomber, Doris (Daughter) (3)George (4)Gladys Yes
WACKSMAN, GEORGE C. Caird, Susan (Daughter) (3)George (4)Viola Yes
VAN SCHAICK, GEORGE Saver, Mrs. Isabelle (dtr) (3)George (4) Ethel Yes
ENDRES, GEORGE A. Kelly, Bruce (son) (3)George (4)Alice Yes
PELTON, GEORGE W. Loiselle, Christina (niece) (3)George (4)Beatrice Yes
DINGMAN, GEORGE F. Dingman, Walter J. (son) (3)George (4)Catherine Yes
VAN SLYKE, GEORGE/CH Nurnberg, Gail (dtr) (3)George (4)Charlotte Yes
MINCHER, GEORGE J JR Mincher, Sue (dtr) (3)George (4)Dorothy Yes
BOWEN, GEORGE R. II Bowen, George R. III (Son) (3)George (4)Elizabeth Yes
WASSON, GEORGE L. Devino, Donald (Bro to Elizabeth) (3)George (4)Elizabeth Yes
HILT, GEORGE J. (3)George (4)Evelyn Yes
FAULKNER, LORETTA Lessard, Sue (dtr) (3)George (4)Loretta Yes
CARLSON, GEORGE W & Carlson, George W. Jr. (son) (3)George (4)Mary Jane Yes
STARIN,GEORGE/ROSE Starin,George/Rose (3)George (4)Rose Yes
MARLOW, GEORGE E. Marlow, George E. & Rosemary G. (3)George (4)Rosemary Yes
HOULTON, GEORGE F. Keith, Helen M. (LO/Last Name Change) (3)George 4 Yes
VORE,GEORGE/JOAN Vore,George/Joan (3)George C(4)Joan Yes
BILODEAU, GEORGE N. Pasquarell, Mary (dtr) (3)George N. 3)George T. (4)Mary Yes
MARSDEN, JUSTINA A. Marden, George R. Jr. (3)George R. Sr. (4)Justina Yes
VINE, GEORGE W Vine, Richard (son) (3)George W. (4)Florence E. Yes
TETRAULT,GEORGE/JEAN Tetrault,George/Jeanette (3)George(4)John Yes
MARX, GEORGE J., JR. Glistsis, Susan (dtr) (3)George, Jr. (4)Josephine Yes
PERRIER Perrier, Suzanne (dtr) (3)George/(4)Jeanne Yes
BLAIR, GERALD & MARY Blair, Mary D. (3)Gerald Yes
CLARK, GERALD P & EM Morris, Rosemary (3)Gerald (4)Emma 4)John Yes
ROONEY,GERALD/HAZEL Rooney, Kevin (son) (3)Gerald (4)Hazel Yes
LAPOINT, GERALD W. Lapoint, Gerald W. & Marjory R. (3)Gerald (4)Marjory Yes
BLAIN, GERALD M. Blain, Megan (Daughter) (3)Gerald 4 Yes
PARENT, GERVIS Parent, Helen (Wife/LO) (3)Gervis 4 Yes
VAUTRIN,GILLES/PATRI Vautrin, Jr., Giles (Son) (3)Gilles Sr. 4 Yes
MAXWELL, LORRAINE F Jones, Richard (son) (3)Gordon (4)Lorraine Yes
GIBSON, GRAHAM J. Gibson, Paul Graham (3)Graham Yes
BURWELL, LAWRENCE & Burwell, Charolette W. (2nd Wife?) (3)Gwendolyn 3)Lawrence Yes
BIELASS, HAROLD R. Powers, Cindy (Daughter) (3)Harold Yes
CECCUCCI, HAROLD A Ceccucci, Margaret T. (3)Harold Yes
COLE, HAROLD A. Stanley, Elaine C. (Step Daughter) (3)Harold Yes
COLLINS, HAROLD Panella, Adele (Daughter) (3)Harold (4)Adele Yes
MOSHER, HAROLD B. Olmsted, Joyce (dtr) (3)Harold (4)Bernice Yes
LATHROP, HAROLD K & Lathrop, Charles (nphw) (3)Harold (4)Loraine Yes
FILE, HAROLD J & MAR Miller, Judy (dtr) (3)Harold (4)Marjie Yes
PARKER, HAROLD W. Parker, Harold W. (3)Harold (4)Rose Yes
VORCE, GLADYS Loecher-Duffy, Heidi (granddtr) (3)Harold 3)Richard (4)Gladys 4)Marilyn Yes
BRENNAN, HAROLD F. Brennan, Lucille M. (3)Harold 4 Yes
JACOBS, HAROLD W. Jacobs (Rollins), Lucinda (Wife/LO) (3)Harold 4/1upr)Orison 2 3 4 Yes
GOODRICH, HAROLD P. Goodrich, Harriet A. (LO/Wife) (3)Harold 4; (1)Ella Yes
LOCKYER, WILLIAM B. Lockyer, Dennis (son) (3)Harold(4)Eglinger(5)William(6)Muriel Yes
PIXLEY,HAROLD/ROSE Pixley,Harold/Rose (3)Harold/Edmond (4)Rose Yes
SLEURS, STEPHEN L. Sleurs, Stephen L. Jr. (son) (3)Harold;(1)Stephen (2)Julia Yes
SHAFER,HARRIS/EDIE Shafer, Scott (3)Harris (4)Edie Yes
SANFORD, HARRY C. Sanford, Joanne E.(wife) (3)Harry Yes
DUCK, HARRY & ADA E. Duck, Harry & Ada E. (3)Harry (4)Ada Yes
DRAPER,HARRY/CAROLYN Draper,Harry/Carolyn (3)Harry (4)Carolyn Yes
KEENEY, HARRY L. & G Ciccarelli, Jean (dtr) (3)Harry (4)Genevieve Yes
TYSON, HARRY J. Tyson, Daniel (son) (3)Harry (4)Irene Yes
CLARK, HARRY F & LEI Holmes, Maloye R. (her bro) (3)Harry (4)Leila Yes
BARNARD, HARRY Barnard, Harry (3)Harry (4)Mary Yes
BURTON Burton, James (son) (3)Harry 4)Elizabeth (1)Amanda Yes
PRICE, HARRY S JR Naughton, Alice P. (dtr) (3)Harry Jr (4)Ume Yes
WEAVER, STELLA G. Weaver, Mary M. (wife of son Harry S) (3)Harry L (4)Harry S Yes
SHUFELT,HARRY/PATRIC Shufelt, Patricia M. (wife) (3)Harry Sr Yes
BEVER, HARRY A Zinnershine, Barbara (3)Harry(4)Myrtle Yes
WOODROW, HARRY/RUTH Woodrow, Ronald (son) (3)Harry(4)Ruth McAtee;(1)Raymond McAtee Yes
LINDEMANN,HARRY/RUTH Lindemann,Harry/Ruth (3)Harry/(1)Ruth Yes
DONLON, HARRY L. & E Donlon, Jack (son) (3)Harry; (1)Esther Yes
HEFFNER, HARVEY W. & Tedford, Lynda (dtr) (3)Harvey (4)Catherine Yes
PAYETTE, HARVEY & JE McClellan, Jean ( lo-remarried) (3)Harvey 3)Jeffrey Acosta 4 Yes
COYLE, JAMES T. Coyle, Gail Beaney (Wife) (3)Heather 4)James Yes
CAMPBELL, HECTOR G. Campbell, Hector Jr. (Son) (3)Hector (4)Madaline Yes
CALO, HENRY H & CARM Gerard, Catherine (dtr) (3)Henry Yes
KOONZ, JEAN G Koonz, Jean G. (3)Henry Yes
PLATT, HENRY H. (3)Henry Yes
BELLEROSE, HENRY J. Gilligan, Paula (Daughter) (3)Henry (4)Dorthy Yes
DREW, HENRY & ELIZAB Kroll, Shirley D. (dtr) (3)Henry (4)Elizabeth Yes
SOUTHARD, HENRY G. Southard, William (3)Henry (4)Elizabeth Yes
PIERLE, HENRY Pierle, Joseph H. (son) (3)Henry (4)Madeline Yes
RUBIO, HENRY & JEAN Nautel, June (dtr) (3)Henry J. (4)Jean Yes
LIEDKIE,HENRY JR/GRA Liedkie,Henry Jr/Grace (3)Henry Jr (4)Grace Yes
CAINE, HENRY RUSSELL Dittmer, Phyllis (friend) (3)Henry Russell (4)Magdalen Yes
HENDERSON, HENRY T. Henderson Jr., Henry T. (3)Henry Sr. (4)Ann Yes
TALARICO, HENRY V Talarico, Fay P. (3)Henry V. 4 Yes
METT, HERBERT F. & A Mett, Herbert F. & A. (3)Herbert (4)Ann Yes
SWARTFIGUER, HERBERT Swartfiguer, Marjorie (2nd wife) (3)Herbert (4)Anna Yes
BURN, HERBERT S & BE Burch, Marie L. (dtr) (3)Herbert (4)Bertha Yes
WILBER, DOROTHY L. Verola, Sandra (dtr) (3)Herbert (4)Dorothy 4)Herbert, Jr. Yes
BROOKS, HERMAN B & A Brooks, Anna S. (3)Herman, 4 Yes
KEELER, HOLMAN N. & Farrington, Emma & Guy (3)Holman (4)Angeline Yes
BISNER,HOWARD/FRANCE Bisner,Howard/Frances (3)Howard Yes
SCHAUFLER, HOWARD E. Wanson, Robert (gr Nephew) (3)Howard (4)Florence Yes
BOICE, HOWARD W & HA Hoffman, Ruth (dtr) (3)Howard (4)Hazel Yes
YATES, HOWARD O Rivchin, Kathryn (dtr) (3)Howard (4)Lucille Yes
HOUF, MARY & ROBERT Houf, Mary A. & Robert J. (3)Howard (4)Mary Yes
BLUM,HOWARD/WILMA Blum,Howard/Wilma (3)Howard (4)Wilma;(1)Sandra 2 3 4 Yes
TAMMANY, HOWARD F Galarneau, Dianne (dtr) (3)Howard F. (4)Dorothy S. Yes
FUNK Funk, Michael (Son of LO's) (3)Hugo 4 Yes
PUGH, FRANCES R. Pugh, Frances R. (3)Idsis Yes
CHICHESTER, DONALD L Chichester, Donald L. (3)Irving Yes
COLFELS, KATHLEEN Colfels, Kathleen & Robert E. (3)J. Donald 4; 1 Yes
ZUSPANN, JACK B. Zuspann, Barbara A. (wife) (3)Jack Yes
RODGERS, JACK C. Haddad, Norma (Daughter) (3)Jack (4)Evelyn Yes
BRADT, JACK P. & ANN Armistead, Gale (step daughter) (3)Jack (4)Anne Yes
SUSSMAN, JACK/BETTY Green, Beverly (dtr) (3)Jack (4)Betty Yes
AINSCOE, JAMES III & Ainscoe, Sondra B. (3)James Yes
BAKER, JOAN M. & NEL Dobert, Lynn (dtr of James) (3)James Yes
CALLAHAN, JAMES J. McNulty, Lilly (frnd) (3)James Yes
KNAUF, JAMES Knauf, May (3)James Yes
WHITEHURST, JAMES G. Moody, Kay B. (Daughter) (3)James (4)Bermaline Yes
ST. MARY, JAMES R. Lyons, Mary (niece) (3)James (4) Irene Yes
SMITH, JAMES Garrison, MaryBeth (dtr) (3)James (4)Anna Yes
CROSS, JAMES J. Anderson, Shirley (Daughter) (3)James (4)Claudia Yes
MAYBEE, ISABELL (3)James (4)Edward Yes
HEFFERNAN, JAMES P. Heffernan, James P. Jr. (Son) (3)James (4)Geraldine Yes
SHADE, JAMES S. & ID Courtney, Anne (dtr) (3)James (4)Ida Yes
HARGRAVES, JAMES R. Hargraves, James R. (3)James (4)Irene Yes
HARRIS, JAMES W. Harris, Robert (son) (3)James (4)Jean 4)Robert Yes
CRAMER,JAMES/MARGARE Cramer, Patrick (3)James (4)Margaret Yes
BURKE, JAMES H & MAR Burke, Alfred J. (son) (3)James (4)Marion Yes
SEVERANCE, JAMES J. Severance, James P. (son) (3)James (4)Rita Yes
McCULLOUGH, FONTAINE Lockhart, III, James (3)James / (4)Fontaine Yes
CONNER, JAMES A. Conner, Douglas (Son) (3)James 4 Yes
PRETEAU, JAMES A Brand, Sheila (dtr) (3)James A (4)Ethel M 4)Christopher Yes
KEEFE, JAMES C. Keefe, James C., Jr. (son) (3)James C. Yes
KEEFE, JAMES H. & MA Keefe, James C., Jr. (grandson) (3)James H. (4)Marie Yes
FANNIFF, FRANCIS Fanniff, Robert (son) (3)James J. (4)Frances K. Yes
TAGGART, JAMES H JR Carrow, Gerald (nephew) (3)James Jr. (4)Geraldine P. Yes
TOURTELLOT,JAMES SR/ Tourtellot,James Sr/Marguerite (3)James Sr (4)Marguerite Yes
SMITH,JAMES/SHIRLEY Smith,James/Shirley (3)James(4)Shirley / Yes
HAYS,JAMES/DOLORES Hays, James, Jr. (son) (3)James, Sr.; (1)Dolores Yes
BARBER, WALTER G. Barber, Walter G. & Laura C. (3)Janet (4)Gwen (5)Archie (6)Cora Yes
YOUNG, THOMAS Young, John(brother) (3)Jean(4)Thomas Yes
LEROY LeRoy, Carol Ann (wife/LO) (3)Jean/4 Yes
BOL, EVELYN A. Bol, Evelyn A. (3)Jeffrey Yes
BENNETT, JEFFREY M S Bennett, Kathleen A. (3)Jeffrey Sr., 4 Yes
GULLIVER, JERALD J & Gulliver, Gail (dtr) (3)Jerald (4)Marion 5,6 Yes
GLANZROCK, JEROME L. Glanzrock, Scott (son) (3)Jerome (4)Janice Yes
WESCOTT, JESSE H. Schultes, Leslie (dtr) (3)Jesse (4)Mildred Yes
FISHER,JOHN/VIRGINIA Fisher, Virginia M. (3)John Yes
LIBURDI, JOHN Liburdi, Dorothy (3)John Yes
McGARRY, JOHN P. McGarry, Wendy J. (3)John Yes
NORMAN, JOHN W. Norman, Mildred (wife) (3)John Yes
RUSINOVICH, JOHN J. Rusinovich, Katherine L. (3)John Yes
SMITH, JOHN D. JR. Smith, Rita (3)John Yes
RODD Rodd, Pauline E. (LO/Wife) (3)John 4 Yes
HAMPTON, JOHN W. & C Hampton, Margarite (dtr) (3)John (4) Carrie Yes
WALKO, JOHN & ZENOVI Walko, John D. (son) (3)John (4) Zenovia Yes
ADAMS SR,JOHN/ADELIN Adams Sr,John/Adeline (3)John (4)Adeline Yes
DUNDON, JOHN J. Dundo, Donald & Susan (3)John (4)Alice Yes
MORRONE, JOHN J. Jackson, Karen A. (3)John (4)Alice Yes
GOOD, BETTY B. Tucker, Jeanie (3)John (4)Betty Yes
BROOKS, JOHN J. Brooks, John J. (3)John (4)Doris Yes
RUSSELL, JOHN H. Russell, Norman (son) (3)John (4)Dorothy Yes
MINKLE, EDNA Seitz, Robert J. (3)John (4)Edna Yes
DENYSE,DONALD/BRIDGE DeNyse,Donald/Bridget (3)John (4)Esther; 3 4 Yes
COOPER, JOHN W. & FL Rogers-California, Nancy (dtr) (3)John (4)Florence Yes
DUNN, JOHN A. Dunn, Elizabeth (3)John (4)Grace Yes
GURAK, JOHN A & HENR Gurak, Carl (son) (3)John (4)Henrietta Yes
DENOSKY, JOHN & IREN Forkeutis, Diane (niece) (3)John (4)Irene Yes
SEPTIC, JOHN & KATHE Septic, John M. (son) (3)John (4)Katherine Yes
TARASEWICH,JOHN/LORE Bishop, Joanne (dtr) (3)John (4)Loretta Yes
ARNOW, JOHN A & MARI Arnow, Jeff (son) (3)John (4)Marion Yes
BURKE, JOHN E & MILD Burke, Debra (dtr) (3)John (4)Mildred Yes
CHIDSEY, JOHN J. Chidsey, John E. (son) (3)John (4)Ruth Yes
SUTLIFF, JOHN/SARA Lester, Sally (dtr) (3)John (4)Sara 4)James Yes
DINGEE, JOHN R. & SH Hallbeck, Peter, Esq. (attorney) (3)John (4)Shirley Yes
MOSER,JOHN/SYLVIA Moser, John A. (3)John (4)Sylvia Yes
CORR, JOHN & TERESA Corr, Francis (Nephew) (3)John (4)Teresa Yes
BIENDUGA, JOHN V. Bienduga, John R. (3)John (4-Susan Yes
FLACK, THERESE Cocca, Cynthia (3)John / (1)Therese Yes
O'BRIEN, JOHN W. McArdle, Patricia A. (3)John / (4)Harriet Yes
SCHWARZ, JOHN F Smith, Wayne (grandson) (3)John 3)Darlene (4)Agnes 4)Francis Yes
CLARK, JOHN W & JOSE Clark, John (son) (3)John 3)Josephine Yes
MOLNER, STANLEY Brennan, Anita (3)John 3)Winona Yes
BIEGANSKI, JOHN J. Bieganski, Barbara J. (3)John 4 Yes
COWAN, JOHN & JULIA Cowan, Julia F. (3)John 4 Yes
Emmett, John E. Emmett, Rose M. (lo) (3)John 4 Yes
HOUGHTALING Houghtaling, Shirley S. (LO/Wife) (3)John 4 Yes
KNIGHTON Knighton, Florence M. (wife/LO) (3)John 4 Yes
VANHOESEN, BETTY R. VanHoesen, Betty R. (3)John C. Yes
VORE, JOHN C & RUTH Vore, Debbie (dtr-in-law) (3)John C. 4)Ruth E. Yes
KING,JOHN H/VIRGINIA King, Jeffrey (3)John Jr (4)Virginia Yes
MADLIN, JOHN W JR & Madlin, Veronica (3)John Jr. 4 Yes
HENKES, EVELYN D. Henkes Jr., John L. (3)John L. (4)Evelyn Yes
ROMEO, JOHN L SR Romeo, Mary Jane (3)John Sr. 4 Yes
MIRABILE, BETTIE J. Mirabile, Tina (dtr) (3)John(4)Bettie /(1)Harold (2)Francis Yes
PETRECKY, JOHN Elliott, Gail (dtr) (3)John(4)MaryJean Yes
BROOKS,JOHN/M.ESTHER Brooks,John/M.Esther (3)John,Jr (4)Esther Yes
PANNELLA,JOHN/MARIDE Pannella,John/Maridel (3)John/M.DeJulio 4)Maridel(4)A.DeJulio Yes
FULLER, ARLINE Duval, Jeannine (Daughter) (3)Jonathan (4)Arline Yes
BONIFACE, JOSEPH L. Boniface, Violet A. (3)Joseph Yes
FAGAN, JOSEPH P. & D Fagan, Diana R. (lo) (3)Joseph Yes
KETZER, E. JOAN Ketzer, E. Joan (3)Joseph Yes
MELE, JOSEPH C. Brennan, Susan (LO/Niece) (3)Joseph Yes
WINORSKI,JOSEPH/JOAN Winorski, Joanna A. (3)Joseph Yes
DIBENEDETTO, JOSEPH DiBenedetto, Rose T. (Wife) (3)Joseph 4 Yes
PASZKIEWICZ, JOSEPH Paszkiewicz, Barbara E. (Wife/LO) (3)Joseph 4 Yes
CONNORS, JOSEPH G. Connors, Gary (3)Joseph (4)Ann Yes
WATERHOUSE, JOSEPH L Pondillo, Ruth (dtr) (3)Joseph (4)Charlotte Yes
RAVIDA, JOSEPH J. Ravida, Thomas (Brother) (3)Joseph (4)Eleanor Yes
SMELTZER, JOSEPH E. Storm, Debra A. (dtr) (3)Joseph (4)Ella Yes
LYNCH, JOSEPH V. Michel, Carol (dtr) (3)Joseph (4)Grace Yes
CARUSO, JOSEPH C. Meyeres, Beatrice (niece) (3)Joseph (4)Helen Yes
PIAMBINO, IRENE Piambino, Irene (3)Joseph (4)Irene Yes
GILLIAM, JOSEPH F JR Wright, Mary Jane (sister) (3)Joseph (4)Lola 4)Lola leg Yes
KENDRICK,JOSEPH/LYDI Ducharme, Laurie (3)Joseph (4)Lydia/(3)Wm Carlin Yes
TYSON, JOSEPH W. Tyson, Dennis (son) (3)Joseph (4)Margaret Yes
LUSE, JOSEPH E & VEN Luse Jr., Joseph E. (3)Joseph (4)Venice Yes
BROSCKO, JOSEPH & VI Young, Joan (Violet's dtr) (3)Joseph (4)Violet Yes
BUTLER, MARY T. Butler, Mary T. (3)Joseph 4 Yes
CHOLEWA, EILEEN M. Zamjohn, Eileen (Wife/remarried) (3)Joseph 4 Yes
COZZOLINO, SUSAN M. Cozzolino, Susan M. (3)Joseph 4 Yes
VRAHNOS Vrahnos, June D. (3)Joseph G. 4 Yes
MAIER, IDA M. Fisher, Daniel (grandson) (3)Joseph Jr (4)Ida Yes
VINCENT,JOHN SR/DALE Vincent,John Sr/Dale (3)Joseph P. 4/(1)John Sr Yes
IANNACONE, JOSEPH SR Iannacone, Joseph (son) (3)Joseph Sr (4)Anna Yes
MASON1 Mason, Mary E. (lo) (3)Joseph, Sr. 4 Yes
PUELS, RICHARD C. Stewart, Timothy (grson) (3)Judith(4)Elizbeth/(1)Gary(2)Louis(3) Yes
SHERMAN,JOHN/FAITH Geier, Faith L. (LO/Remarried) (3)Judson Williams 4; (1)Cecil Erdman 2 Yes
WOODS, EDNA/WILSON, Bowen, Rosalind (grd dtr) (3)Julius Wilson (4)Edna; 1 Yes
THULL, JUNE M. Thull, Wendy (3)June (4)Vincent Yes
NORTHROP, JUSTIN N. Northrop, Pauline (wife) (3)Justin Yes
Koch, Anna T. Merry-Wilson, Rosemarie (dtr) (3)Karl (4)Anna Yes
DECKER, KARYL B. Decker, Gloria M. (3)Karyl Yes
CONKLIN, KENNETH M. Conklin, Mary Loretta (3)Kenneth Yes
HILT, KENNETH A. Hilt, Sandra L. (3)Kenneth Yes
Marlett, Anna Maimone, Elaine (Relation Unkown) (3)Kenneth (4)Anna Yes
GERMOND, KENNETH V. Knight, Mrs. Donald C. (3)Kenneth (4)Laura Yes
GREEN, KENNETH M. Thibdeau, Jean A. (dtr) (3)Kenneth (4)Theresa 4)John Yes
Murray,Karen/Kenneth Murray,Karen (3)Kenneth 4 Yes
COLLUM, KENNETH D. & Collum, Kenneth D., Jr. (son) (3)Kenneth Sr (4)Patricia Yes
CARPENTER, KENNETH C Carpenter, Kenneth & Alice (3)Kenneth(4)Alice Yes
LYON,KENNETH/HILDA Hampton, Windy (3)Kenneth/Arthur (4)Hilda((4marker))Boy Yes
DAWSON, LAVERNE Lunde, Jean (dtr) (3)LaVerne (4)Mary Yes
VAN VRANKEN, LAWRENC Van Vranken, Lawrence & Palmina T. (3)Lawrence (4)Palmina Yes
COLLETON Colleton, Timothy (3)Lawrence (4)Doris Yes
WARD, MARY C. Ward, Lawrence (son) (3)lawrence (4)Mary Yes
FARLEY, LAWRENCE C. Renaldi, Sandra (Daughter) (3)Lawrence (4)Rita Yes
O'BRIEN, LAWRENCE J. LaGace, Shiela (3)Lawrence / (4)Ruth Yes
COOPER, LAYMAN Caruso, Vito (attorney) (3)Layman (4)Margaret Yes
HILL,LEAVERN/ELLA Hill,Leavern/Ella (3)Leavern (4)Ella Yes
HILL, LELAND A. MacMillan, Cathy (dtr) (3)Leland 3)Brandon (4)Marlene Yes
KILLIAN, MILDRED E. Newberry, Frank G. (bro) (3)Leo (4)Mildred Yes
MATTIMORE, MARION Mattimore, Peter (son) (3)Leonard (4)Marion Yes
STONEBURNER, LEONARD (3)Leonard (4)Edith Yes
TENACE,LEONARD/MARIO Tenace,Leonard/Marion (3)Leonard (4)Marion Yes
LAMOS, LEROY M. Lamos, Barbara (2ndwife) (3)LeRoy (4)Lois Yes
BRUNSON, LEROY Brunson, Lottie B. (3)Leroy/ (1)Gerald Yes
COLLEY, LEWIS/ALICE Colley,Lewis/Alice (3)Lewis Yes
KENT, LEWIS M. Tappan, John (exe) (3)Lewis Yes
KING, LEWIS/CECELIA VanDenburg, Margaret (Cecelia's Sister) (3)Lewis (4)Cecelia Yes
CLEARY, LEWIS J. & M Cleary, Mary M. (LO) (3)Lewis; 1 Yes
JOHNSON, LLOYD Johnson, Anne (spouse) (3)Lloyd Yes
ROBITAILLE Gregory, Patricia (Daughter) (3)Lloyd (4)Esther Yes
THIBODEAU, LLOYD/BEV Thibodeau, Beverly (3)Lloyd 4 Yes
CUPO,ERNEST JR/LOIS Cupo,Ernest Jr/Lois (3)Lois Yes
MCKINNIS,LONNIE/BERY McKinnis, Joanne (wife) (3)Lonnie Yes
BINGHAM JR., LORAN H Bingham, Kenneth D. (son) (3)Loran Jr. (4) Laura Yes
TORPEY,ROBERT/DOROTH Torpey,Robert/Dorothy/Loretta (3)Loretta(4)Robt / Yes
BUTLER2 Butler, Arlene (2nd Wife) (3)Lorraine (6)James Yes
DOLVORICH, CAROLYN A Peabody, Patricia (niece) (3)Louis (4)Carolyn Yes
CAPULLO, LOUIS A. Capullo, Richard (Son) (3)Louis (4)Catherine Yes
MULLER, LOUIS H. Muller, Grant (nephew) (3)Louis (4)Esther Yes
FOEGTLI, LOUIS J. Foegtli, Victor (son) (3)Louis (4)Josephine Yes
LACOSSE, JOYCE A. Mondillo, Cheryl (Daughter) (3)Louis (4)Joyce Yes
DEPOALO,LOUIS/RUTH Donato, Louise (dtr) (3)Louis 4) Ruth Yes
BOYSER, LOUIS & DORO Vanderbilt, Marcia (dtr) (3)Louis 4)Dorothy Yes
SMART, EDITH M. Neddo, Sondran S. (3)Louis 4)Edith Yes
SYLVIA, LOUIS W Nolan, Gail (dtr) (3)Louis W. (4)Loretta Yes
HYNES, HENRY F. Hynes, Kenneth (3)Louise / (1)Henry Yes
LAYNE, LOZIER D. & E Layne, Stephen (son) (3)Lozier (4)Edna 4)Louis Yes
VAWTER, MATILDA Fonda, Celeste (3)Lt. Col Elton (4) Matilda Yes
SAULPAUGH, ROBERT H. Dipley, Elizabeth J. (sister) (3)Lucille (4)Robert Yes
CASTERLIN, EVELYN Casterlin, Evelyn (3)Lynn Sr. 4 Yes
WEDDELL, HELEN E. Keyes, Edward (brother) (3)MacGrecor (4)Helen Yes
MIRANDA, GIL D. Miranda, Gil D. (3)Magdalena Yes
SUNDAL, MAGNUS/MARJO Welch, Pamela (dtr) (3)Magnus (4)Marjorie Yes
EDWARDS, MAGNUS E.SR Edwards, Jr., Magnus E. (3)Magnus (4)Rachel Yes
SEYMORE, FRED Seymore, Fred (3)Malcolm Spence Yes
BALCOM, MANNING L. Balcom, Manning L. (3)Manning(4)Barbara Yes
JENKINS, JAMES L Vines, Susan (dtr) (3)Margaret(4)James/(1)Catherine Yes
LEATHEM, MARGUERITE Nelson, Nancy (dtr) (3)Marguerite (4)Marguerite Yes
STANLEY, RAYMOND Stanley, Elaine C. (3)Marhta(4)Charles (1)Douglas(2)Raymond Yes
MOCK,RAYMOND/MARJORI Mock,Raymond/Marjorie (3)Marjorie(4)Raymond Yes
STOTT, ELEANOR R. Stott, Hugh R. (son) (3)Marshall (4)Eleanor Yes
RIVETTE, MARTIN J. Griffin, Dawn (dtr) (3)Martin (4)Audrey Yes
MEYER, MARTIN E. Duffy, Jean (dtr) (3)Martin(4)Eleanor Yes
GERRY,WILSON/MARY Gerry, Wilson/Mary (3)Mary /(1)Wilson Yes
SCARNATY, MASSIMINO Pierce, Theresa M. (dtr) (3)Massimino (4)Della Yes
ASPRION, MATTHEW J J Asprion, Carol R. (3)Matthew Yes
BRESLIN, BARBARA Galkiewicz, Joan (str) (3)Matthew (4)Elizabeth (1)Barbara Yes
BRADSHAW, MATTHEW F Bradshaw Jr., Matthew (3)Matthew, Sr.(4)Ruth Yes
COUTURE,MAURICE/ANIT Couture,Maurice/Anita (3)Maurice (4)Anita Yes
WASSON,MAURICE/FLORE Wasson,Maurice/Florence (3)Maurice (4)Florence Yes
SNYDER, MAURICE/MARJ Snyder, Marjorie M. (3)Maurice 4 Yes
SCHWARTZ1 Schwartz, Robin (dtr) (3)Max (4)Anita Yes
PARKER, MELBOURNE E. Parker, Melbourne E. (3)Melbourne 4 Yes
WEISE,MELVIN/VIOLET Weise,Melvin/Violet (3)Melvin Yes
EVELY, MELVIN J. & E Evely, Melvin J. & E. (3)Melvin (4)Evelyn Yes
SMTIH, MELVIN/MARGUE Neet, John (nephew) (3)Melvin (4)Marguerite Yes
FOSTER, MERLE E. & E Zanella, Barbara (dtr) (3)Merle; (1)Edith Yes
OLIVER, MICHAEL J. Oliver, Michael J. (3)Michael Yes
VENNE, JOHN G. Venne, Joe (Son) (3)Michael Yes
ZOTTA,MICHAEL/LORRAI Zotta, Lorraine F. (wife) (3)Michael Yes
WITKOSKI, MICHAEL E. Witkoski, Michael E. & Dorothy A. (LOs) (3)Michael (4)Dorothy Yes
LAEYT, ELIZABETH M. Allen, Laural S. (Granddaughter) (3)Michael (4)Elizabeth Yes
STAPLETON, ELIZABETH Sowalsky, David (nephew) (3)Michael (4)Elizabeth Yes
CHANKE, ELIZABETH M. Keeler, Jeanne (dtr) (3)Michael / (1)Elizabeth Yes
BURNS, MICHAEL L & C Burns, Constance K. (3)Michael 4 Yes
DITORO,MICHAEL/MARGA Ditoro,Michael/Margaret (3)Michael 4 Yes
MARCHESANI, DAVID A. Cerniglia,Gloria & Michael (Mike's par) (3)Michael D. Jr. Yes
DOMINSKI1 Dominski, Maureen (lo) (3)Michael E., Jr. 4 Yes
MICHNA, MILDRED A. Michna, Francis (son) (3)Mildred (6) Frank Yes
CARTER,AMOS/MARY M. Carter,Amos/Mary M. (3)Mildred /(1)Amos (2)Mary M. Yes
KRAVITZ, MILTON B. & Kravitz, Mary R. (3)Milton Yes
BLANEY, MILTON D. King, Joan G. (dtr) (3)Milton (4)Grace Yes
HALLENBECK, MILTON H Rohling, Mrs. Helen (niece) (3)Milton (4)Judella Yes
KRAVITZ, MILTON B. Kravitz, Michael (3)Milton (4)Mary Yes
PITTS, MILTON F. Pitts, Richard (son) (3)Milton (4)Shirley Yes
FAULKNER, MILTON G. Faulkner, Carol A. (lo) (3)Milton 4 Yes
HOLLANDER, LILLIAN Hollander, Lillian (3)Morton (4)Lillian Yes
SOKIL, ELEANOR W. Sokil, Eleanor W. (3)Myron (4)Eleanor Yes
BRIGGS, NED & KATHRY Bouton, Muriel (dtr) (3)Ned A. (4)Kathryn (1)Ned J. Yes
LAIRD, NEIL W. & MAR Frances, Dorothy (3)Neil (4)Mary 4)Joseph (5)Catherine (6 Yes
BILLS Dineen, Deirdre M. (lawyer) (3)Nelson (4)Audrey Yes
SWART, NESLON/MARY Nelson, Laurie (dtr) (3)Nelson (4)Mary Yes
TRIVELAS, NICHOLAS Trivelas,Nicholas/Helen (3)Nicholas / (1)James (2)Lily Yes
NAILOR, NORMAN N. Hart, Roberta (dtr) (3)Norman (4)Katherine Yes
SAUSVILLE, MARY M. Sausville, Robert (nephew) (3)Norman (4)Mary Yes
TALBOT, MARY & GEORG Talbot, Ronald (son) (3)Norman H./(1)George (2)Mary Yes
SCHLANSKER,NORMAN & Schlansker, Marjorie (3)Norman W. Yes
ACKERT,NORRIS/GERALD Ackert,Norris/Geraldine (3)Norris/Lucas (4) Yes
FOX1 Fox Jr., Herbert S. (3)Odette 4 Yes
HUNT, OLIVER P. Hunt, David L. (son) (3)Oliver (4)Jean Yes
SAVOIE, OMER J. Smolen. Carol (dtr) (3)Omer (4)Beatrice Yes
COOK, ALLEN R. Cook, Allen R. (3)Orrin (4)Marion Yes
LARAWAY, OTTO W. SR. Laraway, Otto W. Sr. & Helen P. (3)Otto Sr. 4)Helen Yes
ALEXANDER, OWEN R Murphy, Elaine(niece) (3)Owen (4)Sophie Yes
CONCANNON, PATRICK W Concannon, Mary F. (wife & LO) (3)Patrick Yes
LANZA Wade, Arlene (Sig. Other of Patrick Sr) (3)Patrick Yes
GIACULLI, FRANK P. Giaculli, Frank P. (3)Paul Yes
HYSOM. PAUL P. Badeker, Della A. (dtr) (3)Paul Yes
ANAST, KATHERINE Foundas, Pauline (3)Paul (1)Katherine Yes
HINE, PAUL T. Kadenas, Donna (3)Paul (4)Doris Yes
MACK, PAUL/ DOROTHY Hitchcock, Deanna (3)Paul (4)Genevieve Yes
DOBIEL,PAUL/VIRGINIA Hauser, Judith (3)Paul (4)Virginia Yes
GALLON,PAUL/DOROTHY Gwiazda, Gayle (3)Paul (4-Dorothy Yes
CLARK, PAUL R & GLOR Clark, Gloria D. (3)Paul 4 Yes
SWINT, PAUL V Swint, Timothy (son) (3)Paul V Sr (4)Harriet L Yes
FARRIGAN,PAUL/EVELIN Farrigan,Paul/Eveline (3)Paul(4)Eveline ; (4)Christine Yes
NEWTON, LILLIAN B. Healy, Joy (dtr) (3)Perry (4)Lillian Yes
DZUBAK,PETER/VERA Dzubak,Peter/Vera (3)Pete(4)Vera/(1)Andrew 2 Yes
MAYBA, PETER J Grattan, Mary (sister) (3)Peter (4)Agnes Yes
FALCO Falco, Mary Lou (dtr) (3)Peter (4)Louise; 1 Yes
CEBULA, PETER G. Woods, Mary C. (dtr) (3)Peter (4)Mary Yes
TAGLIAFERRO, PHILIP Tagliaferro, Anthony (son) (3)Philip Yes
CELESTE, PHILIP T. & Celeste, Louis (son) (3)Philip (4) Anna Yes
DEFAZZIO, PHILIP P. Chiboucas, Paula (daughter) (3)Philip (4)Beverly Yes
KOSOWSKY, JOSEPHINE Kosowsky, Phillip (3)Philip (4)Josephine Yes
KLETT, PHILIP J. & W Klett, Wilma R. (lo) (3)Philip (4)William Yes
FULLARD, RAINIE Fullard, Rainie & Hilda E. (3)Rainie; (4)Hilda Yes
WARREN, RALPH E. Warren, Marjorie (3)Ralph (4)Jeanne Yes
BROWN, RALPH L. Brown, Eleanor J. (3)Ralph 4 Yes
MEISNER, RALPH E. Coloney, Burt (son) (3)Ralph(4)Josephine Yes
COULLAHAN, RAYMOND R Coullahan, Mary A. (LO & str-in-law) (3)Raymond Yes
SHERMAN, RAYMOND W. Sherman, Suzanne (Daughter) (3)Raymond (4)Madeline Yes
ZUKOWSKI, DOROTHY Koberowski, Dorothy (dtr) (3)Raymond (4)Dorothy Yes
KOPPER, RAYMOND W Polsinello, Janice (dtr) (3)Raymond (4)Janice Yes
FLYNN, RAYMOND E & N Harrigan, Clifford (nephew) (3)Raymond (4)Nellie Yes
FISH, RAYMOND/PATRIC Fish Sr., David (3)Raymond (4)Patricia Yes
GALUSHA, RAYMOND H. Roberts, Sandra (dtr) (3)Raymond (4)Ruth Yes
WEISGERBER,RAYMOND/S Weisgerber,Raymond/Shirley (3)Raymond (4)Shirley Yes
LEWIS,RAYMOND/DIANA Holoska, Mark (3)Raymond (4-Diana Yes
Cox, Raymond H. Cox, Frances K. (3)Raymond 4 Yes
MARTINI, RAYMOND M. Martini, Jean D. (lo) (3)Raymond 4 Yes
KOLB, RAYMOND D (3)Raymond 4)Mary Agnes Yes
DUELL,RAYMOND/HELEN Duell,Raymond/Helen (3)Raymond(4)Helen/(1)Ronald(2)Raymond Yes
SERAFIN,RAYMOND/MILD Serafin,Raymond J/Mildred (3)Raymond(4)Mildred Yes
GAMMANS, REED Gammans, Margaret (3)Reed Yes
TAYLOR, CARL B SR Taylor, Carol Ann (dtr) (3)Rev. Carl B. (4)Harriet S. Yes
STARKS, REVEILLE D. Bates, David G. (son) (3)Reveille (4)Gladys Yes
McGrail, Richard M. McGrail, Margaret A. (3)Richard Yes
SAUSA, EILEEN Sausa, Eileen (3)Richard Yes
SHEA,RICHARD/EILEEN Shea,Richard/Eileen (3)Richard Yes
WALLACE, MARY P. Wallace, Mary P. (3)Richard Yes
PARNELL, MARIE M. Perkins, Rosemary (Niece) (3)Richard (4)Marie Yes
NORTON, ANELDA E. Asimakis, Debra (dtr) (3)Richard (4)Anelda Yes
PRYOR, RICHARD A. Pryor, Richard (son) (3)Richard (4)Carolyn Yes
STEVERSON, CLAIR W. Steverson, Daryl (son) (3)Richard (4)Clair Yes
KOENITZ, RICHARD Darmetko, Paul (son) (3)Richard (4)Dorothy Yes
WASSON, RICHARD/FRAN Quick, Robert (nephew) (3)Richard (4)Frances Yes
McCOY, RICHARD A. Johnson, Donald (3)Richard (4)Harry(5)Rose Priznar Yes
Frank, Richard F. Morgans, Maria (dtr) (3)Richard (4)Masako Yes
Dildarian, Richard A Dildarian, Richard A. (3)Richard (6)Frances Yes
LEE, RICHARD R. & MA Dewood, Jack (btr of Marideen) (3)Richard 4)Marideen Yes
LANGE, RICHARD A Lange, Richard A. (3)Richard(4)Catherine/(4)M.We(1)Richard Yes