This guide is provided to assist friends and family in pre-planning cemetery services before your time of need.

The death of a loved one is the most tragic experience that one will endure in their lifetime. Most events in your life are planned with explicit details: first job, going to college, birthdays, weddings and anniversary parties, but sadly most families will find that they are poorly prepared to handle such a devastating event as the death of an immediate family member, significant other or friend.

By completing the following steps, you could eliminate confusion and unneeded stress by planning your funeral arrangements; thus giving time to properly grieve for a loved one.

Advanced planning guarantees:

You will have the memoralization and service that YOU have requested.
Cost is controlled by financing or pre-payment in full.
Alleviates stress at the time of need and leaves your family time to properly grieve.
Confusion and family drama is eliminated.
Retains your insurance benefit for your families need.

Steps in choosing Traditional Ground Burial / Mausoleum Entombment / Cremation Inurnment

Selecting your Garden / Mausoleum / Columbarium: Stop by the office to get a map, then drive or walk around the beautifully landscaped property at Memory Gardens Memorial Park. Your choice is a personal decision that may be visually impacted or price driven. It could be an individual or family plot.

Grave Liner / Urn: Protects your remains from the elements.

Opening & Closing: The access & ingress of your casket or urn to your final resting place.

Selecting a Bronze Marker / Inscription or Engraving: Simply inscribed or elaborately displayed for an Individual, companion, or the whole family. Customization is available for foundation, background color, photos, cameos and emblems. Lettering that is engraved in stone, niche or crypt cover or inscribed in a bronze plaque.

Contact a Memorial Advisor* at (518) 869-9506. They will work with you and your family to plan and execute a memorial service for yourself or loved one before the need arises.