Volunteer Opportunities at Memory's Garden

Dedicated in 1941, Memory's Garden is a non-profit, non-sectarian memorial park owned and operated by its members. Memory's Garden owns 200 acres of land of which there are currently 98 acres developed. The developed section of the memorial park is divided into 22 burial gardens accommodating ground burials, mausoleum entombments and cremation inturnments.

As a non-profit cemetery and memorial park, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us with our many on-going projects such as communicating with our members through newsletters and mailings, fundraising and special event planning.

Suggested Volunteer Activities:

Newsletters and Mailings:

Memory's Garden is now sending out 2 newsletters a year along with numerous other mailings. There is always a need for articles, proof reading, editing and assembly.

Fundraising and Special Events:

From our Easter Sunrise Service to our Holiday Celebration and REmembrance in December, something is always happening here. Preplanning and coordinating is always a need as well as staffing on the day of the events.

Office Help:

Whether you prefer behind the scene tasks as filing and data entry or up front activities such as aiding families in finding their loved ones, there is a position for everyone.


Through our "Adopt a Garden" program, individuals and groups may adopt a flower bed in any burial garden and provide for its upkeep and preservation. All adopted flower beds will be signed, acknowledging the volunteer's efforts.